TLOU: Remastered on PS4 is "So Good That Recorded Gameplay Won't Do It Justice, Hype is Legit": Dev

The hype surrounding The Last of Us: Remastered is pretty Legit and it looks so good on Playstation 4 that even a recorded gameplay footage won't do justice to it.

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Iceball20001598d ago

holy cow there hyping this game hardcore, i cant wait to play it again! this is going to be amazing i cant hold in my excitement. the only thing i don't get is that there's a little less then a month till it comes out and they haven't released anything other then a little teaser, what's up with that?

vishmarx1598d ago

the only dev i would try n insult even if they started hyping their game molyneux style

bouzebbal1598d ago

looking forward to the Vita remote play to exterminate some clickers on the go.

Ballsack1598d ago

This game is going to seriously push consoles

Most ps4 owners I know came from the 360 so never got the chance to play the original

showtimefolks1598d ago

no need to hype it ND, we know its excellent and a lot of us will be buying day one.

R* deserve my money on GTA5 twice and ND deserved my money on TLOU twice for sure

lelo1598d ago

Some people have way too much money to spare...

showtimefolks1598d ago


people can call it whatever they want but TLOU is one game which was missed by many. So i have a feeling it may doing great sales numbers.

I loved the game and don't have a ps3 so i want to replay it, nothing is coming in JUly or august that has me interested

GTA5, i really want to take my time this time around. Enjoy GTA online(hopefully which will be coming with Heists, if the leaked Heists stuff was real than oh man can't wait)

also I don't mind supporting my favorite developers, both R* and ND deserve my money. But to each their own

MartinB1051598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

@lelo, indeed we do. Time is by far my limiting factor when it comes to gaming, not money. It's not such a bad situation to be in. :)

Can't wait to play this again; 60FPS will definitely make it worth it!

DLConspiracy1598d ago

Yeah that's really weird. I still have my pre-order ready to go cause I am sure it's going to be great. It's weird that they have not shown that much footage. Anxious to see more. Maybe they are working out the kinks.

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kayoss1598d ago

it seems that this remaster is being hyped like its a brand new IP that have never been released before. Honestly, i think it is very deserving. The PS3 version was awesome but from the sounds of things, the PS3 did not do TLOU justice. It seems like this game was meant to be made on the PS4. Day one purchase for me. I will have my wife watch me play this game again and watch her cry at the beginning.

kingduqc1597d ago

I think it show how the console are limiting. You have to buy the game twice just to play it in hd when it would take actually just be a video setting.

Not only that but when you get to play TLOU in 10 years well you will have to buy the re remastered 4k release because it's on a console.

Yahdaree1597d ago

I can't believe the things that the devs are saying... it must be really good. I'm pretty excited about playing this game, again.

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MasterCornholio1598d ago

Sounds great and since its Naughty Dog its probably true.

pedrami911598d ago

A whole lotta talkin' but nothing to show. Just like RaD with their tech, cloth physics and story but no actual gameplay.

HeWhoWalks1598d ago

Yes, because Naughty Dog has a history of: "all talk an no show". /s Some of you people need new material, the "no-show" talk has worn thin.

OT: Hyping it up like crazy! It's like the game is releasing for the first time all over again!

Heisenburger1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

You had a perfect opportunity to say "all bark, no bite" but you squandered it! Get it together man, this is the internet! ;) I actually plan on not looking at any screens or footage they may or may not release. I just want to download it and play it again.

When they showed that game cinematics trailer at *E3* my roommate went so far as to get up, cover his ears, and leave the living room all while say "Sorry man I don't want to see any spoilers." To which I yelled as he was leaving(his ears were covered) "You've already played the damn thing!"

So he's gone a bit too far imo, but it inspired me to do that with games that I want from now on. I have to try and stop trying to learn every single detail about the game before it's out. All I've done, up until recently, is ruin all the sense of discovery for myself. That's just how I feel. Though I can totally understand someone not being thrilled that they are asking you to give money for a product you can't see.

showtimefolks1598d ago


ND nuff said

The Last Of us

when have the disappointed us? stop hating. we will see gameplay soon enough.

WeAreLegion1598d ago

You just told the 6'2" 275 lb. body builder he's a wimp because he won't hit you.

On July 29th, he's going to brutally murder everyone you know.

pedrami911598d ago

On July 29th, i'll write and send a strongly worded letter to this 6"2 275 lb body builder that i wont suppport current gen systems that rely on hype, past successes and up-ports.

And i will laugh. I will laugh as the only thing this "behemoth" could do is either ignore this letter or write back as they apologize for this unnecessary port but will go ahead with it anyway which is pretty the same as ignoring it.

WeAreLegion1598d ago

How in God's name does this guy have five bubbles?

G20WLY1598d ago

Pedrami91, way to show yourself up. Nobody is 6 inches tall and they certainly ain't weighing 275! lol

Please don't send that letter to ND. It might have serious consequences for the company, the industry and the world as we know it today...

If anyone has earned gamers' trust, it's ND. There's no need to prove themselves on this one; it's TLOU.

As for your comment on the order, I'll bite; they've shown plenty of gameplay.

kayoss1598d ago

You act like you've never heard the story before or seen the gameplay before. Its was released on the PS3 a year ago you derp!

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mkis0071598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I have no doubt it's exactly what they are saying, but They need to release a high quality game-play video so we can shut everyone up.

showtimefolks1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I think they may soon do that. I see IGN getting a exclusive first look at it gameplay wise. Their ign first is like gameinformer reveal

but like you said why doubt ND


you know what truly sucks, people will complain about remakes/remasters but when its their favorite game than its all good. Yesterday there was an article calling halo collection the greatest collection of games ever. Why? its remakes, we have all played them before so what's so damn special?

here is what special its that people want halo collection, just like people want TLOU and GTA5 on next gen consoles. Just like people want ME trilogy and Skyrim on ps4/xbox one

stop complaining, we get it pc is the best and blah blah blah, build me a damn machine for $399 than talk.

mkis0071598d ago

So true! Dirty little secret is GTA5 AND TLoUR are the games I'm looking forward to the most this year... I'll pick up a bunch of others: Unity, LBP, and Destiny, but these 2 are the games I spend 90% of my time playing.

Ever since I first turned on the ps3 version of GTA5 I knew I had to have a next gen version of it.

Kavorklestein1598d ago

Not only that, we won't be seeing ANYTHING we haven't seen before besides upgrades and enhancements. SO, they REALLY should just put some more footage out because it's not like we are gonna really see something that's unheard of in the gaming world. Not only that, if videos supposedly "don't do it justice" then what do they have to lose?

mkis0071598d ago

If a video doesn't do it justice then people may make erroneous claims based on those videos..I'm guessing they do not want to release a super high quality video, only to have it compressed and put on youtube so people can bash the terrible compression.

BG115791598d ago

I'm one of those that still didn't play this game.
It seems I did the right choice.

asmith23061598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Man are you in for a treat. I played this game three times in a row back to back, upping the difficulties as I went. Fantastic game. I recommend playing on Hard mode. Survivor mode is tight but you get f*ck all ammo. Some might say that is a good thing and I get that, but the satisfaction of blowing the head off enemies in this game is just too good. I like that ammo.

isa_scout1598d ago

I feel ya bro. Seems I used bricks and snuck around more than I used my weapons on Survivor mode. It felt so satisfying to beat it though. Can't wait to try out the new difficulty mode... I have a feeling I'll be raging pretty hard.
To all you people who will be playing it with virgin eyes... I envy you. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

mkis0071598d ago

I have come across so many people that are going to be buying this gem for the first time... So many people. I envy your fresh eyes.

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