Hardline Needs to Be the Final Straw: It's Time to Let Battlefield Die

8CN: Earlier this week, players in the Battlefield: Hardline beta noticed something odd. A very specific glitch from Battlefield 4 had somehow found its way into Hardline. The bug itself is not too major, and isn't a huge issue in and of itself, but what it seems to represent is far more alarming.

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AngelicIceDiamond1632d ago

Pretty good written article I suggest a read. Its amazing EA released sub par shooters for the past 4 years and gotten away with it.

I feel bad for the ones who bought BF4 for 60 bucks.

People may not like COD as much as they use to but at least their games work at launch.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1632d ago

I got BF4 in January and the game was still a hot mess, I had Sony refund me the game.... I still can't trust EA. They were voted the worse company awhile ago for a reason.

DasTier1632d ago

Are you including Bad company 2 as a sub par shooter? As that was easily one of the top 2 last gen fps.

Volkama1632d ago

COD Ghosts on the PC does not work today, as far as I'm concerned. It is 720p on the Xbox One, and has frame pacing issues on the PS4. But worse than all that, Activision showed absolutely 0 ambition to deliver anything compelling or new.

I am not trying to justify the broken state BF4 launched in, just asking that you don't use COD as an example they should be trying to follow :)

AngelicIceDiamond1632d ago

My argument is at least COD worked at launch. 720p isn't anything bad. At least it wasn't 480p on X1. The framerate are only minor dips on PS4, atd at least it doesn't dip down to 10 or anything.

Anyway that's besides the point.

Like I said at least the game worked at launch I'm not really questioning anything else besides function.

Revolver_X_1631d ago

When a games net code is designed to dumb down your internet connection, so "everyone is on a level playing field ", I consider that a broken online. COD has had horrible net code and lag compensation since BO1. COD even removed the recording of your game sessions due to the proof it showed. If you recorded your game real time and matched it to the in-game recording, you could easily see that you could be anywhere from a 2-5 second disadvantage.

ocelot071632d ago

Don't feel sorry for me. Sure it was broken on release. But they fixed the lag for the base game within a decent time frame. Then the DLC was a broken mess but again they fixed it. Even with the issues it has for the first few months Battlefield 4 has given me the most enjoyment since I got my PS4.

Am exited for Hardline. I played the Beta and I loved it. Sure graphically and gameplay wise it is pretty much the same as BF4. But then again ant most yearly titles like this? COD,FIFA ect?

TheGreatAndPowerful1632d ago


BC2 was a buggy/laggy mess as well.

3-4-51631d ago

I've been playing Battlefield 4 on PC since it released day 1 and I've had all but 2 issues that lasted no longer than 30 seconds each.

For me, and hundreds of thousands of others, BF4 has been flawless really. It's been a great time.

I tried Hardline out and I was was embarrassed for the dev's who HAD to work on this project.

I'd be willing to be the collection of talent workin on Hardline would rather be making a new IP or some other game.

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windblowsagain1632d ago

I love Battlefield games.

But latest game is a bugfest.

Server issues, clipping, crashes, stuttering.

At the moment I can't even play.

Load up the game and it shuts down just as it gets into the map.

They are breaking the game more and more.

Antnee5341632d ago

Battlefield is ten times better then cod will ever be. Even with a buggy launch its still better than cod.

Audiggity1632d ago

I clicked "Agree"... but, it was tough. Ha, both are plagued with issues and need a serious reboot to earn respect.

However, I must agree with purely based on the open mechanics of BF vs. the garbage "Copy n paste" approach COD has taken re-releasing the exact same game year after year.

At least they are trying to innovate with BF! They broke it in the process, but, they are trying.

If BF kept the vehicles and destruction, and then brought back the simplistic gameplay from Battlefield 2 (the PC version - - Not Bad Company!)... they could really have a winner on their hands.

If Hardline is just BF4 in a city with urban vehicles... it's going to fail. And last I saw, it looked exactly like that.

Volkama1632d ago

BF4 in a city with urban vehicles sounds good to me. Maybe not £50 good, but that's OK because you can pre-order it for £22.50 on G2A right now :)

incredibleMULK1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

new battlefield is hot. I don't know what these guys are talking about.

I played it on pc and ps4. Ps4 had a little screen tearing and a few jaggies. Steering wheel in the cruiser was octagonal....other than that game was solid. I saw no bugs on pc.

@ jaelegend
People accuse developers of not being creative, this game was a damn good idea...a POLICE swat team vs. bank robbers. Just cuz battlefield is in the name they're milking it.

@ jaellegend.
Battlefield and call of duty a popular because they're good and people shell out the money. If you want unique don't buy it, play killzone shadow fall with the other 700 players who don't play the popular games.

Fishy Fingers1632d ago

Other than Resogun, it was the only reason I turned on my PS4 for the first few months. Even in the state is was when it launched, was the only thing worth 'playing'.

JBSleek1632d ago

So even having a game that is barely playable for months and when EA themselves have said they knowingly launched a very broken game somehow it is still better than CoD?

Wow people take anything nowadays I guess.

AngelicIceDiamond1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Ecactly that's my argument. I'm not questioning a subjective topic such as which one is better game. But stating a fact of at least COD Ghost actually worked at launch, it was at least playable.

That's the only thing I'm saying.

Clown_Syndr0me1632d ago

BF4 has been fine for months.. I admit launch was bad and it took too long to fix, but apart from the odd hiccup the game is fine.
I often have 6 hour sessions on the weekend and cant remember the last time I had an issue.

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jaelegend1632d ago

And let COD live on? games need to stop being a money train and throw different kind of experiences at us. If going urban, go tactical we don't want BFH to be BF4 no one does. Would have been nice to see them break out the box fearlessly and pull a rainbow six style with a full cover system with denser maps.People would say "THIS ISNT BATTLEFIELD!!!" and I'd say " THANK GOD" :)

Fullbucket1632d ago

I don't know why they won't revisit 2142,that was bloody amazing.

Fishy Fingers1632d ago

Yep. My favourite BF to date. Titan mode, while a bit 'iffy' is still some of best MP fun I've experienced.

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