Is The PS Vita Really Dead?

GU writes: "Is The PS Vita Really Dead? At this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, we got a clear picture into the future of Sony’s console gaming initiative. Sadly, just like in 2013, PS Vita had an obvious lack of presence and it honestly felt as though it was given the wave of dismissal by Sony. It meant owners of the handheld were left wondering what the future was for their $200 machine."

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Zodiac1627d ago

Not really. I'm still waiting for Gravity Rush 2, but i'm hoping to hear more about it in the coming months.

Lets just say the Vita needs a heart transplant and their are way too many patients ahead of it on the list.

Meaning, it's not dead, but don't hold your breath for Vita Fever anytime soon.

iamnsuperman1627d ago

I believe it needs to die. I have a Vita though I don't play much of it (except for the odd title like Tearaway or the odd PS Plus title). But I recognise the need for Sony to move away from the handheld market. At the moment the Vita has become a machine that either being propped up by indie titles (which isn't such a bad thing except these titles also appear on the PS3 or PS4) or the remote play feature. Both of these could, in theory, be incorporated into their tablet and mobile division which is doing quite well (but this move could propel it to compete with Samsung devices).

The Vita isn't a bad device it is just no well placed in the Sony ecosystem.

NewMonday1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

E3 showcased many Vita games..

And Sony 3rd party productions are working on over 70 games

Vita will be the main platform for Japanese games that you will find little of on the PS4

JackOfAllBlades1627d ago

No way the vita actually has a lot of great games imo. And many more coming

sanosukegtr1231627d ago

Look at the PSP.We all know it did well, why cant the PS Vita do the same.

tubers1627d ago

It's a zombie. Everyone keeps saying it's dead blah blah blah.. but it'll keep dragging along up to 2016 even outside Japan at the very least.

Still remember some of those implying RIP 2013 for the VITA.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1626d ago

Gravity Rush 2 has no confirmed platform and it doesn't have anything revealed

miyamoto1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I am currently amassing loads of great games on it for just $50 bucks

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Blaz Blue
Rayman Origins
Soul Scarifice
Sonic All Stars
Street Fighter X Tekken
Mod Nation
Unit 13
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Muramasa Rebirth
and soon
Minecraft Cross Buy!

The PS3 keeps all the back up files well stored.
I am a cheap ass gamer!!!!
and that is the best bang for the buck any gamer can have.

Looking forward to LEGO Ninjago PS+ after I am done with my backlog.

Sony's move to younger and family friendly games is long over due but I am still glad they are making that move!
PS Vita is going to compete with mobile gaming and the 3DS this time and that is very good.

The PS TV is only going to keep it more alive than ever.
PS Vita is so alive in my hands. Happy Gaming Days every day! That is what matters.

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ritsuka6661627d ago

Ps vita is just a bad case of shitty marketing and lack of consumer interest.

Beetey1627d ago

The sad part is the lack of consumer interest is really just the result of the poor marketing. Sony isn't really giving people much incentive to buy a Vita.

dorron1627d ago

Vita is lacking AAA titles. And cheaper memory cards. As long as Vita exclusive high profile games like Gran Turismo, GTA, Final Fantasy, God Of War, etc. aren't released, it will remain comatose.

DualWielding1627d ago

Is dead in the west but alive in Japan. In the west it will only have a nixhe wirh people who like weird japanese games

sanosukegtr1231627d ago

Well I should start buying japanese games instead.

teflontactics1627d ago

A quick look at The Vita Lounge will tell you it isn't.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1626d ago

and quick look at how well it doing in today market that different story. The only person I seen with a Vita is of course my older brother. I also have one. You also rarely hear people talking about when it gaming related. Unless it a talk between Sony Fans or Vita fans.

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