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Submitted by stonepaintings 518d ago | rumor

GTA V leak hints that online heists will be competitive rather than cooperative

Intended to release earlier this spring, the launch of online heist missions for Grand Theft Auto V was delayed so that Rockstar Games could have more time to prepare the new multiplayer content. The upcoming addition of large-scale robberies to GTA Online has been described by the developers as co-op missions in the past. However, it now looks like the new feature might have more in common with team-based competitive matches rather than an actual co-op mode according to a rumored leak.

If the details turn out to be true, then those that were expecting online heists to be purely cooperative-based mission content may be disappointed. Rather than only working alongside friends, the leak describes the heists of GTA Online to be an objective-based competitive game mode instead. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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porkChop  +   518d ago
"Rather than only working alongside friends, the leak describes the heists of GTA Online to be an objective-based competitive game mode instead."

If that's actually true then there goes all the potential for heists. People wanted them to basically be coop versions of what the singleplayer heists are like. Except instead of picking A or B, hopefully Rockstar would finally make good on their promise/lie that GTA V would allow you to "plan" your own heists. Picking A or B does not equate to "planning".
Agent2009  +   518d ago
Or, maybe, it's a hybrid - one team will consist of robbers, second team of Police force?
Audiggity  +   518d ago
Yep! Exactly. That's what they are eluding to in the article/leak/rumor.

Personally, I don't see how a massive cops vs. robbers heist with varying amounts of loot based on the success would be a bad thing. Way more fun than a 4 person heist.

I mean, seriously, how hard would it be for a straight up co-op heist with 4 people? Not very. Most of the mechanics are already in place. The delays have clearly been to launch this larger, much more ambitious version of heists.

Everyone continues to whine and cry about wanting "co-op only heists with friends"... but, I don't think they can see the forest from the trees.

Let's say they did that. Here you go, here are your 8 co-op heists to play with 3 other friends. 3.5 hours later - when you are done with those...

"ummm... right... well... now what?!...Oh! I know! Let's go online and complain about Rockstar and shout to the world that they don't give us enough things for free!"
brokenbracket  +   517d ago
Audiggity, it might be more interesting, sure. But there's a lot of gamers out there, myself included, that prefer the co-op portions of the game. I pretty much only played online with my brother or a couple friends from work and we always just did missions or survival together. As long as the game has been out, I've never touched the deathmatches, or capture missions. I've done a few races, of course, but beyond that, it's been mostly co-op for me.

Then my other argument is... how different is this from capture missions? Two teams going against each other to pick up a certain item or what have you? Sure, you'll get to "pick" your role in the heist, but can't you already do that in the lobby when waiting for a capture mission to start? "I'll be the driver and you can be the guy who gets the item/loot or whatever." It's a complete wash of the entire idea of heists, especially when it won't be anything like the heists from the single player.
Bowzabub  +   518d ago
Well that sucks. I wonder how many hours it will take for exploiters to destroy this mode.
micx  +   518d ago
That's a shame to hear. I'd rather go with Payday-like heists.
Blackleg-sanji  +   518d ago
Wait what?! I thought it was something you did with friends. ..damn rockstar like alot about gtav online portion
PainUzumaki  +   518d ago
How can rockstar be so dumb....when did working to rob a bank become competitive? I bet their gonna do some clan vs clan type BS
SneakyDoo  +   516d ago
it's a rumor, so don't presume it as an automatic confirmation by bashing on Rockstar.
MysticStrummer  +   518d ago
Interest gone. I would have logged back in to check out co-op heists. No thanks.
Audiggity  +   518d ago
Jeeeezus, what could ever possibly make these entitled whining little brats happy?

Seriously? Nearly everyone instantly jumps to the most negative conclusion when you hear any leak details.

Why would cops vs. robbers be bad? It's still co-op. You still have one large team vs. a series of smaller teams trying to stop you. Pretend the cops are AI... poof, there you go.

Also, the typical complain first/don't actually read the article behavior seems to be present. Did you happen to read this line: "Rockstar Games also initially stated that they eventually wanted to provide a number of different online heists for a variety of different team sizes. For GTA Online, 20 players is a large amount so this rumor could also be only one king of heist out of many planned variations."

So, there still may be a small 4+ person co-op vs. AI heist mode down the road if you actually think that would be more enjoyable than a 20 person cops & robbers scenario.

Rockstar should offer full refunds to people who consta-complain about GTA V and then ban your social club profiles.

"Here's your $60 back, good day"
porkChop  +   517d ago
"Jeeeezus, what could ever possibly make these entitled whining little brats happy?"

For starters, Rockstar can try keeping their promises. They made many, many promises about GTA Online. Rockstar has made good on very few of them. You don't hype up a product using features and then sell the product with all those features missing for almost a year already.

And "entitled"? I'm sick and tired of people like you throwing around that word as if you have any idea what it even means. When I pay for a product I expect it to work as advertised. GTA Online did not, for quite a long time. When I pay for a product I expect all the promised features to be there come launch day. Most of them still aren't there after 9 MONTHS. There is nothing "entitled" about paying for a product and expecting to get what you paid for.
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Grave  +   518d ago
I feel that coop heists would be fun the first few times you do them, just like the coop missions in GTA IV. But after a bit they'll get repetitive and you stop playing them. With competitive PvP I think there might be much more replay value.
Audiggity  +   518d ago

Thank you... you are a breathe of fresh logic good sir.

Codewow  +   518d ago
From what they said about heists, it sounds like "16 players will work together to raid the military base and steal the C-130."
Menkyo  +   518d ago
of course they will how else are they going to force you to buy shark cards??
brokenbracket  +   517d ago
Welp, guess I'll just hang on to this PS3 copy until I get my PS4 and then sell it. Won't be getting it again for the PS4, so there goes $60 they won't be getting. And I won't be the only one who makes this decision based on how they're handling heists.

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