Mighty No. 9 Update gives more gameplay footage And Details On New Female playable Character “Call”

Mighty No. 9 Developer, Comcept has provided us with more footage of Mighty No. 9′s development progress and gameplay. This footage shows a lot of similarity between Mighty No. 9 and its Spiritual prequel, Megaman. This includes similar enemies, and what looks like the same boss system.

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Blackleg-sanji1426d ago

Ha I didn't think of that one only beck n call

fatneal1426d ago

haha oh snap beck and call...nice

DanzoSAMA1426d ago

I love it, can't wait !!

XXXL1426d ago

This is gonna be fantastic. Looks great. Suck it Crapcom

PygmelionHunter1426d ago

Uh oh... I know of a certain rule on the internet that's gonna be applied to this character rather soon...

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