Metal Gear Soild 4 Bluetooth Headset Review (GadgetMadness)

Gadget Madness has posted an incredibly helpful video review of the MGS4 Bluetooth Headset, and it highlights the rather poor audio quality produced by the device. The recordings are very fuzzy, to the point where words blur and become indecipherable.

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morganfell3611d ago

mine arrives tomorrow at gamestop along with the limited edition guide. glad to see it was money well spent.

vickers5003611d ago

Apparently you didn't actually read the article or watch the video.

gamesR4fun3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )


crying shame tho hope we get some user feedback here as Im sure some of us will get it...

Glad I didnt preorder tho lol

edit: just finished the vid and noticed a couple things. First the usb cord looked standard not proprietary. Second I wouldnt mind having a listen to it online myself before saying the sound quality was that bad. Tho honestly Im sure there are far better valued for your money headsets out there. Just that this guy didn't feel like an objective or even qualified critic.

GamerGirl4life3611d ago

Did u listen to way he sounded on the MGS4 headset? I agreed with the guy when he said he thought he sounded as if he had a sock in his mouth (lol). On the other hand, his voice was projected much clearer on the other one. I personally recommend the Jabra headset that comes with the game Warhawk. It's very lightweight, comfortable, and has long battery life. My online friends can hear me so well I have to turn the volume down to 3. No offense, but I do not recommend this headset unless you cannot live without a headset that says MetalGearSolid4 on it...

ErcsYou3611d ago

Mine is also supposed to arrive tomorrow but im having second thoughts about actually paying for it.... Sound quality is very important... I am happy to hear it has a mute function ... Ill have to sleep on this and decide tomorrow.... I don't really need another headset anyways.....

NegativeCreepWA3611d ago

Does the Jabra have a mute? I would buy Warhawk again if it does. Or can you buy it separate?

morganfell3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

uh, it's called sarcasm. how can any metal gear fan put an ounce of trust in anything that any journalist has to say when said item even remotely relates to metal gear.

sorry you don't get it but this is my way of giving the finger to every bag of crap writer that says something negative relating to mgs4. it doesn't mean that there isn't anything negative, rather i am tired of all these dirtbags just jumping on the trash mgs4 bandwagon.

look at what happened. we have that twerp adam sessler talking about 90 minute cutscenes and attacking konami. we have kotaku printing there are 90 minute cutscenes. personally i wish they were in the game. but they are not. yet everyone turned into a bunch of ms led zombies and laid into the attack. and not just the cutscene issues either.

so how can anyone put a shred of belief in what these guys say. this is a full on smear campaign and it is shifting into higher gear every day. i did order it and i am glad i did. if some idiot journalist says something related to mgs4 is bad then i know the chances are about 90-98% that the item in question is great. therefore by 2nd grade deduction, it was money well spent.

Besides, what kind of site is gadget madness? Here is ign with postive and negative:

Once synced, we enjoyed a solid and clear connection to our iPhone and PS3. Though our unit's pre-production status does suggest its mic and speaker may change, so far as we can tell, they're pretty solid they way they are. We had to jack the volume up a bit via settings in the PS3 and iPhone, but once so adjusted, we were happy with the results. Incoming volume was enough to be heard over LA traffic with the windows down, and none of our connections complained about lacking quality from our mic side of things.

Pelican did not, however, incorporate any noise cancelling technology in the MGS4 Headset, so it is true that if you're dealing with a lot of ambient noise, the people you're talking to will hear it as well.

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BulletToothtony3611d ago

hopefully is not as bad as it sounded in that review.. i was gonna order mine tomorrow.. :( if someone gets theirs pm me and tell me if it's really that bad

sonarus3611d ago

Its a licensed product so didn't expect much. The voice quality was terrible but forgive me if i am not entirely convinced. Blutooth headsets aren't that hard to make so i doubt the manufacturers would have fvkd it up that bad. I will await for another review...regardless not buying anyway

morganfell3611d ago

well if you say something postive prepare to have every scab in here disagree with you. what a bunch of sissies. it cracks me the guy said "it's bad, here is the voice" and these bunch of no mind lemmings siad, "well alrighty mister reviewer that we never heard of with you slapped together review. youmust be right!"

to every clown that bought into that review, send me $1000 and i promise you will be a gazillionaire in a month."

vickers5003611d ago

[email protected], and I was looking forward to this one as well. Oh well.

NegativeCreepWA3611d ago

I hope the socom one is better. Sony needs to step up and make a quality first party mic.

avacadosnorkel3611d ago

maybe it will help the kid with marbles in his mouth

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