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Submitted by Spectator1 591d ago | opinion piece

Does Nintendo Have What it Takes to Compete?

gamrReview's Ben Burnham: "It could very well develop a life as a secondary console in addition to whatever else people may own, and while this would definitely not be a great future for Nintendo's first HD effort, hitting a userbase of 20 million would still be a pretty big accomplishment for a system that's had as rough a time as the Wii U has. If this is the type of goal that Nintendo's shooting for, then after this E3 I'm more easily able to believe that it might be possible." (Bayonetta 2, E3, Industry, Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda Wii U)

texag2011  +   591d ago
Nintendo has a very strong core following. They're not catering to the FPS audience. People support Nintendo because of their excellent 1st party titles & their creative gameplay tactics. The Wii's success was due to the classic titles & the motion controls. It was fun & simple. It appealed to the hardcore, the casual, & the party gamer. The 3DS success is due to a great game collection & the 3D display. The Motion controls of the Wii & the 3D display on the 3DS were both criticized greatly prior to their launches. Many people thought they were too gimicky but they are a big reason that they have sold so well.

I think the Wii U is picking momentum with MK8 just releasing. And when we see Zelda & Smash Bros release it will take off.
mikeslemonade  +   591d ago
ABizzel1  +   591d ago
I think the article say Nintendo is it's own "genre" couldn't have described them any better.

Nintendo is only in "competition" with MS and Sony because all 3 are selling video game consoles to a market of gamers.

Other than that Nintendo's philosophies and principles are complete unaligned with MS and Sony; therefore, they are not in "competition" with them IMO.

It's like comparing sports cars with an everyday family sedan. Yes they're both cars and means of transportation, but they are both for very different audiences.

Sales wise is the only way there's really a competition among the three, and in that regard Nintendo can do well, but they need to change several things within themselves and with their product in order to stay competitive. The Wii U is a solid console, and Nintendo is a great developer, but their business side needs some serious restructuring.
bullymangLer  +   591d ago
dont fall for it dude . this Sony VS Microsoft VS Nintendo crap is all an illusion . .

Articles like these push for GAMING WARS . haha todos goombas

"Sony VS Nintendo" lol lol

Nintendo are and always will be the K I N G S of G A M I N G < fact

get used to it
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Magicite  +   591d ago
It would be wrong to underestimate Nintendo, lets give a WiiU some time before throwing judgments.
I've never owned Nintendo console or portable before, but I still think they are a valuable asset to gaming industry.
Eonjay  +   591d ago
In reference to the Wii's staggering 100m sales... the console was definitely mass market. During the last generation, all three consoles sold a total of 260m units.
If the Wii U doesn't have the same mass market appeal, does that mean we could see a market contraction this cycle?

Even if the PS4 and Xbox One both sold 100m, the Wii U would need to do 60m to support a similar sized market. This is why we want to see as many successful contenders as possible.
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iamnsuperman  +   591d ago
Your likely to see less total units pushed since mobile gaming has exploded amongst most younger and older gamers. Also the Wii sold to users who got a PS3 or 360 (the second console). So this would attribute to less total sales (adding all three together) since the consumer aren't seeing the Wii U as a second console or any other console but it is still early days for the One and PS4 (it would be a big disaster for Nintendo if the One and PS4 becomes that second console, they re cheaper than expected) .
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FarEastOrient  +   591d ago
I agree, this market now includes the SteamBix, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. All of these devices going after entertainment dollars for the TV.
fonger08  +   591d ago
Definitely, and it's not that the market has shrunk. Quite the opposite, even though we would never compare the likes of a PS4/Xb1 to the tablet/phone/Ouya/and now Amazon console(s) the video game market has expanded 10x fold. Competition for the mass market is extremely competitive. I think we'll see numbers closer to the GC/XBox/PS2 generation... unless this gen goes for a 7-10 year cycle.
60FramesPerSecond  +   591d ago
As much as i have loved nintendo in the past, i think they are out of touch with gamers. they have made games easier, less in-depth, and have released several games recently more appropriate as an expensive mobile game than what we have come to expect from nintendo. they have even claimed to be targeting mobile game ideas like pick up and play. i have lost faith in nintendo.
weekev15  +   591d ago
See this is where I disagree with you. Its not that they are out of touch, its that they arent trying to be in touch with anyone.

This is the whole point of Nintendos philosophy, they come up with ideas then go "Does that sound fun? Yeah lets make it" whereas Sony would tend to go "Right here is our core audience what would they enjoy"

Neither philosophy is wrong, I personally prefer Nintendos approach because the devs seem to get more invested in the process and therefore when the games release they are super polished due to it being more of a labour of love than chasing down that dollar (although Im not saying that doesnt come into it)
iamnsuperman  +   591d ago
But Nintendo's philosophy isn't working. Currently, apart from the Wii, there has been a decline from system to system of Nintendo's core fanbase or any other consumer buying their systems. If (saying if because currently it is unknown) the Wii U sales around the same or less than the Gamecube it shows Nintendo is out of touch in the home console business. Coming up will cool ideas is only good when the market sees it that way. Ultimately "chasing down the dollar" might be the best route for any console maker because it means you make stuff the market wants (which is extremely important in a market that is being flooded by cheap consoles, lots of games, services designed to replace consoles and so on. The market is becoming too overloaded to not "chase the dollar")

Edit: Although it could be said Nintendo does chase the dollar in a way by continuing to live in an ecosystem built by franchise they made many moons ago
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fatneal  +   591d ago
@iamnsuperman heres the thing nintendo has a handheld every gen that sells atleast 60 million give or they can always afford to try things with their home consoles...also the idea of their philosophy 'isnt working' might not be true at all. they profit every gen and ive read where they profitted more than sony during the ps2 era even though ps2 sold 120 million vs gamecubes 30 million...perceived as a failure or not working might not be the case at all in the long run
fatneal  +   591d ago
you screenname is '60framespersecond' NUFF SAID
King_of_Nothing  +   591d ago
I think that they do, they have a devout fan base and some heavy hitting titles coming down the pipeline. It would have been nice if they stepped up to the plate sooner, but they seem to be heading in the right direction now.
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fonger08  +   591d ago
I think for Nintendo as long as they get back to profitabilty they'll probably consider the Wii U not a faliure but a miss. I'm sure they'll look at what they learned from going into the HD/online era and possibly try and reinvent themselves. Unless there's a complete change in philosophy, Nintendo will never go into the heavy tech/power house console level. I'm sure whatever they'll end up doing is different, will benefite them greatly from a 1st party perspective... and EA will complain regardless.
Summons75  +   591d ago
They're doing perfectly fine. Seriously any gamer knows Nintendo doesn't follow the same thinking as MS or Sony. They have done fine up to this point and will continue to do well.
Moonman  +   591d ago
Of course, without a doubt. Very strong franchises backed by amazing developers that have crafted them since the 80's and 90's. Nintendo makes must play games. If not, they demand respect across their titles. So if you hate, sorry! Get used to hearing many of their successes for the rest of your damn gaming
kewlkat007  +   591d ago
They have the same 1st-party games we have seen every generation after the next and nothing else after that. Their gaming network lags way behind others. Well, they still have money.
MasterCornholio  +   591d ago
Nintendo is in its own market IMO while Microsoft and Sony are fighting over the same market. That's the reason why Nintendo can't compete with them because with their current strategy they won't do well in the market that Sony or Microsoft is in. Doesn't mean they can't do really well though.
greenlantern2814  +   591d ago
I think the wiiu is competing right now. It currently sits in second place, with growing sales. And I believe it should be everyone's second console it is a ton of fun.
I also think if Nintendo would work out a better and more aggressive advertising campaign it would be selling even better. Plus while I think it is worth the price it might do them good to drop it, and drop the price of wiimotes because to truly get the most out of your wiiu you need some motion plus wiimotes. That's my opinion anyway but I do believe anybody who spends some time playing it would see it is a lot of fun
Picnic  +   590d ago
Selling about as much as the Gamecube (just over 20 million) could be achievable. Expecting more than that would be to imagine that all the original Wii buyers ever intended to upgrade to a WiiU.

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