Titanfall Adds 12 Achievements, Marked for Death Mode, and New Burn Cards in Latest Update

Titanfall has gotten a bit of a refresher as of last Tuesday when developer Respawn Entertainment launched a hefty new update for the game on Xbox One and PC.

Along with new game modes, new Burn Cards, new customization option, and a ton of other cool stuff, the update also introduced 12 new Achievements for Xbox One owners to hunt down, totalling an additional 200 Achievement points.

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Axios21624d ago

No wonder TitanFall is one of the Biggest releases of 2014, even on just 3 platforms

HacSawJimThugin1624d ago

This update is the business. Love the new art and videos at the menu screens. Titan burn cards add a new dynamic to the game and Marked for Death is so freaking intense. Respawn are doing a fantastic job with Titanfall and it look forward to whatever comes next.

Halcyon141624d ago

Loving the Amped Cluster Missiles, for when you absolutely need to kill everything in the room hehe.

HacSawJimThugin1624d ago

And that Amped Vortex...God its so freaking good!! I didn't think that is could love this game that much but these devs doe lol.

Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

How are you guys getting amped cluster missiles? I haven't yet, only the amped slaved warhead, which I never use..

And don't forget this update almost completely eliminated screen tear!

By the way, the new OS voices are my fav. I use the Russian chick now, but if you listen to what the British guy says, it's funny...

HacSawJimThugin1624d ago

To be perfectly honest I have no idea. I only use electric smoke and cluster misses yet I have turbo engine burn cards,amped slaved warheads, amped vortex, tons of amped cluster missles and I have had one amped electric smoke burn card. Being that i have so many I haven't looked into the particulars but I guess I should.

SideNote1624d ago

Neat, shame i sold mine a few weeks ago now, i had such a blast with this game, but then i stopped playing it. Might pickit up again on digital sometime.

Lawboy21624d ago

I just bought the digital code off ebay for $30 the other day....repurchase this game...bf4 and COD GHOST for $70

Tedakin1624d ago

This is one of the biggest updates I've ever seen in a game. So much was added and changed. Lots of tiny details too. I love having the Iron Man JARVIS voice in my Titan now... Yes I know it's Jeeves, but come on it's Jarvis.

Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago

"Welcome back. I've kept the seat warm for you."

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