'GTA V Online’ Rumored To Be Getting Xbox 360 Exclusive DLC

GTA V makers Rockstar are on a roll these days. With the “I’m not a Hipster” DLC nearing release a new report indicates that GTA V Online users for the Xbox 360 are going to get their very own downloadable content in the near future.

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psman0121453d ago

I would've expected the complete opposite since it was announced at Sonys conference (if I remember correctly) but the video game industry is weird!

psman0121453d ago

@Nafon I'll remember that for next time, thanks!

BlackWolf121453d ago

Yeah exactly, Rockstar talked in a separate interview about how GTA and Playstation have a very long history together, and the Playstation will always be associated with GTA and will always offer the best experience.

Nafon1453d ago

This site uses IBTimes as their source for their source... which is a complete sh!t clickbait website if you've never been linked there before.

KwietStorm1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Unfortunately that crap site keeps popping up in my Google Now cards like a stalking ex-girlfriend. Sometimes I click it without paying attention to the site name.

showtimefolks1453d ago

not gonna happen, R* made the mistake of making exclusive DLC once.

Steven36571454d ago

This would suck big time.

60FramesPerSecond1454d ago

This is terrible. i hate exclusive dlc. i only own this game for 360, but still. exclusive dlc doesnt help anybody. it only gives some people the identical experience they should have, and hurts other gamers.

Team_Litt1454d ago

Okay for Destiny though.

xHeavYx1454d ago

DLC for Destiny is timed DLC,

Team_Litt1454d ago

You honestly believe that this isn't? Provided it's true that is.

Oagoz1453d ago

Destiny is getting more then 1 pack of DLC timed for PS4

BitbyDeath1453d ago

Disagree, it is not okay for Destiny either.

showtimefolks1453d ago


what about COD
what about BF
what about getting titanfall exclusive?
what about Elder's scroll
what about fallout 4
'what about fallout new vegas
GTA4 single player dlc

where were hypocrites like you? its okay till MS/xbox brand was getting the exclusive. Keep complaining, if ps4 keeps selling like this than publishers will want to appeal to larger install base

I just find it funny that people are making petitions and sending Bungie messages saying they will boycott the game over what looks like not major piece of DLC

Team_Litt1452d ago

Assassin's Creed
Red Dead Redemption
Dead Space
Arkham City/Arkham Asylum
Medal of Honor

Please sit down showtime before you cause yourself a stress headache. Not once have I complained about PS exclusive content, so I'm baffled by your comment here when im pointing out the clear and PRESENT hypocrisy right HERE of Sony fans.

PS, Titanfall would not exist period if not for MS funding, do some reading before spouting off next time mkay? educate yourself.

showtimefolks1452d ago


let's be a rumored report on how a game could have been cancelled. These same guys got a huge undisclosed amount from activision, so they could have funded their own game

TitanFall is under EA's partners program, meaning EA paid for publishing/development but respawn keeps the IP. So you mean to tell me EA wanted to cancel the game that was the next big thing coming from creators of current big thing

yeh right why don't you do some actual research before posting these reported articles with no actual evidence

so you posted a lst and on them is a game in destiny which is yet to come out.

but AC series DLC okay that's one
RDR not really
Dead Space i didn't even know about DLC
Batman games(well its warmnr bros/sony pics)
Medal of honor(LOL)

now compare this list to the list i posted:

Fallout 4
Fallout new vegas
COD series
Elder's scroll
TitanFall exclusive
GTA4(50 million)
Dead Rising exclusive DLC
Resident evil 6 exclusive DLC
Garden warfare(exclusive game)

i can post a list so big i will be tired of writing about it

so keep complaining the more you complain the happier people like me are, y'all were no where to be found when it was MS getting exclusive dlc. Sp cry me a damn river

Ps4marksthespotnotX1454d ago

Another $50 million dollars? haha

christocolus1454d ago

So I'm guessing sony paid a similar amount for destinys timed exclusive then? Right? You guys are up in arms about this but its ok when sony does it with destiny, far cry,asasins creed or even watch dogs?..smh.

This is even still a rumor,neither ms or rockstar have confirmed this.

1454d ago
maniacmayhem1454d ago

"The exclusive content sony pays for is little,the ads..."

Wow, the complete defense for Sony is mind boggling. Sony has paid and will pay just as much for exclusive content for their system as much as MS will too.

Exclusive content is not a middle finger to gamers. That is a ridiculous thing to say, these consoles are giving added value for their users.

Concertoine1453d ago


True, but it's still annoying. Sony and MS at e3 was like a exclusive content/timed DLC slap fight.

showtimefolks1453d ago


sony signed a 10 year deal with bungie so destiny will always be associated with sony/PlayStation brand over the next decade

i think that's worth over 50 million easily.


its a business and both companies want to use the word exclusive content at E3/gamescomn as much as possible. I just find it funny that xbox camp is complaining when they are the ones who started all this

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