Madden NFL 15 vs Madden NFL 25: The Difference a Year Makes

GoodGameBro writes, "EA SPORTS recently released the first batch of official screenshots for Madden NFL 15 and we wanted to directly compare a handful of them to Madden NFL 25. Player models, player faces, skin tone and lighting will immediately jump out as the biggest adjustments between titles. However, we will point out some other differences that might not be as noticeable."

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texag20111035d ago

I'm not really an NFL fan so Madden games don't appeal to me. I only care to watch/play college football. It was a poor move by EA to cancel the NCAA series. (I know much of the reason was due to licensing but I don't think they put up much of a fight.) It had consistent gameplay & I could always count on it releasing annually. I'm sad that my only Football option now is Madden. I'd really like to see 2K make a football game. I'd prefer a college series but either one would be great since EA has a corner on the market. A little competition is always a good thing.

Kevin263851035d ago

They cancelled NCAA Football because they were getting sued...

"In a statement, EA cited ongoing legal disputes with ex-athletes as the reason for the cancellation."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider....

texag20111035d ago

I'm still sad that it went away. I'm sure the NCAA got a nice chunk of change off the game. Its just sad for the consumers.

crxss1034d ago

I normally don't get Madden unless something about it really impresses me. So far I like what I see graphically.

mhunterjr1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

There really was no fight to put up... They were previously able to make NCAA games, because NCAA negotiated on behalf of all member colleges. The court rulings and pending litigation would have made it so that EA would have to negotiate with individual schools and potentially compensate individual players... The cost of licensing the game would quickly exceed the money it brings in ... Fighting wasn't an option.

InTheZoneAC1035d ago

if the schools actually paid their players, like they should, none of this would've happened.

Instead colleges keep the millions they get from tuition and all the games, then try to justify to some of the players a scholarship when they should be getting A LOT more...

mhunterjr1034d ago


Perhaps you are right. But in terms of EAs effort to make NCAA games, it's neither here nor there... EA has no control over that. It's pretty silly that folks are blaming EA for this mess...

frostypants1034d ago

Doesn't really matter. The NCAA series, much like Madden, had become insufferably stale. You played any of 'em since 2001, you've played 'em all.

Bleucrunch1034d ago

I used to be one hell of a madden addict until I realized what you just posted @frostypants. Its the same shit every single year and since they have no competition their is no reason for them to do anything else. Who still plays this game is beyond me but more power to you. Madden is NOT what it used to be....its sucks now and I wont support it until competition comes back.

Maddens Raiders1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )


^^ how about being sad for the athletes that get diddly squat from all the exploits? I gues they don't count. Anyway EA has ruined one of my favorite games ever by being perennial under achievers and moochers.

thegame25311034d ago

2k used to make football games until EA copyrighted all NFL and football games like the greedy bastards they are.

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azure19901035d ago

Ugh I'm gonna miss those NCAA games

GhostTurtle1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

You and me both brother.

leemo191035d ago

So the models look good big deal how about they work on the tackling mechanics and fix the robotic O-linemen who still can't block correctly.

johny51035d ago

Let me guess? Next year there be cloud simulation....

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