EA Continue to Implement Pay-to-Win In Full Retail Games

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''EA’s approach to DLC has been something that detracts from their games for the most part. After destroying the concept of a balanced playing field in Fifa Ultimate Team, EA has now already destroyed the same concept in their new UFC game. Day-one DLC is nearly always annoying; it almost always feels like it’s cheapening the product. So what’s the issue in EA Sports UFC? Bruce Lee.''

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Codewow1425d ago

Pay to Win and Pay to Play... The Sims 4 is leaving out features from the other games and putting them in as paid DLC.

Sadly... there are people who will pay for these things... And that's why they do it.

GamerEuphoria1425d ago

Don't forget the Dungeon Keeper mobile game!

Darkstares1424d ago

They should NEVER have paid DLC that is a requirement to finish the game if you've already bought the game. Paid DLC that can be used to improve your chances in online games against others playing shouldn't be there either.

The sad thing about EA is they are continually stripping away parts of the game and charging for it. What's next, removing game manuals and charging for that too? Oh wait, what game manuals?

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aimforthehead1424d ago

But they don't have time to put the content in, that's why they sell it after! - idiotic fanboys.

I can't believe people buy that shit about day one dlc.

thehobbyist1424d ago

It's fact, not fanboys.
The reason why they don't have the time to put the content in is because EA forces short development times. So then when the content is FINALLY ready they nickel and dime it from you.

TheSaint1424d ago

We hold all the power but because some people are clueless we all have to suffer.

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Rimgal1425d ago

I'm shocked!

Said no one.

DeadRabbits1424d ago

EA the biggest boil on the Arse of Gaming.

Activemessiah1425d ago

Worst company of 2015

let's makes it happen folks.

GamerEuphoria1425d ago

Let's be honest...the only reason EA ever win that award is because people like to ignore companies doing actual harm to the world lol

DualWielding1424d ago

that's true, but the thing is that EA does care about its public image because it deals directly with consumers, a military sub-contractor or a pharmaceutical research company nobody has heard of and that works in the shadows would not care about getting that award and won't change their practices because of it. EA might

LightDiego1425d ago

EA is a shitty company, the worst....on videogames.
There are worse companies than them.

Fireseed1424d ago

You know Monsanto does some things marginally worse than make expensive and unfair video games...

ramiuk11424d ago

EA are the monsanto of the electronic world,but im from UK and what monsanto is doing to the world is wrong in every way,but aint gonnaget better when half of goveremtn is ex-monsanto staff

thehobbyist1424d ago

The only reason they didn't win worst company 2014 is because the people in charge of that poll REMOVED EA from the running lol.

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Vegetarianshark1424d ago

The best solution for this bullcrap is ignorance, don't buy their products, don't give them publication and if you do make sure it's negative. EA is the worst gaming company ever. Period. Activision wishes they're half as bad as Electronic Sh%#.

Ark_1424d ago

I am not a big fan of EA either, but I am handle them like every other publisher.

They get my money and appreciation everytime they deliver well crafted experiences. (e.g. Dragon Age Origins, Masseffect 1 etc.)
They get ignorance and a closed wallet for all mediocrity and bullshit - sadly that's very often the case lately.

ramiuk11424d ago

they have killed FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM.
fifa coins and ripp off packs,people selling coins on ebay etc.
when i was a kid ,gaming was amazing and people knew if you had a certain gun you earned it,these days u can just buy it on release day as a booster

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