Bayonetta 2 - another round of 60fps footage

A new video of 60 FPS for Bayonetta 2.

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Geekman759d ago

Would be 90fps but her butt slowed things down.

Raider69759d ago (Edited 759d ago )

I cant watch this the spoilers will kill me.Just release this gem already Nintendo!

Qrphe759d ago (Edited 759d ago )

Wish it was the new YouTube supported video type

FlyingFoxy759d ago

Eh? It is, i doubt the camera taking this video was shot in 60fps though..kind of useless naming it 60fps footage if the camera isn't filming at that speed.

M1ST4K3759d ago

I'm really happy Wii U is getting some love... This game looks great! It makes me sad not having one :P But after the only having 5 or 6 game to play on my Wii I'm not going to risk it again.

Half_Minute_Hero759d ago

I have a feeling that it's going to sell poorly, just like most 3rd party games, and publishers will completely abandon the WiiU.

Edvin1984759d ago

So getting this, as I missed out on the first one this will be a great opportunity.