Vanillaware Needs to Make A Castlevania Game

Everyone has begged for another 2D Castlevania game. And the only developer fit for such a heavy task is Vanillaware.

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SpiralTear1393d ago

Oh man, a new Castlevania with THAT level of art design and arcade-style gameplay? Sign me up!

Venomousfatman1393d ago

Something like this needs to be talked about more and more. That way somebody can plant the notion in Konami and Vanillaware's heads and get them talking. A game like such would be a hit.

GT671393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

yes, Castlevania, Contra , R-type ,Gradius, Gauntlet,Champion of Norreth be instant hit on all 3 consoles .

MrKennedy1393d ago

This is a good article about why Vanillaware needs to make a Castlevania game.

jegheist20141393d ago

throws wallet do it now for ps4 and vita

Drithe1393d ago

Vanillaware needs to make another Dragon's Crown, minus the over excessive boobs. heh. In fact they could make another game LIKE Dragon's Crown with Ninjas, Samurai, and all sorts of jobs that you can play online with others.

They do make the best 2d side scroller fighters, with Dragon's Crown the greatest 2d side scroll figher of all time.

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The story is too old to be commented.