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Better living through Indie: the most promising ID@Xbox games coming to Xbox One

Jon Blyth : Microsoft's ID@Xbox program means that Xbox One isn't only going to host bombastic blockbusters: it's going to have a huge range of smaller, quirkier games, too. Hundreds of developers, from plucky student upstarts to battle-hardened veterans, are working on games in every conceivable genre, including several that we're reasonably sure have never existed before (Indie, Microsoft, Xbox One)

astil420  +   65d ago
My dibs
pornflakes  +   65d ago
MS gives gamers true next gen experience with the best exclusives in 2014 and 2015 followed by more unanounced Blockbusters for the next years.

With Phil Spencer on the top the xbox division will jump ahead its competitors.

Expect all the great Blockbusters comming with Xbox Live and dedicated Servers, gamers will get the best multiplayer experience also. Destiny will be the best example for a true next gen title running in 1080p/30FPS and no lags thanks to Microsofts online service.

P2P for a monthly fee would be simply ridiculous.
kratoz1209  +   65d ago
Darkstares  +   65d ago
This ad brought to you by...
MasterCornholio  +   65d ago
Thats what I thought when I read it.
ThunderSpark  +   65d ago
Seeing as you guys haven't received 20 disagrees within 3 minutes for your comments, I'm guessing the Xbox fan with multiple accounts has not logged in yet.
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Ausbo  +   65d ago
Hahaha so true. That was a pr statement
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WalterWJR  +   65d ago
Troll, Delusional, on the payroll.

Take your pick.
poor_cus_of_games  +   65d ago
I would say all 3. Also he's like a pain in the testicles, annoying yet worrying.
djplonker  +   65d ago
"Destiny will be the best example for a true next gen title running in 1080p/30FPS and no lags thanks to Microsofts online service. "

Lol get real: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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azure1990  +   65d ago
You win. Because everyone is actually taking you seriously
edonus  +   65d ago
I am not that in to indies but I give credit were credit is do... Cuphead is a day one for me and so is Fru.
sho0ok  +   65d ago
Guys could anyone explain for me how is the reply button works in this website? Cuz when I post a reply, then someone reply back to me, I want o reply to him directly. ATM I only can reply to the original comment.
thehitman  +   65d ago
You can only reply two times on one comment thread. So if some one replies to you and you reply to him, you will just reply to the reply chain you selected. N4G categorizes it kind of weirdly as if a bunch of people are on the 2nd reply chain and you reply to the first reply chain your comment still ends up on the bottom of the 2nd reply chain.
sho0ok  +   65d ago
OK man great, thanks for the help :)
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avengers1978  +   65d ago
Just PM them
DLConspiracy  +   65d ago
CUPHEAD! I want to play CUPHEAD! That's an indie title that they should do more coverage on.
Sevir  +   65d ago
Of all the indie titles shown at the XBOX MEDIA Briefing this year, Inside and Ori were the most exciting games that i'm actually envious of coming to the XBO first. Those 2 games look fantastic... I'll have an XBO this fall for Sunset Overdrive and Ori!
Lawboy2  +   65d ago
Ori is not apart of id@xbox and will not be on other platforms it's published by Microsoft studios and I'm so excited for this game...it looks so awesome
Sevir  +   64d ago
Either way! I'll be playing it this fall
ConfettiYeti  +   65d ago
INDIEBox 1! Am-I-Rite! Rite guys!!
60FramesPerSecond  +   65d ago
Honestly no man sky for xb1 is what i want

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