Sniper Elite 3 Head To Head Comparison:Xbox One Suffers From Screen Tearing, PS4 Has Better Contrast

For now, the Xbox One version seems to be suffering from screen tearing, specially when bullet cam kicks in. Screen tearing is almost non-existent in the PS4 version of the game.

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nicksetzer11631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Compressed gif's to compare a game? Also, they look very similar.

Eonjay1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Agreed. If you are going to do a comparison. Do it correctly. The compressed images don't reflect the actual quality of either system's real performance.

vishmarx1631d ago

yes im sure its a conspiracy,xbox always wins in proper comparisons.
they even put tearing on purpose.
cheap bastards

Freedomland1631d ago


Well played sir, UNMATCHED IRONY.

BallsEye1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Well, Murdered looked better on XO with much sharper textures (no anisotropic filtering in ps4 ver) and yet headlines of n4g articles were giving ps4 upper hand saying It Has better textures. Please go and see comparisons yourself. Honestly I couldn't care less since on top of all consoles I still own a 2k euro monster PC but seeing how XO getting downplayed all the time is getting really annoying.

LonDonE1630d ago

"I still own a 2k euro monster PC"
off course you do! as does every fan boy!! who doesn't care about their console of choice getting POWNED BY A CHEAPER, MORE POWERFUL CONSOLE!!! LMAO not calling you out dude but its just that the amount of times i have heard that line or some thing similar since the new consoles came out and the glaringly obvious difference in power was exposed, is TOO FUNNY!!

dantesparda1630d ago

Well said LonDonE. These fanboys are such phonies.

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TKCMuzzer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I did watch a guy playing the xbox one version on eurogamer and there did seem noticeable screen tearing. Thought the patch would have addressed this, obviously not.

christian hour1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

There's a v-sync option in the game to eliminate screen tearing, well there is on my copy for ps4, I wonder if the guys doing the comparison turned it on for the XO version?

Either way, regardless of graphics between consoles I found this to be a very poor game that doesn't do much different from the first game or its remake. I got way more enjoyment this weekend out of Valiant Hearts; now there's a proper war game!

crusf1631d ago

Lol if its a gif comparison its too compressed
If its a Youtube video its the video quality's fault
if it's a picture its the picture quality's fault.
There is no winning.

nicksetzer11631d ago

A lossless .jpg or a raw ideo format are the only 2 ways to really compare actual quality. So yes, I agree that if it were an youtube comparison, I would probably say the same thing. Compression changes everthing, even adds false tearing and artifacting sometimes.

fenome1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

That might change after Youtube actually supports 1080p 60fps. Right now the only reliable sites for HiQ game videos or comparisons are Gamersyde and Digital Foundry.

MarkusMcNugen1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

No, that wont change. FPS has nothing to do with compression. There is a really good video from Computerphile that really easily explains the differences between gif and video compression.

It really all comes down to using lossless codecs to compress videos. Youtube doesn't use those codecs and settings because the filesizes are larger. Which obviously makes it harder for people to stream well.

They basically tried to find the perfect middle ground between quality and size. For certain videos like console or PC comparisons the videos really have to be lossless otherwise the compression will introduce artifacts, screen tearing, pixelation, and even alter colors.

Without being compressed the raw video size would be insanely large. There are lossless ways to compress videos, but youtube doesn't use them.

fenome1629d ago


I stand corrected, thanks for the info.

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SilentNegotiator1631d ago

You can see the screen tearing and the contrasts, so...they got their point across, I guess.

2v11631d ago

And mo' betta performance, res, fps, aa n' effect is better, there be a no way round dis shit. Im definitely gettin it on tha PS4

XanderZane1624d ago

The game sucks. I wouldn't get it for either system. The difference are minor. The resolution and performance are pretty much the same.

Hellsvacancy1630d ago

Since when did anyone care for Sniper Elite 3? oh, fanboys do, silly me, I often forget we don't live in a world created by me

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Eonjay1631d ago

Not really. I remember this studio giving interviews and talking about their issues working with the Xbox One, but also mentioning how things had gotten better and in the end, they were able to hit 1080p on Xbox One allegedly.

Lazy would be like Thief on both systems.

TheWow1631d ago

Yeah that was originally posted on Gamerbolt.

thereapersson1631d ago

They had to make compromises on the ONE, which is why you get a lot of screen tearing.

Bigpappy1631d ago

What makes you thing he is talking about the developer and not the comparison.

SilentNegotiator1631d ago


What makes you think he is talking about the comparison and not the developer? You said yourself that what he was talking about is "obvious" to you, despite any context whatsoever to give you such confidence.

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fr0sty1631d ago

So, because a game runs at a lower performance level on weaker hardware, it's always going to be chalked up as a lazy job on the developer's part?

Bigpappy1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Ok, so you got to take a swipe at Xbox. It was quite obvious to me that he was talking about the comparison Gif's and not the developers. My guess is that you already knew that and decided the theme didn't suite the insult you wanted to get over.

SilentNegotiator1631d ago

He gives absolutely zero context as to whether or not he means the article or the game.

Neither of you know what he meant.

lifeisgamesok1630d ago

I just saw a FPS comparison video and the PS4 side had way more frame dips while the Xbox One side often held a steady 60 frames

Ron_Danger1630d ago


I'm guessing you also have a friend that makes $4677 a month from home on their computer......

Posting a link as proof is the only way to differentiate between fact and someone who's just trying to throw thier troll comments into the mix (but you having one bub is more telling than anything).

testerg351630d ago

Frosty, that seemed to be ps3 fans' favorite excuse.

fr0sty1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Except with PS3, when developers did go the extra mile, it showed with visuals that weren't rivaled on other consoles at the time, not just parity. However, few other than first party devs bothered.

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Illusive_Man1631d ago

Where is the Outlast article (PS4) that talks about framerate drops into the 40s and as low as 24 for Outlast, a game built on a last gen engine?

The screentearing will likely be patched. Titanfall screentearing is almost nonexistent post patch.

Contrast can always be adjusted.

fr0sty1631d ago

Are you really comparing a game that had several additional months of development time for the Xbox One version that ran on a last gen engine and was a port from a PC game released last year?

Also, Titanfall doesn't even run at 1080p or a solid 60fps, and the fact that it STILL has some screen tearing even after the patch (even you had to admit, "almost" non-existant) isn't anything to brag about.

thereapersson1631d ago

Illusiveman, that is about as off-topic as it gets. Your poor defensive spin is stupidly irrelevant.

choujij1631d ago

@frosty It still suffers from screen tearing at 792p? Yikes.

MasterCornholio1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

What does Sniper Elite have to do with Outlast?

P.S I read the article and its pretty much a tie between the two systems with PC being the best.

imt5581631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

There a huuuge framerate oscillations in Outlast on BOTH consoles, Illusive_Man. And both version are 100% the same. What is your point anyway?

MasterCornholio1631d ago

Looks like he didn't read the article. Eurogamer says that both versions are identical.

windblowsagain1631d ago



There like 5-10fps drop when something loads in. Or some shitty Unreal3 fire effect comes on the screen.

It's a very old engine. Hence unreal4. Wouldn't take a blind bit of notice of cross-gen games.

XanderZane1624d ago

Outlast is actually better on the XB1. Digital Founder did the comparison and said XB1 loaded faster and kept a steady 60fps. Knack on the PS4 drops to 14fps. It's not even locked at 30fps. What the hell was Mark Cerny thinking? Creates a game that runs poorly on the hardware he help create.

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