10 Video Games That Have Epically Failed This Decade

The one common element is that all of these games have catastrophically failed in spite of huge promise.

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Blacklash931211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

The only type of article WhatCulture! seems to be concerned with. -_-

Can we ban this site, please? This site is infamous for its descent into becoming a plaform for primarily clickbait, hit-seeking lists. And for much more than just gaming-related subjects. These articles are conceived for profit, not genuine criticism.

Shouldn't N4G have higher standards than the likes of this?

showtimefolks1211d ago


for once i actually agree with their list, nothing on their list deserves to be taken off.

BF4 was a mess and still is
we are still waiting on those Heists
ME3 ending did suck
duke Nukem NUFF SAID

but FF14 really got their stuff right the 2nd time round

GT5 was excellent but no doubt over hyped, but its still the best SIM racer on consoles and Forza doesn't even come close.(GT6 now passed GT5)

Resident evil 6 is the reason capcom is in trouble, fans want more old school RE games yet keep getting COD resident evil games

Blacklash931211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I'm not arguing the merit of the things they bring up, in this instance. I'm speaking broadly, here.

What I am arguing, is that this is all they have to offer N4G. This is for the sake of making money off our clicks; not genuine, constructive criticism meant to inform us. It's sensationalist clickbait, attempting to exploit our emotions while offering nothing of substance.

I read a blog of a former contributor to WhatCulture!, and he confirmed that it's exactly what it looks like. The best way to make money on this site for contributors is contrarian headlines, lists, and witty bickering. Thus, the whole site is dominated by those types of articles.

showtimefolks1210d ago


Yeh i agree with you on that, but i am a regular visitor to IGN and majority of their articles are only to get hits and nothing more nothing less

sadly in gaming industry today these sites feel like they have to do it to survive

coolbeans1211d ago

Hey, Blacklash93.

This has been something I brought up with Cat before, only with user's complaints about vgchartz. I can't quote grab what she stated, due to old forums going away, but I vaguely recall her reasoning being that just because they go the clickbait route shouldn't they can't get traffic through here. Stuff that's often getting banned here are people/sites with completely plagarized content.

Leave a ticket if you'd want a better explanation (sorry I'm not very focused on the submission aspect).

F4sterTh4nFTL1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Mass Effect 3 was epic for almost the entire game and a fail for the last 15 minutes of the game, yet people will remember it for the last 15 minutes instead of the 50 hours of greatness before it, such a shame.

KingOfOldSkool1211d ago

The five year, three game ride leading up to it had fan expectations and emotions so high that such a disappointing lapse in quality at the 'worst' possible time was bound to lead that kind of drama and legacy. Fair or not, a choke at the finish line tends to overshadow the journey leading there.

showtimefolks1211d ago


Honestly i hope we get ME trilogy on next gen consoles with all the dlc. I love the series but let's not give it a break

You start out ME3 and most of your team is gone that you built over 2 games and its weird reasoning is to why they are not along for this one., New characters are introduced but aren't explain well

Bioware said originally:

every choice you make over the trilogy will matter into the Finale but guess what that was bunch of crap. People like me don't forget the 50 hours greatness but we do want the end result to reflect what the developers promised

don't over promise if you can't deliver. ME 1-3 are epic but when the ending is so bad than hat leaves a bad taste behind. Some hardcopre ME fans have done proper ending videos and have explained everything so well, if fans can figure it out why couldn't bioware?

Roccetarius1211d ago

ME3 was an epic blunder for more than the ending, but it takes a better understanding to see that. Same goes for ME2, which catered to the bro crowd instead.

aliengmr1210d ago

Seriously, if there was any "15 minute" segment that was going to make or break the trilogy, it was ALWAYS going to be the end of the final act.

With all the success ME had to that point and knowing that this narrative was coming to an end I would have expected quite a bit of work on the ending. There was almost none.

Was it ever going to please everyone? Nope. But that was far from the case. The ending sequence was just so bad (the original, not the extended cut). In fact the entire ending mission was a yawn-fest punctuated by meeting space-kid. And the reward for enduring that crap sandwich, was a 2 min series of clips in 3 different colors that somehow managed to make no sense.

Its not the ending so much as BioWare clearly stopped giving a crap. The entire main plot was contrived and lazy, and the ending was worse.

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Ryan7411211d ago

Mass Effect 3 was awesome.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1211d ago

Surprise, surprise several games that EA made are on the list.

InTheLab1211d ago

GT5 sold more copies than all other racers combined in it's first 5 weeks on the market AND has a metascore in the mid 80's.

There was only ONE delay for a few weeks and the game launched in the same year it was delayed. So the author saying "all those delays" was false.

Now the game did launch inclomplete for a GT game, but that does not mean it failed. What it did launch with was simply better than the competition. The media focused on nitpickings like the UI which was fine, and cosmetic damage, which is not the point of GT anyway....but most of these people never complained about what they should have. The game didn't allow you to tinker under the hood in the same ways you could in GT4 and that was a shame.

So I don't believe the most successful racer of last gen deserves to be on a list with Duke Nukem and Aliens: Budget Spent On Borderlands2 Marines.

Spotie1210d ago

I agree, but most people don't look at it that way.

I still don't know what was wrong with the menus, and I've never heard of another game where people faked load times to make them look WORSE. The hate campaign against GT5 was pretty bad, though in line with what the PS3 was subjected to, in general.