This Is What ArmA 4 Could Look Like In CRYENGINE - Brand New In-Game Footage Unveiled

Simulation and serious games studio RealTime Immersive Inc. will show us what next-gen military simulation could look like in CRYENGINE. Check out this impressive trailer of realtime in-game demonstrating the "subsurface special operations environment" after the break!

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slate911395d ago

How good is Arma? Never played it and only bought the second one for the dayz demo. Anyone suggest it? I love slow tactical military shooters

Allsystemgamer1395d ago

If that's your thing then there isn't a tactical shooter better than ARMA at the moment.

Flavor1395d ago

Its not PvP its just you and some grade F boot camp washouts shooting AI soldiers. Gets boring.

There are a few pVP servers but few and far between.

ATi_Elite1395d ago


Arma 2 WAS as real as it could get to being a Military Simulation game. Don't get me wrong it is very strategic and tactical. No run and gun here because Arma 2 is real life war.

but something happened that made Arma 2 go to my back burner, Arma 3 is what happened.

Arma 2 and Arma 3 are both FANATSTIC Games and I can't use enough adjectives or CAPS to describe them.

I play Arma 3 with my clan every weekend religiously. I still do play many Arma 2 mods other than Dayz but most of them have been updated to the Arma 3 Engine.

any mid range PC can run Arma 2 with ACE MOD 2 that makes the graphics better.

You need a modern PC to run Arma 3 on Ultra and it looks fantastic.


Mir91221395d ago

Flavor perhaps you should try Call of Duty for all your needed PVP explosion filled military cliched filled action.

SilentNegotiator1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Doesn't like X, must like COD. Such sound logic. /s

SilentNegotiator1395d ago

What ARMA would look like if it were a Crytek Tech Demo.

sovietsoldier1395d ago

funny it looks like arma 3 and not arma.

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