The Updated WIi U 2014 Retail Release List has 6 Exclusives

Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes:

"The latest release calendar for Nintendo's Wii U reveals six big exclusives coming in 2014, but remains sparse on multi-platform games."

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Provolone241396d ago

Nintendo stole the show at E3. Can't wait until their great exclusives start dropping. My body is ready, but my wallet is not.

DarthZoolu1396d ago

I have a Wii U and I never play it after I beat all the games super quick. They better make SSB back hardcore like Melee was, brawl sucked bad.

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago

It's not going to be a Melee clone, if that's what you're asking for.
Its speed and floatiness are going to be between Brawl and Melee, just close enough to Melee to bring back combos and competitive speed, but a lot of the AT's, like Wave Dashing, aren't returning.
Of course, that's just going off of the demo builds provided for the tournament/best buy demos/E3 demos.
Obviously, the game is still undergoing balancing and tweaking, so what does and doesn't return, as well as the speed/floatiness in the end product, is still up for change, but Sakurai has already promised it would be inbetween Brawl and Melee in speed, at the very least.

BoneBone1396d ago

"I have a Wii U and I never play it after I beat all the games super quick".

On easy mode. You're a pro gamer bro.

iplay1up21395d ago

I doubt you beat all the games "super quick" Wind Waker is too big to be done "quick", Zombi U is super hard, Mario Kart 8 is super hard on 150cc, Getting 100% on Tropical Freeze is very challenging, NSMB 100% same thing, Lego City 100% same thing, "I never Play it" Do you even have MK8? I am still playing it all of the time.

I personally think you are full of it, and may not even have a Wii U, and if you do you must not have many games for it.

iplay1up21396d ago

That is one exclusive every single month, and all but Wii Sports club I want to pick up. I played Wii Sports on its free weekend, and for some reason it seemed to lag at times. It could have been my internet, but Mass Effect, MK8, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed do not lag, so I don't know what the deal was.

weekev151396d ago

Yeah wii sports does the same for me. I was worried it would do the same with mk8, but it is smooth as butter. Will pick up all of these except Sonic which looks terrible.

Dunban671396d ago

So no games in June, 1 game in July (one piece unlimited ), no games in August and 1 game late September - the 1st half of the year we had Dk, 2 Lego games and Mario Kart ( what retail games am I missing - decent games?)

It s really hard to get and or maintain momentum w release schedules like this- The Wii u could have done better leveraging MK8 and e3 with a more consistent release schedule now thru the holidays

I guess the upside is we will have options to choose in Oct Nov and Dec even if Smash bros is delayed

iplay1up21395d ago

Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta1/2, SSB, Captain Toad, Sonic Boom, I would say that is a pretty good line Up, and Monolith's X is slated for this year too. So I would say that is a pretty great line up.

Also people who do not yet own a Wii U have a huge backlog of games to catch up on.

Smash Bros will not be delayed.

Dunban671395d ago

I was referring to the timeframe leading up to late Sept

The games you are referring to are late sept thru 2015

DoggyBiscuit1395d ago

I'm sorry Nintendo but Wii Sport Club should be free this game came out in 2006 and u still milking it