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10 Great Games Ruined By Bad Combat

Ranging from duds that could have been great, to classics that should have been better, this list takes a look at games with disappointing combat that otherwise did almost everything right. Each game might be worth a play for the things it did well but, ultimately, every entry fell short of its full potential. (Alan Wake, BioShock: Infinite, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

Agent2009  +   247d ago
BioShock series are one of the most overrated games ever. Thank you.
CaptainPunch  +   247d ago
I liked the story in BioShock Infinite, but boy was the combat sloppy in that game.
Number-Nine  +   247d ago
ME1 heating overload is so much better than the thermal clip crap.
Summons75  +   247d ago
Yes it was. I hated the thermal Clip never once overheated in ME1 but once you ran out of ammo that was it for that gun for a bit.
Spurg  +   247d ago
BioShock Infinite, Alan Wake and Mass Effect don't deserve to be on the list...
Truehellfire  +   247d ago
Bioshock Infinite's gameplay wasn't bad. Definitely wasn't the greatest but not bad by a long shot.

Alan Wake wasn't too bad either. I don't believe that game ever intended to have a robust combat system anyway. That wasn't the focus.

Mass Effect I am kind of on the fence. I loved that game, but the combat wasn't fun. That is easily forgiven though considering how great the game was overall. Definitely didn't "ruin" the game.
nerdman67  +   247d ago
I thought the game Kane and Lynch was amazing.
The gameplay itself was really really bad, but the story was top notch.
And the first Two Worlds was phenomenal if you could get past the gameplay
Relientk77  +   247d ago
Bioshock shouldnt be on the list

Mirror's Edge is a good game, but the combat isn't the best, especially with a gun
LightDiego  +   247d ago
I disagree with Bioshock, Mass Effect, Alan Wake and Morrowind, they are not necessarily innovative, but not bad at all. If you follow this logic, you could put a lot of games on that list.
I agree with Game of Thrones and Alpha Protocol. GoT was a missed opportunity, the series deserves a better game, it has the potential to be one of the best rpgs ever. I heard great things about Alpha Protocol, about the narrative and choices, but the gameplay ruined that could be an awesome title.
Aces17  +   247d ago
Once I saw Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect I knew this was going to be a joke of an article.
TheWow  +   247d ago
Not really. There are a lot of valid complaints people have made about BioShock Infinite's combat. Totalbiscuit, for one, had a lot to say on the matter, and I recommend checking out his review to see his fairly logical arguments.
Now, that's not to say it's terrible, but the combat *could* have been better.
AstroCyborg  +   247d ago
if its challenging casuals hate it
InTheLab  +   247d ago
Alan Wake is a fat overweight writer and shouldn't mow down waves of dudes like Nathan Drake. The combat was perfect for a game built around suspense. The only thing wrong with the game as how you lost all your guns and ammo after each night cycle. Pissed me off saving and carefully selecting when to fight and my only reward was losing all my guns when the sun comes out. Otherwise, a fantastic game.

This might be unpopular but I thought the Witcher 2's combat was a major step back from the amazing and unique combat of the first title. Hell, you couldn't even hope to beat enemies without researching them first. The second game was more button mashy and the targeting was broken by comparison. In the second game, enemies just surround you for the cheap rape whereas you never had that problem in the first game because you had a stance designed for multiple targets, strong targets, or strong.

Loved the combat in the Mass Effect as it's the best in the franchise. I could play the way I wanted in that game instead of pointless cool downs. I could use biotics then immediately after instead of forcing you to choose between the two which made the hybrid classes pointless. I also loved the rpg feel of the combat. Of course your gun should shoot like crap at early levels. By the end of the game I had mk10 weapons that never overheated. Game was damn near perfect.
InTheLab  +   247d ago
Sorry for this broken post. My phone has been chopping up my posts :/
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Master-H  +   247d ago
That 2008 Prince of Persia reboot had a laughable combat system, if you can even call it that.
karlowma  +   247d ago
"The Bioshock series’ strength has never been in its combat. The games have excelled in creating worlds that drip with atmosphere, and tense, scary moments, but the fighting just isn’t anything special."

Are you kidding me? Nothing special?

Let's leave aside Bioshock Infinite for now, which I just didn't get in to, and focus on the earlier games, since you're generalizing the entire series.

The dynamic of mixing and matching different plasmids was incredibly satisfying. The environment was interactive, and the AI was fantastic. Ammo types that mattered, weapon variation, perks...

I think Bioshock has some of the best and most interesting "combat" in any FPS, ever.
AstroCyborg  +   247d ago
what an aweful list
aliengmr  +   247d ago
I thought the combat in Alan Wake was fine. I didn't need to be anymore than it was. Its "sequel/expansion" thing, tried to expand the combat and it was terrible.
stefan771  +   246d ago
Assassins Creed
TheGrimReaper0011  +   246d ago
Assassins Creed has combat?
I thought it was just a sequence where you mash a button until everyone is dead
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