10 Great Games Ruined By Bad Combat

Ranging from duds that could have been great, to classics that should have been better, this list takes a look at games with disappointing combat that otherwise did almost everything right. Each game might be worth a play for the things it did well but, ultimately, every entry fell short of its full potential.

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Agent20091398d ago

BioShock series are one of the most overrated games ever. Thank you.

CaptainPunch1398d ago

I liked the story in BioShock Infinite, but boy was the combat sloppy in that game.

Number-Nine1398d ago

ME1 heating overload is so much better than the thermal clip crap.

Summons751398d ago

Yes it was. I hated the thermal Clip never once overheated in ME1 but once you ran out of ammo that was it for that gun for a bit.

Spurg1398d ago

BioShock Infinite, Alan Wake and Mass Effect don't deserve to be on the list...

Truehellfire1398d ago

Bioshock Infinite's gameplay wasn't bad. Definitely wasn't the greatest but not bad by a long shot.

Alan Wake wasn't too bad either. I don't believe that game ever intended to have a robust combat system anyway. That wasn't the focus.

Mass Effect I am kind of on the fence. I loved that game, but the combat wasn't fun. That is easily forgiven though considering how great the game was overall. Definitely didn't "ruin" the game.

nerdman671398d ago

I thought the game Kane and Lynch was amazing.
The gameplay itself was really really bad, but the story was top notch.
And the first Two Worlds was phenomenal if you could get past the gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.