Ar noSurge Is Coming To The U.S

Ar noSurge is coming to the U.S., Tecmo Koei America have confirmed. Over Twitter, the company’s American division stated: “The detail will come later but the game will come to America, too.”

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Fullmetalevolust1602d ago

Never got the chance to play any Ar Tonelico games, this might be it!
Wish it had an iteration on the Vita.

Inception1602d ago

Ar Nosurge also confirm for vita. Sooner or later KT will localized it.

But for Ar Tonelico 1-3...well, if you have a twitter than you could ask them by yourself. KT always answer their fans questions or request from twitter / facebook. If they see a lot of fans wants AT remaster / collection for vita / PS3 than there's a big chance they will make it happen.

Fullmetalevolust1602d ago

That's great news, I might have to hold out for the Vita version then.

Sly-Lupin1602d ago

Or they just retweet questions/comments without addressing them.

Like all those tweets asking/demanding the fov and fps patches for dw8xlce very. PS4 and PSav, respectively.

MightyNoX1602d ago

On the plus side, this iteration is a prequel to the Tonelico series so if you play them after this, you'd actually be working your way chronologically.