Atlus PSN $3.99 Sale

ATLUS slashes the price of some of its finest classic RPGs offering hundreds of hours of gaming on the cheap.

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wtopez1633d ago

If you haven't played Persona 3 now is the time to get it. It's a legit classic.

BigPimpin1633d ago

Never played it. Is it on par with the Godly P4G? if it is definitely a pick up.

dead_pixels1633d ago

It absolutely is. Not only that, but now is the perfect time to pick up the game on the cheap before the upcoming releases of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

wtopez1633d ago

Honestly, I kinda prefer it to P4. Maybe it's because P3 was my 1st Persona game. The story is better in P3 but the combat is better in P4. Haven't played Golden though. Still for $4 you will probably have one of the best JRPG gaming experiences ever.

gamingisnotacrime1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

i prefer persona 3 story and characters.

cpayne931633d ago

This is all my opinion, but:

P4 has better characters, much better music, and a better ending.

P3 has a better plot, a somewhat better rpg battle system (there are more options in terms of weapons and armor for the main character), and it also has some unique social links that need to be experienced.

Overall I prefer 4, but 3 is still an awesome game. Must have.

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Magicite1633d ago

Im still trying to get through Persona 4 on PCSX2, yet I cant manage.

randomass1711632d ago

I got it during a previous sale! But since I'm a big fan of Muramasa The Demon Blade, I'll definitely be picking up Odin Sphere since it's made by the same amazing minds.

Lionalliance1633d ago

How many sales has atlus done this year?

dead_pixels1633d ago

Quite a few, but these games have never been this cheap.

Rockets121632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I missed out on that deal. Looks like I was given a second chance to fix my mistake! I loved P4G, one of my most favorite games I have played

Edit: Just realized it is the PS2 version and not the Portable version. 2 years ago they had a similar sale though.

martinezjesus19931633d ago

This is awesome! I was about to buy persona 3 yesterday when I finished persona 4 golden, I cant believe I never played a persona game before this, damn did I miss out!

Rob_Ko1633d ago

I only wish Persona 5 was on PS4 :/

muttsurini1632d ago

meh, they don't need that much power to render a dungeon crawling game.

ninjahunter1633d ago

I like Atlus, their always generous with discounts.

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