Watch Dogs Looks Absolutely Stunning on PC with TheWorse Mod – Tons of New Screenshots Revealed

Soon after the release of Watch Dogs, a Guru3D member known as TheWorse discovered some hidden graphics files that boosted the visuals of the game, making the in-game environments and characters look completely stunning. Here are tons of new screenshots of the modded game.

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dennett3161631d ago

The depth of field that mod introduced is near broken from the footage I've seen. Way too aggressive, a person would have to have severe vision problems for things to blur out the way they do when it's on.
And no, it's never going to reach E3 2012 levels of quality, those assets are not in the game as released. A lot less texture quality, a lot less detail, the world is less populated and the game does not have as realistic a look and solidity as that E3 demo did. Even with these "improvements", there's still been a downgrade since that E3 was an Aliens Colonial Marines-type vertical slice, as in, never going to make it to the final product. Ubisoft always do this, they market an ideal early on, and then produce something broadly similar, but not as impressive in the final product. We need to stop believing the hype, stop pre-ordering and wait to see some footage from final retail copies of a game before parting with our cash. Pre-ordering gets you nothing nowadays, other than maybe some alternate skins or an in-game item that is OP and makes the game easier to finish.

abstractel1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It's a bit of both. I don't remember seeing volume lights with shadows from the headlights in the E3 demo and they are _fantastic_ in the TheWorse mod. What I still miss from the E3 demo is all the trash moving around on the street from the wind as well as the quality of cloth. Personally it also bugs me that they changed the look of the main character, he looked much more original in the E3 2012 build.

WD is far (relative term, sometimes it does look stunning) from what new-gen machines are fully capable of. 90% of PC users experience major stuttering and this is, according to the devs, due to new-gen consoles having unified memory so XB1 and PS4 have no stuttering because of this. Think about it, the PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 unified memory. Most PCs have GDDR3 main memory and then between 512mb and 3GB in GDDR5 on the GPU. So sacrifices will be made if you are developing on PC/Xb1/PS4 due to differences like these. The PC is a tricky beast as a lot of hardcore games have more powerful hardware overall than console owners but they don't represent the majority. WD is for some reason I am not sure of also very CPU lopsided, definitely not ideal for the console version where most devs are moving a lot of CPU tasks over to Compute on the GPU.

AC Unity looks to have a much better engine that is designed for new-gen but we'll see how many PC users (myself included) can run it without stuttering.

That said, like always, exclusive titles done by top-tier devs will show what the consoles can really do when you focus on them alone and don't have to worry about parity across platforms. I have no doubt Naughty Dog's Uncharted will look as fantastic as it did at E3 but I am surprised they are achieving 60fps. That part is hard for me to believe if they are going to keep up that fidelity throughout the game.

abstractel1631d ago

Also, I get gameplay distracting amount of stuttering on my overclocked i3930k (4.2ghz), 32GB of overclocked RAM (for work purposes), and GTX670 but with TheWorse mod it looks significantly better than the console versions and I look forward to his updates that are supposed to add more effects.

Still enjoy the game a lot and not sure why a shitty ass game like Wolfenstein is anywhere near it in metacritic score. Two most overrated games so far 2014: Wolfenstein and Titanfall (got both for PC). Two most underrated games so far: Watch Dogs and Infamous SS. At least gamers showed in sales what games were more desired with WD and SS outselling Titanfall and Wolf (comparing 1 platform in the case of Titanfall).

Rute1631d ago

The game looks always fantastic when it rains though.

Psychotica1631d ago

Let me guess, I would have to rename files x, y and z before copying files a,b and c from the mod zip file. Go into some config, find some piece of text, change a value then lastly back up my PC registry. No, thanks it's why I never bother with mods if they don't come with a professional deployment package.

NVIDIAGeek1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Ignorant. It's none of those.

Psychotica1631d ago

BS, I have seen that a million times.

DevilOgreFish1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

there will eventually be a package. for now MODers are compiling the best settings together before a release.

There's no denying though that the PC version is king with these MODs.

Psychotica1631d ago

That will be great, thanks for the info..

kingduqc1631d ago

it's actually as ease as copy paste...

here let me show you.

it's actually as ease as copy paste...
it's actually as ease as copy paste...
it's actually as ease as copy paste...
it's actually as ease as copy paste...

Psychotica1631d ago

Which you shouldn't have to do..
Which you shouldn't have to do..
Which you shouldn't have to do..
Which you shouldn't have to do..

kingduqc1631d ago

You don't have to do it too...

ATi_Elite1631d ago

Just because you LACK the know How and Skill to install a mod don't act like it's such a terrible thing.

Just say you are NOT talented enough to install them.

Many of us are smart and find installing mods a Breeze.

Most Complex mods come with an installer package but if you can't turn a file into a notepad file and then change the value of a few numbers (copy paste) then you may wanna re-evaluate your education.

Psychotica1631d ago

I have installed many mods, I just hate the fact most don't have an installer. I have also been a software developer for over 15 years and would never deploy any software without an installation package.

user56695101631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

He makes up some bs finds out he's wrong then tries to find something else to try to downplay PC gaming. Haters gonna hate . You settle for less now you sitting in the corner mad as hell. Nice try tho.

I been telling people it be fanboys spreading lies trying to downplay and stir people away from PC gaming. This how you loose bubz call people and this site on their bs

tee_bag2421630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Yes.. because reading the readme file and dropping 2 files in a folder is so painstaking.
I shouldn't have to load my console with a physical disk either.
Sometimes greatness requires effort.

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4logpc1631d ago

Shame this is a crap comment and you dont understand that its unnecessary.

drjonesjnr1629d ago

Just my opinion. Don't get butt hurt about it

starchild1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

No, it's not. You're just being a jerk that has to go out of his way to shit on a game that a lot of other people like. I never go into articles just to say "this is a shitty game". What's the point of that?

The game generally scored well with reviewers, it's selling extremely well and lots of games seem to love the game.

drjonesjnr1629d ago

Not at all i just think the games crap. Gta5 was much better on last gen consoles. Watchdogs is the most over hyped game of the year i give it 5/10 trading it in

tee_bag2421630d ago

Haha that's because you're playing it at 900p at sub 30fps. You're not playing it right

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