10 Guilty Pleasure Video Games No One Admits They Love

WC writes: "These 10 games, governed by their outdated graphics, clunky gameplay mechanics, absurd levels of camp, flat-out weirdness and utter lack of originality, have kept us coming back for months and maybe even years, all while our backlog of critically-acclaimed indie masterpieces grows ever larger by the day."

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Magicite1450d ago

Cant say I loved it, but I liked it enough to play more than once and gonna play again once I get HD Remaster.

gamernova1450d ago

I'm gonna be honest, I got it because of Yuna lol

Spotie1450d ago

I got it for Rikku.


sinncross1450d ago

I enjoyed the FFX-2 battle system. The story was pretty horrible though.

wastelander751450d ago

Lego Batman. And the first Viva Pinata.

DualWielding1450d ago

Senran Kagura Burst for me

Venox20081450d ago

I love (if those count) Katamari games, lolypop chainsaw, no more heroes

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The story is too old to be commented.