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Microsoft to flesh out second tier launch in September with cheap GotY Editions of first-party games

GR-UK writes: Microsoft is set to fatten the launch line up for Xbox One (September 5th) in second tier territories, by releasing the console alongside last year's Xbox exclusives, as Game of the Year editions, each at a cheaper price. (Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   61d ago
Goty edition of Ryse confirmed!
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DirtyPimp  +   61d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   60d ago
It does cheapen the term GOTY when there's 50-11 games with GOTY editions. Especially when a game is poorly reviewed in the press.
HaveAsandwich  +   61d ago
Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   60d ago
U guys got nothing to do instead of bashing Xbox one ?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   60d ago

Not the XBOne. Just Ryse. Go play Titanfall.
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Lol It seems like Microsoft is making people believe that their games are Goty and that they have more games in total
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Bigpappy  +   60d ago
it may be a maketing ploy, but not the first time this has been done to games that didn't win GOTY.

This trolling of RYSE is detracting from the fact that this is a great deal for people who may be just getting the X1. Ryse has a lot of DLC for the co-op arena battles. If you are interested in this type of game, it is the only of its kind on this gen consoles.

I completely enjoy the game and still play it more than any other game i own. There are people who hate the game because it is not on their system of choice and a few whoh might have played it and didn't get into the game play. That all fine (I couldn't get into assasin's Creed, but this is the firsting I mentioned it. I had the game for six months and never left Cuba. That game is failing to hold my attention and it got great review scores. I am not disputing the quality of AC. I am just making the point that Ryse just might be GOTY for some people over games the cretics prefer. I kwon I prefer it over AC by a mile.
dmitrijs88  +   61d ago
I dont remember any X1 game getting/deserving GOTY edition yet.
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memots  +   61d ago
problem is its not first party ?
MasterCornholio  +   61d ago
I just think that they slap GOTY on anything to get it to sell more. I've seen some pretty horrible games with that label.

I'm talking in general here.
Azzanation  +   60d ago
It could be worse. It could be GOTY KNACK!
geddesmond  +   60d ago
I thought GOTY stood for Game of the Year editions. Shouldn't only games that won those awards get it. Everything else should be bronze editions lol. Nah for real Goty editions really should be only for games that got that acclaim. Its just fooling the people that don't follow gaming like us gamers.

Its the goty edition, you know I have to get that. The game has to be good if it the game of the year. For my next trick I'm gonna sell bronze and call it the diamand edition of the year as my sloggo.
lelo  +   60d ago
I guess people don't remember Sony's cheaper Platinum/Essential editions of games, witch basicly is the same thing. They bash Microsoft, but Sony does something similar. Fanboys really are dumb as door knobs. * shakes head *
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NextLevel  +   61d ago
A GOTY edition for Ryse?

The average rating for Ryse is a 6.
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Rik_Mayall  +   61d ago
Don't worry Killzone will also have a GOTY edition even though that game sucks ass too.
NextLevel  +   61d ago
Killzone Shadowfall shouldn't have a GOTY edition either, IMO.
Killzone 3 didn't have it so why would Shadow Fall have it
bigbic  +   61d ago
GG needs to end Killzone's downhill slide and and stop making them... I don't think it's in the same category of awful as Ryse, but it is still very generic.
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onyoursistersback  +   61d ago
Rik_Mayall getting upset,

needs something to say, brings up

in a despret try to hit PlaySatation4 with something negative.

Prime157  +   61d ago
Killzone: Mercenary was great... it's a shame that shadow fall wasn't up to par. I enjoyed Ryse AND KZ:SF, and I also think NEITHER should get a GOTY...


while, at the same time, I liked them both enough... they were good, not great, not amazing, etc
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ramiuk1  +   61d ago
shadow fall is defo not even close to "goty" but its better than people say imo,i enjoyed it
SoulSercher620  +   61d ago
Lol at you thinking you were clever
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   60d ago
I think Sony uses the term Greatest Hits, which I guess doesn't apply to misses either...zing!
InTheZoneAC  +   60d ago

you probably say it sucks because it's slower paced, you know, realistic weight and there's no aim assist that you desperately need.

Killzone is very fun
geddesmond  +   60d ago
Sorry but KZ is a great game that only men with there balls dropped likes. Graphics are better than anything on X1, theres even more people playing KZ SF that there is on Titanfall lol.

Nevermind, I just read some of your previous comments, you haven't even played KZ and are just a butt hurt Xbot. FYI Halo sucks because I never played any of them cause it was never on the consols ive owned since I started gaming. Mainly because the PS has brought me so many great games over the yers I don't need any other gaming machine cause PS has always met my demand and gave me some killer experiences I'll never forget.
GodGinrai  +   60d ago

No offence but KZ:SF is not in the same league as halo or titanfall. You obviously havent played many FPS if you think KZ is anything other than average.

"Graphics are better than anything on X1"

Does it even matter, when KZ is such a bland game?
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IVIEDICATED  +   60d ago
Sucks so bad it's the best selling next gen game to date on either system right? Look it up chump before you run your mouth with idiocy as your tool.
KinjoTakemura  +   60d ago
You're right. I own a PS4 and killzone does suck. So does Ryse. Neither deserve to labeled GOTY just be honest and admit it.
Agent2009   61d ago | Offensive
FanboyKilla  +   61d ago
@nextlevel lmfao thats what my face must have looked liked when i read it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   61d ago
@ Next I believe Killzone got a rating of a 73.


13 more points higher isn't anything to brag about especially considering its a proven BlockBuster Ip. You'd expect at least 85 score from it. Ryse is a new Ip so low score isn't nearly as damaging.
king_george  +   60d ago
Idk if being a new ip or not really matters in this case tho :/

Both games were not as good as they could have been
bigbic  +   60d ago
I would actually argue that it's more damaging to a new franchise, because a known franchise can get away with more, having established fans already.

Even though Killzone SF wasn't a complete disaster like some other games, I still feel it has run it's course.
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Sh0ckWav3  +   60d ago
Wait how does user rating work on that?
I saw a positive of 219
Mix was 22
And negative was 19
How does that turns into a 5.9 user review?
NextLevel  +   60d ago
Don't pay attention to user reviews on Meta. Just the website ones. The user reviews are either 10 or 0.
Prime157  +   60d ago
Yeah, user reviews for launch exclusives were fanboys only... 10s if the fanboys liked the system and 0s if not.
KinjoTakemura  +   60d ago
That Ryan Reynolds GIF pretty much describes what I was thinking and feeling after I read that article.


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The_Infected  +   61d ago
Wow first 3 comments all trolling. GOTY editions and all at a cheaper price isn't bad at all.
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NextLevel  +   61d ago
Not really trolling. They could just release at version of it that doesn't have "GOTY" on it. Like "Classics" or something like that. Calling Ryse GOTY anything is ridiculous. Just like Ratchet And Clank All 4 One GOTY edition would be equally ridiculous.
christocolus  +   61d ago
Dude you are right about the goty stuff but those guys were definitly trollingnwith the exception to xisasuke,his comments never mean much all he wants is to be the first person to drop a comment.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   61d ago
Its just a name of the bundle who cares?
Why o why  +   61d ago
Naming your games goty edition is misleading customers. Its actually bordering on lying. The game being re released at a cheaper price is good but like many have stated, call it something else. Don't start some bs trend that waters down the worth of real goty games. Devs put their hard work in to get those types of accolades. 'Special Edition' Would be fine
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ziggurcat  +   60d ago

then why not call it "definitive edition" if (i'm assuming) it's going to include the currently available DLC, instead of "game of the year"? they really can't apply the GOTY moniker to Ryse when it hasn't been given anything close to that honour.

GOTY implies that it's won an award for being GOTY. that's why it's not "just a name of the bundle."
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christocolus  +   61d ago

Forget the trolls,

Ontopic: I think its a great idea.reducing the price of their some of their 1st party titles would definitly get more people to try these games. Ryse,forza5,oo tycoon, dr3 and powerstar golf are great games. Hope gamers in these territories get to try them out.
Why o why  +   61d ago
I get it. You're definitely a positive soul but doesn't one inch of you take issue or at least question ms's use of the goty moniker? Not one part of you feels it's misleading when there are more suitable tags available?

Sorry. . . . You've already answered my question. .
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kreate  +   61d ago
its always the same ppl lol
Spotie  +   61d ago
The cheaper price isn't bad. And if they've got the extra content, that's not bad, either.

But I'm wondering how many of the games got GOTY from ANYWHERE. THAT part is a joke. Who does Microsoft think they're fooling?
ThanatosDMC  +   61d ago
ramiuk1  +   61d ago
but you can prob pick the normal version up for half the price by the time there out
GenericNameHere  +   60d ago
Using GOTY is false advertising. They used "Platinum Hits" on the 360. Why not use the same name on the Xbox One? Platinum Hits sounds great, and makes you think "Wow! This game must have reviewed/sold extremely well to get this".
GodGinrai  +   60d ago
I think "complete edition" would be a better term. It just sounds more honest.
Why o why  +   60d ago
Special Edition....... keep it simple
Tedakin  +   61d ago
There are no less than 15 GAME OF THE YEAR editions every fall. Can't there only be one game of the year? I guess if one publication anywhere on Earth calls your game GOTY you can release a GOTY edition. Maybe somewhere, someone declared Ryse GOTY ;)
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n4rc  +   61d ago
Its why its a completely meaningless title..

Who decides goty? Highest sales are the only way to go about that.. As it stands, every magazine and website decide their own
Tedakin  +   61d ago
A more fitting name would just be FINAL EDITION with all DLC and everything included. All the patches, all of it, on disc. I guess marketing wise that doesn't sound as good as OH BOY GAME OF THE YEAR! but at least it would be honest as to what it is.
porkChop  +   61d ago
As long as a game has recieved at least 1 GOTY nomination from one site they'll use it to release a GOTY Edition. They should honestly just call them Complete Editions or Final Cuts.
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BX81  +   61d ago
That disagree came from me. If sales was the only measure then wii fit would've been a game of the year over a game like uncharted, and that's just all kinds of wrong.
n4rc  +   61d ago
I didn't say you'd get a good result.. Lol..

But its the only unbiased metric you can use.. Everything else is opinion..
nerdman67  +   61d ago
Game of the Year is not a universal title. Anyone can say that something is their "Game of The Year".
IGN, GameTrailers, GameSpot, Spike, a ton of places have Game of the Year games.
It is really a meaningless title.
Goku781  +   61d ago
Ryse game of the year for an Xbox One game that has the company about to collapse? Only on Xbox One.
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torchic  +   61d ago
wow when you put it like that...
Back-to-Back  +   60d ago
Kind of sums out how shitty the xbone is if Ryse is considered a GOTY.
Gamer777  +   61d ago
What happened to the cheap platinum hits versions of Xbox games?
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shammgod  +   61d ago
Ryse not good. Ryse suck many ass
EvilWay  +   61d ago
Ryse is not that bad of a game. I actually enjoyed it, the combat was said to be repetitive I didn't feel that way, the graphics are stunning, the story was great. Only problem is that it was short imo
LightDiego  +   61d ago
It's ridiculous for some games having "goty editions", even Dead Island did that, lol.
The good thing about it that's cheap, but they should use a name like platinum hits, or classics.
2pacalypsenow  +   61d ago
In what planet was ryse and forza 5 GOTY games?
iamnsuperman  +   60d ago
I think Forza won some game of the year award for driving games (not game of the year as a whole). Ryse being GOTY is new to me. Release the title but don't call it GOTY edition.
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JimmyDM90  +   61d ago
I wouldn't be opposed to Sony copying this and re-releasing "platinum" versions of Knack, Killzone: Shadowfall and Infamous: Second Son (with the new stand-alone DLC) for 20-29.99 come the holiday season.
2pacalypsenow  +   61d ago
Sony releases Greatest hits if the game sell a million or more
S2Killinit  +   60d ago
Greatest hits implies the must have games on a particular console. Game of the year is an award given to certain games by third organizations that are independant bodies.

I wonder if Microsoft might run into legal problems with the organizations that hand out GOTY awards. I would assume they have some sort of exclusive right to the phrase, otherwise whats the point of handing out GOTY awards if anyone can just crown themselves with the honor?
Gamer666  +   61d ago
I guess Sony fanboys have nothing better to do then post in x1 threads Sony comments.


Maybe they should re-release a compilation of indie games... call it "BRIG"... (best recycled indie games)....
guyman  +   61d ago
Your comment insinuates that only "sony ponies" are supposed to and only allowed to read sony articles and "xbots" only read and comment on xbox one articles. Who are you to judge people for commenting on any article they want. What the hell man, jimmy didnt even make an insulting fanboy comment. He made a decent comment.

You are such a troll, a salty one at that. Not appreciated, especially your last troll sentence.
#10.2.1 (Edited 61d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
Gamer666  +   60d ago

I have no problem with Sony fans reading and commenting on xb articles as long as they are relevant to the article as an xb article.

If this would've of been a Sony article doing this for knack and kz retail games and the I commented MS do this for Ryse, dr3, and Forza I am sure someone would've told me I was trolling and off topic too.

Its pretty pathetic that you are defending this kind of behaviour in the comments. It promotes fanboyism.
#10.2.2 (Edited 60d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
Biggest  +   60d ago
If "X" happened then "Y" happened then. . . But it didn't. The only people bringing up Sony games are the people defending the idea that Ryse could be mistaken for a Game of the Year level game. Ryse was released 22 NOV 2013. It won zero Game of the Year awards. Everyone should laugh at Microsoft for their decision to lie so blatantly.
GenericNameHere  +   60d ago
They have. They've been calling it "Greatest Hits" since the PS1 to PS3. They've yet to do one for any PS4 game though. They'll probably introduce to the PS4 next year or the year after.
Ryan741  +   61d ago
There should be an Infamous second son bestest game ever ultra Sonytologist edition.
FRAKISTAN  +   61d ago
LOL and the bots were saying sh** when TLOU was announced for the PS4 which is actually a GOTY(200+ GOTY awards) oh and did I mention 60fps LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Parapraxis  +   61d ago
Smart strategy on Ms' part.
Grown Folks Talk  +   61d ago
Don't they call releases with DLC included GotY editions? Any excuse to bash Microsoft.
CramShaft  +   60d ago
Exactly. Gotta love everyone getting their panties in a bunch over semantics.
Biggest  +   60d ago
Not exactly. Wrong. Game of the Year means that it won a Game of the Year award from someone, somewhere. There is no way to confuse Game of the Year with "There is DLC in here".
CramShaft  +   60d ago

I get that these games didn't win game of the year just like most people who read the article and have their wits about them.

Last Gen the same thing was done. Label it "game of the year edition", which meant, discounted price and all the dlc.

Do you guys split these many hairs when you get your big mac and it doesn't look exactly like the image on the menu.

If this labeling deceives people into believing these games are in fact game of the year, then they may want to take a good look in the mirror and direct their anger at the responsible party. Ignorance is not a valid defense.
SoulSercher620  +   61d ago
Lol Ryse and Forza 5 GOTY? Not even close. Now they're going to sucker in people with this logo thinking they're good games.
AceBlazer13  +   61d ago
Anyone remember when GOTY meant something? Microsoft just wants to wreck everything in this industry one way or another.
Kennytaur  +   61d ago
Fuck. I'm in a "second tier" country (that sounds so offensive) and I ordered Forza 5 last night... Oh well, at least I'll get to play it earlier since I already have an Xbone.
FayZ_  +   61d ago
Infamous & killzone were terrible games like ryse was.. goty editions comming lol
#18 (Edited 61d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
corroios  +   60d ago
you must be talking about some sub FHD game that is not even lock at 30 frames
S2Killinit  +   60d ago
Oh my, the games they play
supercpu  +   60d ago
Awsome game . Hope they do bring on Ryse 2 ..
Biggest  +   60d ago
That's going to be difficult with no Crytek around.
joeorc  +   60d ago
you know if Nintendo and Sony would have done this it would be crowed as Arrogance! THE FACT THAT BY DOING THIS IT CHEAPENS THE TERM "Game of the year" awarded to a companies Works, say if Microsoft game does not win a game of year award and Microsoft still put's the game in the collection.. Oh im sure they could have by such and such site call it that in order to be able to claim its a "Game of the year award" for that Game, but the fact they have the Arrogance to call a reduced price collection games that term is really in my opinion damages the perception of a award that has been in the industry for quite a long time.

And its an award that you do not claim yourself, its awarded to you the fact that doing this is taking such liberties with That Term is quite disappointing from Microsoft's PR department in my opinion.

I think it would be best and wise to change that term they call these collections.

I Think the PR Department over in Microsoft may be doing a disservice to the company by doing this. Just putting that out there it look's very Arrogant of Microsoft to name it that, and i think Some award voting board may not take to in kind of Microsoft taking liberties with That Term!
#21 (Edited 60d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DemonChicken  +   60d ago

yes forza and ryse didn't win any goty awards.
iamnsuperman  +   60d ago
Forza one is a bit different. It didn't win a game of the year but it did win some game of the year awards related to driving games (best driving game....).
Subaruwrx  +   60d ago
The MS PR Dept has no shame. I'm not saying games like Ryse and Forza (more so than Ryse) aren't good games but they are not GOTY material. This bs goes up there with MS BSOTY hits like Phil Spencer stating that he thinks the kinect will actually sell more now that the Xbox One is being offered without it and that The Cloud will increase the Xbox One's power by a factor of 4.
64commando  +   60d ago
I fucking HATE when companies do this. It's so cheap and low. Douche bag companies give mediocre games GOTY editions when they don't deserve it to try to get sales. Of course MS is doing it now, They already started with the Halo 4 GOTY edition.
lovesGaming17  +   60d ago
Great news for new Xbox one owners this fall.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   60d ago
I enjoyed Ryse. It isn't great but it is a little under rated. But hell, it isn't GOTY by a long shot...
akaFullMetal  +   60d ago
Goty come on, this is bullshit. I can understand platinum or something and
Lowering the price, great! But actually lying about these OK games being goty is bullshit.
It cheapens the goty awards for games and lies to unkowning customers.
Ms killing integrity in the name of a sale, not surprising.
#27 (Edited 60d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iamnsuperman  +   60d ago
I would have the same reaction if Sony released GOTY editions for Killzone or INFAMOUS. The package deal is always a good idea but Microsoft need to think about renaming them (brand them in a different way)
slasaru01  +   60d ago
Guys, this is not GOY in the meaning of game awards, it means including all DLC that came during a year. There were GOTY editions of Borderlands, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Skyrim, Fable II and a bunch or more games with such label!
jollygoodchap8  +   60d ago
Oh I can see it now...Some non-gamer casual mother or girlfriend getting duped thinking "It won Game of the Year? My kids or boyfriend will love this!"

Well played MS...Shady bastards lol

CramShaft  +   59d ago
If the non-gamer casual mom is dumb enough to buy a game for their kid with out knowing the content of the game then that may actually happen. As a parent and a gamer, I make sure I know the content of a game before I let my daughter play it.

You shouldn't put all the responsibility on the company trying to do what is inherent in business...sell product. The end consumer should do their due diligence before making a purchase, to ensure they don't buy crap.
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