Wii U Bundle With 5 Games Selling for £250 at GAME

GAME UK has an excellent deal for just £250, which might interest many gamers.

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randomass1711428d ago

Dang, that's a crazy good deal...

micx1428d ago

Agreed,it's definately not something you see every day.

AsimLionheart1428d ago

Wii U is getting more and more tempting since that great E3. It did not appeal to me much before but now after seeing Xenoblade and Legend of Zelda and hearing about Fatal Frame, I will have to get it as my secondary console. The exclusives are just too good to pass!

3-4-51427d ago

That is like a really good black friday least. get it now.

Geekman1428d ago

VERY Rare deal. You wont find something like this for a long time. I suggest you buy it immediately.

micx1428d ago

it's a bargain indeed.

Metallox1428d ago

Buy it or die, like Nintendo would say.

Immorals1428d ago

Hopefully this deal will be still around when I have money!

micx1428d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get more deals in the future. ;)

marijanFTW1428d ago

xbox one will have hard time to outsell wii u

Lon3wolf1428d ago

People will have to hurry to get that 5th game though as doesn't the offer run out in 3 days? Even without the 5th game that is a great deal.

Monster_Tard1428d ago

You'll have until July 31st to do it.

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