The Rarest PS3 Game Ever Is About To Be Released

It's not often that you get an alert that a video game is going to be rare before it is even released, but MonkeyPaw Games has put out the word that it's on the verge of sending Class of Heroes 2G for the Sony PlayStation 3 out into the world as a one-time, limited printing. Available only by preorder, Monkeypaw will print enough copies to meet initial demand and then plans no further releases. Don't expect to find this game at retail.

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MattG-PTB1427d ago

Between the rabid fan base and the collector market, I bet they sell out quickly.

admiralvic1427d ago

"I bet they sell out quickly."

I never got this logic in reference to Class of Heroes. I believe both times (at least this time for the PS3) the game failed to hit their initial signature target and I believe the PSP version was on sale for months before it got enough to make production viable. This will be no different and considering stock in infinite (as they're going to run as many as they need), only demand is finite, which probably isn't that high.

Heck, you can still buy the PSP game (only like 3,000 or so were made) on eBay for only $70 ( ). Considering this only went from $36.99 to $70 (on a good day) isn't much appreciation considering the rarity.

FamilyGuy1427d ago

Have you seen the game play for this title?

Definitely not for me.

Goro1427d ago

Going to buy it but i'm never actually going to open it.

Gezmoyassine1427d ago

Just get yourself two copies,one to play and one to keep sealed.

Goro1427d ago

No, i'm going to buy one to play from the PS Store because it's half the price of a retail version.

chuck8261427d ago

Just to make fools buy it!!!

yeahright21427d ago

Blatant artificial scarcity? I'll pass.

HappyWithOneBubble1427d ago

Ultra rare game equals big money some day.

MasterChief36241427d ago

No. Rarity does not mean value. I could make a game in my basement and give it to a couple friends. They'd be the only ones to have it. But if they sold it on eBay? They'd get nothing for it.

Value is determined by rarity to a point, but also history. And generally, if a company is touting something as rare, that means it will not be worth much down the road. The most valuable things are the ones that no one expects to be rare. Xenoblade Chronicles, for example... never did I read the game was going out of print, and then it did. Add to that the GameStop exclusivity and it is hell to find a copy for a good price.

Following that, the next games in Project Rainfall (I think that's what it was called), The Last Story and Pandora's Tower... I bet so many people have those unopened in a box somewhere, hoping for them to make bank. But the thing is, lightning only strikes once in the world of collector's items.

The one huge exception I can think of is Disney. The Disney "vault" is something of an anomaly in that despite them touting it as a limited release, they do still maintain a high value. That might just be because it's Disney, though.

But look at all these collector's editions, limited editions... My rule of thumb is that if the product says it's limited or a collector's item, 99 times out of 100, it will not be worth anything down the line- simply because people will buy the heck out of it and there will then be no demand.

People pay high prices for rare commodities they actually want and were ripped from them unexpectedly. Or as I said, history can play a factor. Comics in the 30s and 40s were printed en masse and everybody read them... but the paper was cheap and most people used their old comics as mulch. Even though there were a million copies of Action Comics #1, given the fact that people never saw it as a possible investment, the supply dwindled down and now you have to have crazy money to purchase that issue. It blew up because that was the first appearance of Superman.

To win, you pretty much have to buy everything off the beaten path and eventually you will get something that sticks and sticks super hard. But if you just focus on stuff that touts itself as a valuable product, you will never win. Unless there is a recall of some sort, but even then that very rarely equals collector value.

The too long, didn't read version of the above post: Rarity =/= Value. There are many other factors at play than rarity. And if it says it is limited, it usually will never be worth much.

Goro1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Rarity does mean value in most cases, just look at the NTSC version of Afrika on PS3. It got horrible reviews yet it is still worth more than most brand new game even when it's used, this is simply because it's so hard to find.
The only other strictly limited edition games i can think of on PS3 is TLOU Post Pandemic, Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition, Ni No Kuni: The Grand Wizard Edition, Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition & Dark Souls II Webhallen Edition. All 5 of those are now worth about 3-5x more than what the retailed for at launch.

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