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5 Best Games Of 2014 So Far

Many highly anticipated releases in 2014 failed to live up to their hype. There were several big games that did deliver on their promises, though. As usual, there were a few surprises too. Here's a list of some of the best games that 2014 has brought us so far. (Dark Souls 2, iPad, Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, TowerFall Ascension, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ifistbrowni  +   430d ago
Since the article is divided into 5 pages, when it can easily fit on one, im going to post the picks from the article (saves you from having to click).

1. South Park TSOT
2. Hearthstone
3. Towerfall Ascension
4. Dark Souls 2
5. Mario Kart 8

Other than Infamous and South Park, no game has been overly impressive in 2014 (so far).
Realplaya  +   430d ago
Wait you put infamous and South Park over Mario Kart 8 lol.
Amazingmrbrock  +   430d ago
In fairness its kinda hard to count a game thats essentially the same as the previous one with minor upgrades.
Zodiac  +   430d ago
@amazingmrbrock. I agree, Mario Kart 8 and the stick of truth are definitely better games.
herbs  +   430d ago
Unamazingmrsbrock you're talking about Infamous correct lol.
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Odoylerules000  +   429d ago
Well, it IS possible some people don't like racing games...right? No?
Metallox  +   429d ago
PinkEye  +   430d ago
My faves were:

Dark Souls 2
Dust Force (psn)
Child of Light
Man, websites really need to stop with adding multiple pages. It makes users of Internet not want to visit websites like these ever again
BattleTorn  +   430d ago
So true, worse is when clearly the text could fit on one page
And on top of that, all these stupid popups and ads that take up more space then the actual website
Odoylerules000  +   429d ago
Probably just so we see more advertisements.
Malphite  +   430d ago
The top 5 I've played this year so far would be:

5. Titanfall
4. Transistor
3. Watch Dogs
2. Infamous: Second Son
1. Dark Souls 2

Just started playing Wolfenstein and it's pretty good so far even though it kinda started slow.
Dewitt  +   430d ago
1. Child of Light
2. Titanfall
3. South Park
4. Dark Souls 2
5. Infamous SS

HM: Wolfenstein, Watch_Dogs
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LAWSON72  +   430d ago
Judging by what I played

1. Dark Souls 2
2. Wolfenstein
3. South Park
4. Titanfall
5. Child of Light (only here because i have played very few 2014 games)
Perhaps when I play Bravely Default on my new 2DS that will be my 5th
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DefenderOfDoom2  +   430d ago
WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER!!! It is a awesome game to play!
Umbasa  +   430d ago
I would like to say Dark Souls 2 but i can't, i am not liar.
So far this year i really enjoyed Infamous ss and Wolfenstein. Looking forward to the rest of the year's titles, maybe i will find those other three.
Malphite  +   429d ago
"I would like to say Dark Souls 2 but i can't, i am not liar."

So you didn't like Dark Souls 2? Kinda hard to understand what you meant.
Umbasa  +   429d ago
ravinash  +   429d ago
It's fine for not liking DS2, any reason why?
Umbasa  +   429d ago
@ravinash A few days ago i was asked the same thing so i took out some time to right them back on it,so in the interest of my time i will just copy and repost here: I can try and explain it as best as i can i guess but i kind of suck at expressing myself, i also never post on forums much so this respond may be posted wrong? I was really supportive to this game even when i was bummed about Myazaki's leave but remained open minded about it anyway. My most biggest fear about the directive changes where "its going to be easy and dumb down for a bigger audience" though as i started playing the game that fear was thankfully smashed. As i played it across more hours though it became apparent that i was not sucked into it as hard as i should have been and as i crossed more time in the game i was growing more and more ...bored. There are many changes and changes are good but to me some of the changes were not needed as with others were just not executed well or just felt disconnected for example the world, everything that made Ds1 feel epic in scope had become completely chopped in this title, multiple zones that start you on a path that just up and stop at a dead end was a big for me or the stat changes feeling unnecessary to me by adding/splitting original stats, building a character in the past games are far from broke and if it's not broken why fix it? I rerolled 3 times and each build felt kind of boring to me. I can't put my finger on it but overall there was that spark that was missing this time, it was a solid game no doubt just not as special imo. DemonsS is my favorite game of all time, i am 33 (i think) and have been gaming for a good amount of years, this game did not suck it just did not interest me and so i moved on.

Well there you go, i tried to explain why although i could spend more time thinking of how to explain in even more depth this post has now reached the 55 min mark lol.
KinjoTakemura  +   430d ago
Wolfenstein, Outlast, Dark Souls II, Infamous Second Son.

The rest of the games i've played are highly repetitive and are seriously lacking in gameplay mechanics and a story.
Malphite  +   429d ago
If we count Outlast to this years titles it's definately up there as well.
deafdani  +   429d ago
No love for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze? In my opinion, that's one of the best side-scrolling platformers I've ever played. Its level design is just nuts troughout the whole game.

LOL_WUT  +   429d ago
Agreed it's definitely up their with Watchdogs and inFamous SS ;)

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