Evil Controllers Shows Off The Super Smash Brothers Custom Controllers

Skewed and Reviewed have posted images of the new custom controllers for Super Smash Brother. The Game Cube model will allow users to have all the fast action they want when the game ships.

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Garethvk1399d ago

Evil always has great stuff. They make good custom stuff as well. I have been debating having some with the site logo and colors made just was not sure what the demand would be.

jnemesh1399d ago

darn it, I wanted to check them out, but the link is broken!

Garethvk1399d ago

Site is down for a bit due to a migration to a new server, will be up soon.

Skate-AK1399d ago

The link is broke Gareth.

Garethvk1399d ago

Server migration back up soon.

Garethvk1397d ago

Server move done. Theme and art going in but you can see them now.