DICE testing new revive feature in Battlefield 4

A new feature adds a timer to help medics prioritize their revive options.

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denawayne673d ago

This would be really helpful. Nothing like running out from cover to revive your buddy only to have them "timeout" and now your out in the open and vunerable.

slate91673d ago

I hate to sound like a broken record...but this game is showing its very short 2-year dev cycle almost every day unfortunately. These features and fixes should have been incorporated with more dev time

dcj0524673d ago

Nah, game has been fine for past 6 months. This should've been a spring 2014 game though.

Utalkin2me673d ago

No this game has not been fine for the past 6 months either. You might say tolerable. I still to this day can not play on any of the navy assault maps on conquest.

The_Sneauxman673d ago

BF4 has been terrible on the PS4. Not sure about other consoles but I haven't gave bf4 a shot in about 2 months. It's ridiculous how long this game has been out but still is plagued with issues

Section8uk673d ago

This won't change the fact that most Assault class players don't revive fallen team/squad mates anyway.

XxGHOSTxX-420673d ago

Agreed I've only been revived a handful of times

BlingBlaine673d ago

Because they choose to carry an M320 grenade launcher (AKA noob toob) because they are ASSAULT not medics. That is where DICE really fkd up for me. Rarely if ever do people revive besides locker spamming revive and health packs for xp.

Skate-AK673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

I know what you mean. There used to be so many medic back in BC2. I even played as a medic a lot. Now I rarely get revived. In BF4 I am always an engineer because people don't destroy vehicles either. Way too many snipers. At least SOFLAM a chopper or something.

mymehdi673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

... And then tank gunner will stop shooting :D

mrmarvel29673d ago

I usually revive a lot, so to me this is a pretty cool feature they are adding.

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