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Bayonetta 2 director is hoping for Bayonetta 3

Yusuke Hashimoto hopes for Bayonetta 3 in the future. Would you want another Bayonetta game, or do you think two is enough? (Bayonetta 2, Wii U)

Neonridr  +   341d ago
I am sure it will depend on how well this does on the Wii U.
iamnsuperman  +   341d ago
Pretty much. Bayonetta didn't do well as a multiplatform title which meant Nintendo had to rescue it. If it doesn't sell on the Wii U a sequel is out of the question (I don't know who would fund it)
Summons75  +   341d ago
Doing well is a bit subjective. Sega only cares about money and not the fans hence why bayo2 got left to die and us in the west will never see another Yakuza game despite how much we beg. I bet Nintendo will green light a 3rd as long as fan reception is there. It coming with the first game for free is going to help as well. Wonderful 101 didn't sell well but it got great reception and there have been talks about a sequel.
Geekman  +   341d ago
Perhaps the Anime could get some cash.
kurenaishinigami  +   341d ago
Bayonetta sold about 2 million copies on HD twins thought surprised a bit that nobody except Nintendo wanted to fund it and weird that Sega rejected idea for funding the sequel.

I mean, too game to be profitable on 7th generation HD twins it needs to sell 700-800 thousand of retail copies at 60$ to cover development costs and per copy the publisher gets about 24$ while if it was a first party game it would get 31$ because of course you don't pay platform licensing fee per copy.

Anyway we should be glad that Nintendo stepped in and saved the game from being one of those games that sequels were in development yet ended up being scrapped because there weren't any publishers willing to release it and one of those games could have been a cult classic.

I need to point out, generally knowing Nintendo... If the game yields twice as much as they invested then they will surely invest money in its sequel, look at Pikmin series or Fire Emblem and same thing applies to Bandai Namco's Tales Of series.

I wish more publishers were like that...
mikeslemonade  +   341d ago
Hopefully it's a PS4 exclusive because this last gen technology isn't getting me excited for Bayonetta 2.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   341d ago
Bayonetta 3 please.
ktype2  +   341d ago
She's still hot. And that short hair really looks sexy. Would love to see more of her awesome moves if there's going to be Bayonetta 3.
Nevers0ft  +   341d ago
But why is Sarah Palin fighting monsters?
ritsuka666  +   341d ago
If BAYO 2 sell well on WII U Nintendo will help bayonetta 3 for WII U exclusive.
NihonjinChick  +   341d ago
It depends on how much money Nintendo is willing to throw at it. Nintendo continues to fund Fatal Frame games even though the sales of those games are pretty lackluster.
paulcek  +   341d ago
That's because Nintendo still makes some money off of Fatal Frame. And there are those persistent fans that keep asking for it, so why not?

If Nintendo makes money off of Bayo 2, then I don't see why they wouldn't fund Bayo 3.
MNGamer-N  +   340d ago
I wonder how much it costed to make Bayo 2
OtakuDJK1NG  +   341d ago
Nintendo will fund it regardless of how much it sells. Nintendo doesn't work on game reaching sales number unless it one of their long running series. Which they did for both Star Fox 64 3D and Fire Emblem Awakening.
sprinterboy  +   341d ago
Didn't enjoy the first on ps3, ejected disk after 2 hrs, will the wii u crowd support it? My opinion no, 3rd unlikely
deafdani  +   341d ago
You talk like Mordin Solus.
randomass171  +   341d ago
Wasn't PS3 widely considered the least best version due to low performance? Maybe you should try the game again on 360 or Wii U.
deafdani  +   340d ago
I own the PS3 version (wanted it for 360, but my Xbox got stolen and I never replaced it).

And yup, the PS3 version is a bit muddy graphically, and has the absolute worst screen tearing I've ever seen in my life... but even with those issues, the game is still perfectly playable (after patches, that is). Loading times are fine, framerate was fine for the most part, controls are fine.

So, if Mordin Solus here didn't like it on the PS3 (assuming he patched it), then there's very little chance of him enjoying it on Xbox 360, no matter how much the performance is improved.
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OtakuDJK1NG  +   341d ago
That funny

Nintendo Fans aren't like you dude bros gamers.
thehobbyist  +   341d ago
Base your opinion on what is unanimously considered the WORST version of the first game. Argument invalid. Especially considering the PS3 version is apparently so bad that the Wii U version of the first is built off of the 360 version.
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deafdani  +   340d ago
I have the PS3 version. Graphics are a bit rough, and it has pretty bad screen tearing, but those aside, it's perfectly playable and it's still a pretty damn good game.

Which means that the Xbox 360 version must be absolutely amazing, but that doesn't make the PS3 version terrible nor anything like that.
Baka-akaB  +   340d ago
You just dont think . Nintendo needs it regardless of how it sells , to show a more diverse portfolio . Just like Sony was expecting initially Heavy Rain to be a small success for the sake of showing a diverse portfolio of games . And it could very well be a surprise and sell better
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CervantesPR  +   341d ago
if it theres a 3rd part make sure its not wii u exclusive, either way i will be getting a wii u soon once i save up for one,gotta get it for smash so it dosent matter much.
roland82  +   341d ago
If your getting a wii u soon then what difference does it make if its a wii u exclusive?
CervantesPR  +   341d ago
i would rather play it at 1080P on PS4
Ol_G  +   341d ago
So after Nintendo kept the franchise alive and payed for the second part they can't have it exclusive ? why ? i think they deserve exclusive rights for saving the franchise same with devils third if the game is succesfull and they announce a second game it would only be fair to stay exclusive you don't pay that much to save a franchise and see it go multiplat maybe even skipping your system
thehobbyist  +   341d ago
If your problem is 1080p then I'll let you know that Bayonetta 2 is confirmed 1080p 60fps.
NintendoSonyfan  +   340d ago
If it wasn't Wii U exclusive the game would not exist and your hopes of a third would never have been anyway so why hate on the Wii U saving it? And to your second comment the game is 1080 on Wii U.
nikrel  +   341d ago
I'm buying the second one.
LightDiego  +   341d ago
I hope so.
Gezmoyassine  +   341d ago
People,if you want to see a 3rd entry in the series then buy the game.It's that simple,support the industry that you all love.
theshredded  +   341d ago
Okami sequel please!
mydyingparadiselost  +   341d ago
Capcom owns the rights to Okami so we won't see another any time soon. It's really unfortunate, the gamepad would be perfect for another entry.
Venox2008  +   341d ago
Dont forget Viewtiful Joe and God Hand.. or maybe even Madworld.. oh.. a man can dream :)
Blues Cowboy  +   341d ago
"Would you want another Bayonetta game, or do you think two is enough?"

Let's actually play Bayonetta 2 first, eh?

More to the point, Platinum split from Capcom (back when they were known as Clover Games) because they were forced to develop sequels rather than new IPs. I doubt Platinum will want to rest on their laurels too much, and good on them, I say. Platinum keep pumping out awesome one-offs with great universes and characters (see also Infinite Space, Vanquish, TW101) and long may it continue.
KonsoruMasuta  +   341d ago
This is Platinum's director saying he would like to make an exclusive. I don't think he really cares.

He is basically saying "If Nintendo is willing to throw more money at us, I'm all for it"
It's easier to rest your laurels when someone else is paying for it.
roland82  +   341d ago
I wish Nintendo would snatch up some more games that didn't do so well but deserves another chance.
Venox2008  +   341d ago
I am still hopeful that Ninty gonna throw some cash at Shadow of eternals
ChickeyCantor  +   341d ago
More please. Yes please.
NintendoSonyfan  +   340d ago
Hopefully they continue this series. Nintendo has a huge win with this game if they do kep it going. Sony and MS will be kicking themselves for that mistake. I have enough PS3 games to keep me busy on that front so not a big deal for me, but for the ones who refuse to buy a Wii U just because their ego's won't let them are going to be missing out. If this game does well it will remain a Nintendo exclusive for a long time coming.
Baka-akaB  +   340d ago
I doubt MS or Sony will care . But it is a win for Nintendo as they prove further the diversity of their ecosystem , beyond "mario and zelda stuff"
lizard81288  +   340d ago
The good thing is, the 1st one is also included with the game. I know alot of people were on the fence about this, since they never played the 1st one, but now they are going to buy it.

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