Tales From the Borderlands E3 2014 Gameplay Preview – Return to Pandora - PSLS

"Telltale tells tales. From humble roots in point and click style adventure games, they have come an incredibly long way in being able to weave an intricate narrative using other media as source material. Perhaps their most notable quality is their ability to stay true to the source material, be it a graphic novel, movie, or game, to really put their own twist into an existing work. This is no more evident than in the incredible job that they have done with Tales From the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series." - PSLS

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dbjj120881487d ago

People really love Borderlands, but I can't seem to actually finish one of the campaigns.

Wedge191487d ago

There's just soooo damn much to do. It's almost overwhelming.

barb_wire1487d ago

I finished Borderlands.. took me a long time though and the pay off was terrible for defeating that last boss - left a sour taste in my mouth having gone through all that for terrible terrible loot..

The DLC made up for it and (again) a very long time beat all of that too.. same result, terrible loot for defeating the bosses.

As for Borderlands 2 - I get to a certain point in that game and then just quit and I just can't push myself to play anymore.

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TheOnlyMastrx1487d ago

Love the Borderlands games, and personally Telltale hasn't disappointed me yet, so I hope their venture into Pandora is just as good as their other recent titles. Really excited for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel though.