The Elder Scrolls Online Interview: 'Business Model Is What The Business Model Is'

Creative director Paul D. Sage discusses monthly subscription, PS4 and Xbox One versions, and just about everything that is Elder Scrolls Online.

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KrisButtar1210d ago

I quit playing once I hit VR and have cancelled my sub. I will wait and see if they have everything in order when it releases on consoles. What they advertised is not what the game is. Most VR zones are empty on PC as well and the game doesn't seem like there is much life left in it.

DanteVFenris6661210d ago

To bad I'm playing it and see a lot. And getting to VR takes a heck of a long time so you already got your moneies worth. Personally I see good population, if you look at their future plans it sounds exciting.

VR is probably also empty because not everyone can get there in a week. It's going to take me 1-2 months. And I consider myself a hardcore player. Sense the game is only 2 months old you can see why.

Best game this year if you ask me. And what you mean the game is exactly how they advertised? It's a elder scrolls mmo, that's trying to play more like an elder scrolls game then an mmo. It does exactly that.

KrisButtar1210d ago

I just got to VR last week, cancelled sub on Monday. The game is broken on so many levels, moves not working the way they should. every PvP server is dead except Wabbajack(NA). PvP fps drop to single digits even if nothing is going on on screen. VR zones are dead because everyone goes to Craglorn to grind or they reroll another character. Good luck trying to actually quest in VR zones if you enjoy the story. There are still quest breaking bugs that were there in the beta and the difficulty spike with the long grind seems much more in tune with a Korean MMO. I found the game to be a big disappointment after I hit VR

The game is not as they advertised. Here is one of there quotes from the website that is a lie.

"One of the core philosophies of The Elder Scrolls Online is to allow you to play the way you want. You’ve probably heard us say it or experienced it for yourself: equip any weapon, wear any armor, choose from a myriad of skills, pick your role, make choices in quests, ignore certain quests and just explore, etc. The idea is that these choices tie you more to your character, and respect that you might want to play differently from one day to the next. Many times, I’ve heard people discuss how they like to solo, others like to “raid,” and another group likes to PvP, so we know gamers never fit into neat categories.
However, many people who have become attached to their character want to see how their character would perform in a variety of situations or game modes. This is part of the reason we don’t have PvP gear and PvE gear, and also the reason we embrace being able to pick and max out more than a handful of skills. We’ve tried to avoid the danger of compartmentalizing and labeling certain players by acknowledging that circumstances change for people day-to-day. On Monday you might feel like playing alone, and Tuesday you might feel like working with friends on a dungeon. Whatever your motivation, you should be able to go do the thing you want without a lot of barriers.
This is the philosophy behind the core systems of ESO—play the way you want to play—and it extends to our veteran content."

Most are forced into light and staff or die which doesn't seem to follow there core philosophy.

fenome1210d ago

It's also a business model I won't support, otherwise I would have tried it out. I'm not supporting a game that you have to buy full price ($60) and pay them monthly just to play. I spend enough on games already as it is, and have other subscriptions. I'm not down to keep stacking up subscription fees because that stuff adds up over time.

I'm soooo freaking glad Destiny didn't take this approach because it would've been a deal-breaker for me and that games my most anticipated right now.