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GR-UK writes: There's some decent moments in the campaign, but the misjudged overuse of the killcam and some of the technical imperfections break immersion and consistently nibbled away at our enjoyment. While the campaign is shorter, it's much broader, and as such collectors and completionists will have plenty to content themselves with.

However, it's multiplayer (and hopefully co-op - at least, we're glad of its inclusion, even if we didn't get to play it) that wins the day. We'll be keeping an eye on the servers to see how the scene evolves in time, but what's there already fleshes out the whole and makes for a more appealing overall package. If you're after a solo-adventure, it's worth bearing in mind that Sniper Elite 3 isn't perfect. But, if you've got a friend or two who are after some long-range multiplayer, we'd be far more inclined to give Rebellion's latest offering the nod of approval.

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Bennibop1398d ago

Loved SE v2 and this game is reviewing better so I cannot wait to get it tomorrow!

zsquaresoff1398d ago

Got this game 5 mins ago. Pre loading on Ps4 now.

Fullbucket1398d ago

I'm really enjoying this game. The co-op is great fun.

daBUSHwhaka1398d ago

Is the co-op friends only or can you search and host.

Fullbucket1398d ago

No lobby per se. Just invite those that you have on your list.

mrcreosote1398d ago

I looked for a search functionality, but couldn't find it.

bumnut1398d ago

Just preloaded from Steam, £14.99