The Last Guardian Gameplay Finally Revealed...and It's a Shooter? - Satire

"For those who were so distraught at the lack of Last Guardian-ness at Sony’s E3 Press Conference, you are finally about to get some good news. After being announced in 2009, The Last Guardian has finally seen the light of day, and after meeting in a secret location, taking a blood oath, and selling my kidney, Sony allowed me to get the first peek at what Team Ico has been working on." |

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xHeavYx762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

This looks fake, I'm sure we'll see a "TLG is not a shooter" article soon.
Besides, of all reputable websites, this guy gets a first look?
Nevermind,I just saw that this was entered as opinion piece instead of news, great clickbait though

pedrof93762d ago

This is satire for thosr who are wondering.

cleft5762d ago

Brilliant read, I needed a laugh today.

DrJones762d ago

"Shooters are told from the perspective of someone killing thousands of people, it is important that these mass murderers seem grounded and honest."


die_fiend762d ago

Poor xHeavyx, born without a brain

punctualdork762d ago

Step 1: read article
Step 2: comment

RyuCloudStrife762d ago

It's a funny piece but unfortunately the satire in the headline spoiled it for me.

Pro Racer762d ago

So TLG has been turned into the the Adventures of Commander McKillan and his giant fire-breathing, laser-shooting, shark-finned wolf-mount...

Day 1 purchase for me!

bigbic762d ago

I would take anything at this point, I hope they say something soon.

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Cam977762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

This is obviously satirical... Great read!

Edsword762d ago

This is great news, I really wanted more bro shooters. However if it's from team ICO, it will likely only have 6 things to shoot in the entire game.

Back-to-Back762d ago

If this game doesnt have killstreaks it will fail...

FanboyKilla762d ago

Lmao look how many sony fans came running. Lol their eyes got big and then...... Lol they need something soooo bad to reasure themselves. Great article though.

bigbic762d ago

And just as many X1 fans came running as well, wonder why. lmao

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KingKelloggTheWH762d ago

This...just...the person who wrote this put a lot of time into it..

No_Limit762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

LMFAO, that was pretty funny, I might add.

Even Sony CEO himself weigh in on twitter to comment one the status of the last Guardian.

CEO Kaz Hirai [email protected]

"The Last Guardian has not been cancelled. You can’t cancel a game that never really existed"


No_Limit762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

Clearly the people missed the "/S" for Sarcasm. Hoping The Last Guardian will make an appearance at this year's TGS and is now officially on PS4.

Software_Lover762d ago

Some people just can't take a joke.

Freedomland762d ago

They can take a joke, but can't take piss poor attempt on a joke.

FastRedPonyCar762d ago

That's a joke twitter account. It's not really Kaz (though it would be hilarious if it really were him)

LightofDarkness762d ago

This is humour, not opinion piece.