Destiny beta coming to Xbox One & Xbox 360 in late July

Destiny's closed beta will land on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in "late July", a trailer for the game has confirmed.

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Axios21395d ago

Looking forward to it

Mikey322301395d ago

LATE July isnt bad at all considering The PS4 Exclusive beta starts in Mid-Late July (17th)

.. not much of a (timed) exclusive beta if you ask me.

Just weird.

Phene1395d ago

Yeh as soon as I saw the title of this article I was like "as opposed to mid July?" lol ...whatever I can't hate on my fellow Xbox gamers, y'all need to get on this's fun. And PS4 still ruleees!

TomShoe1395d ago

The Xbox version comes out 4 days after the PS version.

r1sh121395d ago

there quite a theme with new games.
Most have betas and most are co-op in some way.

I think this game looks and will be great.

No_Limit1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Can't wait!!

No_Limit1395d ago

LOL, what is up with all the disagrees about getting excited about a Beta? Things were definitely different on the PS4' Destiny Beta news.

Volkama1395d ago

Enthusiasms disgusts me. I would disagree one thousand times if I could.

rowdyBOY1395d ago

alright , 360 version 4 me .

still havent got a new gen console

Edvin19841395d ago

Thats fine I am sure you'll have fun regardless. I had the chance of playing the Alpha really impressed by the game, and looking forward to it.

cfc831395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I doubt that there's a great deal of difference. The mechanics and all the things that make the game good will be on all platforms. In terms of graphics, it's not really a ground breaking game anyway. Pre ordering it after playing the alpha.

Jdoki1395d ago

I think so. I got a code with my pre-order for beta access - but that was on PS4, so don't know if it's the same for 360 / XB1

No_Limit1395d ago

It's the same. I actually have both the PS4 and XB1 beta code as I initially did pre order both versions.

gamer78041395d ago

hopefully they've make a lot of progress since the playstation4 alpha, it was just "ok"

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The story is too old to be commented.