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Are The Next-Gen Consoles As Powerful As Gamers Expected?

The long-awaited consoles are finally here, but are they as powerful as gamers hoped? Or have these new systems proven unable to wow the public? (PS4, Xbox One)

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Honestly not really because I was expecting 1080p 60fps on all games
NewMonday  +   28d ago | Well said
Maybe not with the XBone but PS4 is certainly the most powerful console, games like Killzon, inFAMOUS, DriveClub, the Order, Uncharted 4 prove it

Also a big selling point for the PS4 that MS can't beat is that all 3rd party games are better on the PS4, and they can all be even better if they didn't get held back by the XBox "pairaty clause"
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Torgul   28d ago | Bad language | show
emad-E-three  +   28d ago
I will put it as easy as this:
Uncharted 4 A Thief's End (1080p/60fps) it met my expectations and im sure when its out + Quantic Dream + Sony Santa Monica my expectations will be a history!

A man called Jack Tretton ones said: the best is yet to come.
ABizzel1  +   28d ago
I think the PS4 is adequate. The XBO isn't quite there, but it would still be a solid choice if the PS4 didn't exist. The Wii U is obviously a bit of a letdown, from the 3rd party perspective, but Nintendo is doing some great things with the hardware.

But for the price you can't be the PS4. It's basically a R9 270-. Which means GPU wise the only better options are the R9 270 and 270x (which wouldn't be huge improvements), the R9 280 and 280x (which would be a decent bump up) and the R9 290 and 290x (which would give you 1080p @ 60fps on everything with optimizations).

However, the R9 270 alone is $180 ($150 w. rebate), and the 290x is $400+ and only runs cool with the tri-fan models which are $500+.

So for the money the PS4 is a great deal.
abzdiine  +   28d ago
i expected PS4 to be very powerful but i realise that i have been underestimating so much after the last Uncharted trailer.

b...but Ryse?
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BluEx610  +   28d ago
Fact is games are getting more demanding. It's not like all the games are still using the same engine as old gen. I'm sure Devs can achieve 1080p / 60 FPS if all they did was up the resolution and use the same old engine. But fact is Devs rather push the console by using new game engines such as Cry Engine 3, Frostbite 3, Ignite, Fox Engine, Unreal Engine 4, ETC... Shoot I got a pretty decent PC and I'm starting to notice a rise in demand for 1080p/60 FPS @ High/Ultra on newer titles. I got a GTX 770 FYI.

The consoles are what they are, and as time goes by they will be highly optimized. It's said they are about 10x stronger than previous gen. Sure some games aren't 60 FPS and 1080p. But as time goes by we will probably hit some of that.

Here are some notable games aiming for that 60 FPS / 1080P : BF Hardline, AC Unity, Evolve, Batman AK, MGS V PP, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4 and GTA V. That said I do believe some of the games won't meet the target, but I'm still hopeful.

All I'm trying to say is don't get caught up in these numbers, games can look and run great even if it's not 60 FPS/1080p. But I do understand that it would be sweet to hit that target, especially the 60 FPS.

Lower resolution doesn't matter that much IMHO. The Frame Rate is what's really important. Steady 30 or 60 is what matters.
Lincoln_6_Echo  +   28d ago
NewMonday -

Please explain two things to me:

1: How does "parity" hold back the PS4 games, when most of them are in higher res, or higher fps, or have exclusive content over the xbox version.

2: How do you have so many bubbles when all you do is troll and spread misinformation?
IrishSt0ner   28d ago | Personal attack | show
NewMonday  +   28d ago

No secret that developers get held back by the lowest common dominator

The higher resolution/frame rate on PS4 games happen without developers even trying, if they did take advantage of PS4 hardware the difference will be even bigger, things like textures, lighting AA and other post processing effects can be much better if developers are allowed to take advantage.
Darkstares  +   28d ago
Isn't this like the first time affordable PC's are more powerful from the start?
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   28d ago
PS4 is not as powerful as I expected either, just a little better than X1. I was expecting both to be around $500-$600 and have 8gb GDDR3 or 5 for JUST Gaming, A 1.5ghz minimum GPU, 2ghz or faster CPU and a 500gb SSD.

It could have been done and both systems would be running every game at 1080p 60fps and fast loading times. I did not ask for a gaming computer (16gb DDR3, 4gb VRAM, AMD 7990 Crossfire, Intel i7 Overclocked, etc.) but they both were underwelming when specs were announced :/ The bright side is in 5 years, the games will be beautiful as devs max these badboys out!
Consoleslateagain  +   28d ago
These fanboys are too funny. He also said 1080p @60fps not just gfx none of those games are. How do y'all PS fanboys get all these bubz showing how messed up this site is.

And how xbone is holding back ps4 when ps4 have better settings and res or frame rate.
starchild  +   28d ago
Playing games like Killzone Shadow Fall, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Infamous Second Son on my PS4 I would have to say that the graphical output has easily met my expectations. Those games are amazing looking, especially for being launch games.

I personally think some people have unrealistic expectations. 1080p and 60fps in addition to a massive leap in graphics was never going to happen.
dmitrijs88  +   28d ago
Does that mean Nintendo fans must be quiet then?
NewMonday  +   28d ago

Uncharted 4
Lincoln_6_Echo  +   28d ago
"NewMonday + 8h ago Bubble vote added

No secret that developers get held back by the lowest common dominator

The higher resolution/frame rate on PS4 games happen without developers even trying, if they did take advantage of PS4 hardware the difference will be even bigger, things like textures, lighting AA and other post processing effects can be much better if developers are allowed to take advantage."

----- So what you're saying is that the PS4 is SO powerful that not only do some titles run at twice the res or twice the fps, BUT it's also not being challenged while doing so, as in Microsoft does not allow the developers to do that? Which means the PS4 is NOT 30-50% more powerful than the Xbox like the Sony fans claim, but actually several times more so! Like a supercomputer versus a cellphone! Gotcha!

Seriously, dude, that's an amazing spin. That post alone shows us how delusional and ignorant Sony fans truly are..

I'm starting to think that your account was made to make fun of the hardcore ps4 trolls, because I refuse to believe that somebody could be quite THAT dense and idiotic.
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UltimateMaster  +   27d ago
The way I see it.
The Xbox One should have been at the same level as the PS4 is right now and do 1080p all the time.
The PS4 on the other hand should have been 2 times stronger than what it is and easily do constant 1080p 60fps.

But hey, both consoles are strong enough for most consumers that own 1080p HD TVs.

HD TVs took a long while before they even were "main-stream".
It took at least 5 years just to get it mainstream and another 10 years to be widely adopted.

PC technology and pricing being what they are today; these are the consoles we've got.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   27d ago
NewMonday in reply to your Quality over Quantity reply from another article I have PS4 PSN WilDRangeRfc and Xbox One XLive WilD RangeR RFC so I get more quality and quantity than you PEACE
UltraNova  +   27d ago
Both MS and Sony short-changed us this gen, especially MS who charged more for less.

Ok lets hypothesize a little...

How hard is to make an announcement saying "ok we have the specs and prices for 2 variations for each ps5/xbox4. One is mid range level at $400 and the other is High-end at $600(based on 2020 standards).

Now if we manage to get say 3 million non-refundable pre-orders on the high end machine we will release it. Alternatively we will go with the cost effective option."

See?Just a quick idea... Easy! leave the option to the consumer and avoid all this backlash.
badboyz09  +   28d ago
It's too soon to debate debate power.
--bienio--  +   28d ago
Yes if you play on Pc simple;)
GamingTruth  +   28d ago
not really cause exclusive wise i cant judge vs pc mutliplats are the only place to draw that conclusion
ShinMaster  +   28d ago
PC is not a next gen console.

And depending on the PC, it could be better, worse or just as good as a console, since they're not all built equally.
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DARK WITNESS  +   28d ago
ya agreed...

I honestly thought that discussions about 1080p and 60fps would not even a consideration at this point.

Yet here we are, and almost every game there seems to be some talk about how it's still not hitting those numbers.

Ok I get that by targgeting 30fps over 60fps, they are able to do a lot more....but I thought the whole point to these machines was that devs could do whatever "more" it was they had in mind and still do magic numbers and even have some juice left over.

I mean that was the way it sounded at the time. I also get that "it takes time to learn the new machines etc" but again, wasn't that the whole point to making them so PC like in architecture ?

Just my layman observations as a gamer based on the way these machines were hyped.
windblowsagain  +   28d ago | Well said
This is the problem with today's community.

You only get 60fps on PC because you either have the expensive cards pushing all the fx, or you have a mid range card and drop some of the effects, while keeping 60fps.etc, also rez/aa/ are factors.

If a Dev wants to Get 60fps on a Console game, it's the same thing. Either Drop some fx, or drop rez.

So Basically every game could be 1080p 60fps.

If you don't understand this, you have no reason being here.
pennywhyz  +   28d ago
I get over 150 FPS on my PC ultra settings on most games. But thanks for saying something you know nothing about.And I dont hav a $700 Gfx card.
Studio-YaMi  +   28d ago
Even with my 780 Ti card I STILL suffer some fps drops or need to play in lower settings or rez to achieve a solid frame rate on some of my demanding PC games.

150 FPS with ultra settings on MOST of your games and you don't have a $700 Gfx card?

You are either playing your game in the lowest rez possible OR "most" of your games are indie 8-bit games.

In short,you are trolling or lying.
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LamerTamer  +   27d ago
That is why many are disappointed with these consoles. They can't at least do what the *current* and soon to be outdated PCs can do.

I know it is about cost. If they were made more powerful everyone would moan about price. Now they are cheap but weak everyone complains about low res and/or low FPS.

Personally I would have paid an extra $200 to have a better console. If it means it will be relevant longer it is worth it to not have to upgrade again so soon.
ala_767  +   28d ago
I thought that the graphics will almost be very similar to PC for at least first 2 years, but it wasn't. Watch Dogs PS4 vs PC was very different to the point the it had to be downgrade badly on the console
windblowsagain  +   28d ago
Not quite sure the PS4 was the reason for the downgrade.

XBOXONE has alot less power. Has cheaper shadows.

Also Watchdogs had major problems with alot of PC'S stuttering, glitching. slowdown.

I have it on PC. It's a decent game. But Infamous ss looks better.
starchild  +   28d ago
I have Watch Dogs on PC and Infamous Second Son for my PS4 and they each do some things better than the other. There is no clear winner between those two games.

How can you say this: https://pbs.twimg.com/media...
looks better than this: http://doope.jp/media/14q2/... ?

They both excel in different areas.
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LamerTamer  +   27d ago

That is a bad pic of I:SS but a good one of modded WD on PC. Kind of unfair, PC will always be better.

I have both too on PS4 but the low res of WD is bad. Then I:SS has much better particle and light source effects.

Try this for Infamous:

No cheatin'!
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Play2Win  +   28d ago
Yes, for a console really getting started in 2014 there should have been the raw-power of pulling out 1080p and solid fps. And the visuals should be great at that resolution too. Things like quality anti aliasing should be standard in most games. But I think we are on a pretty good way. The PS4 has great games and they will improve even more. Same goes for Xbox One. It will get better. But will it last on the long run when games getting more visually stunning or complicated? Well, I don't know but exclusive-game on each console will make the difference.
Volkama  +   28d ago
At the point that the consoles released my PC was probably ~6x more powerful. Certainly the GPUs are that much better.

MS and Sony both shot for a low price point rather than packing in power. It is obviously the right decision in business terms, but I would have been more than happy to throw down £500 for better hardware, which would be more in line with previous generations...

Still, they are what they are. A huge step up from the 360/PS3, and devs will make the best of them to give us some outstanding games.
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kingduqc  +   28d ago
I agree with you. Ps4 for its time is a lot less powerfull then ps3. Ps3 was a 800$ machine sold for 600 that was equivalent to a high end pc in 2005. Ps4 is a 350$ machine sold for 400$ and is preaty much a low end pc... the leap isnt as big as people expected
affrohop  +   28d ago
1080p 60fps minimum*
madjedi  +   28d ago
1080p 60 fps is what we would all want as the minimum, however reality slaps us in the face and says not for 400 and 500 dollars.

What we expected and reality are two separate things, at $400 i knew 1080p @60 wasn't happening. Although i wouldn't mind 1080p being standardized but i'm not holding my breath.
yezz  +   28d ago
I don't think it works that way. We could get 1080p/60fps if the developers would choose to do that. If the new consoles would be more powerful the developers would just increase the visual setting even higher but still maintain 30fps in many games...It really bothers me that people haven't figured this out yet.
cgoodno  +   28d ago
They meet my expectations. I'm not expecting anything major out of hardware that's only $400.
SilentNegotiator  +   27d ago
No one familiar with PC gaming could have expected a lot of games to be 1080p60fps on $400 late-2013 hardware.
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SilentNegotiator  +   27d ago
I expected 1080p30fps for most games; as usual, developers are more concerned about pretty screenshots than achieving 60fps. And fine by me, I've never taken issue with 30fps; even on PC I set it up to be as pretty as possible while getting about 30fps.

So I'm satisfied. ~90% Ps4 games are 1080p30fps+.
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Yi-Long  +   28d ago
Not really....
... even the PS4, which is technically the most powerful 'next-gen' console that's out right now, was said to be (at least) 10 times more powerful than the PS3, so honestly I was expecting quite a big leap...

... especially as both next-gen consoles (XBO and PS4) were rumored to be easy to develop for, and also quite similar....

... so it's a bit surprising when you see games like Watch Dogs and (rumoured) The Division 'downgraded' for these next-gen consoles.

It's not a huge deal to me, cause I'm not a graphics whore, plus I favour visual DESIGN and STYLE over specs and stats, but when you look at how long last-gen lasted (360 and PS3), and you now see these next-gen consoles already struggling to keep up with new PC's, it just kinda makes you afraid that this generation might be quite a bit shorter...
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GamingTruth  +   28d ago
keep up with new pcs in multiplats which only developers know if they are trying their best none of us do
AndrewLB  +   28d ago
The problem is they're dumbing down PC games like we saw with WatchDogs because they're trying to make things somewhat uniform across the three platforms. Which is dumb in my opinion.

Here is what the game looks like with many of the removed features re-applied via the mod community.

Pandamobile  +   28d ago
The short answer is no.

The long answer for anyone that gives half a care about it is that this is the safest generation of consoles we've had. The PS3 in it's early days nearly destroyed Sony with it's $600 price tag and terrible developer support. The Xbox 360 fared a bit better but lost steam towards the end.

The PS4 and Xbox One are both less than what both developers and gamers were expecting them to be. The 8 GB of RAM is a nice touch, but they're both going to be crippled by their computational abilities as games grow more complex. Both machines are using the same kind of APU, which essentially boils down to both of them being repurposed laptops from 2011.

The good news is that there's enough in both of them for developers to achieve their visions and not be constrained by tiny blocks of memory like last gen. Developer tools will continue to get better, and the more persistent developers (and the ones closest to the hearts of the console manufacturers) will be forced to squeeze every last drop of power out of these machines in order to get them to run modern games at decent frame rates and resolutions.

This generation will also be shorter than the last, as there's no reason for either company to drag it out for 7+ years.
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LOGICWINS  +   28d ago
I disagree. MOST gamers(COD, Candy Crush, Angry Birds players) don't even know what 8GB of RAM is. How can you say these same gamers were expecting "more" when most of them don't even know what they currently have?
Pandamobile  +   28d ago
I was referring more to the vocal gaming community.

i.e., people that lurk and post on gaming websites.
lameguy  +   28d ago
RAM size doesn't matter if you can't process what's inside it fast enough to display it how you want...
Flo-con  +   28d ago
I don't think the question here is whether gamers expect better specs or not.

This is about the actual results in games.
I also am disappointed that all games aren't 1080p 60fps.
ShinMaster  +   28d ago
To be fair, I was pretty impressed by the fact that games like Skyrim, GTAV, TLoU, etc were running on two 8 year old systems with less than 512mb of RAM in 720p.

And you're right, with newer and better developer tools, games will continue to look better. Compare Gears 3 vs 1, or Uncharted 3 vs 1 on the same static hardware. So by the way some of these first wave of next-gen games are already looking, I'm pretty excited for the future.
ginsunuva  +   28d ago
It's because console-only owners tend to be cheap yet expect $1000 performance from a $400 console.
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ShinMaster  +   25d ago
Says who?
porkChop  +   28d ago
I've gotten what I wanted with the PS4. 1080p standard, great graphics, proper multitasking and very quick response times. Could the system have been better? Yeah, of course. But I'm still very satisfied with the system, especially at such a great price. And while 1080p/60fps would be awesome for every game, it's pretty obvious that even if the PS4 were twice as fast developers would still opt for 30fps in order to push for better graphics.

I mean look at these graphics.


These are compressed pics from Twitter that I took on my own PS4, and they still look great. The systems only been out for 7 months and we're already seeing some pretty big improvements over last gen. As engines mature and developers get more experience, the system will truly start to shine.
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LOGICWINS  +   28d ago
I'm happy with my PS4. Only three things I can complain about is the lack of a Youtube app, HBO Go, and a media center...all things that will be coming in several months I hope.

Uncharted 4 (right now) is the best looking console game ever IMO and its not even finished yet. If this is possible less than a year after the PS4s launch, idk how anyone can complain, especially at such a great price point.
URNightmare  +   28d ago
Logic wins, indeed.
SuperBlunt  +   28d ago
because its so easy to complain i suppose. i love my ps4
GamingTruth  +   28d ago
whats the best looking game in your opinion?
ShinMaster  +   28d ago
Yeah, they did say the YouTube app will be out by the end of the year. Not sure when HBO Go will come out though.
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Alsybub  +   28d ago
"Uncharted 4 (right now) is the best looking console game ever IMO"

Everyone was saying things like that about Watchdogs. It isn't "right now" until it's, at least, in the hands of reviewers.

I hope it is but Watchdogs has shown that, even with actual game footage, it can still change. Devs will always want to show their game in the best possible light. I don't believe that they want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes but sometimes they're put between a rock and a hard place once they get further in to development.

Since then I am sceptical of any amazing looking game on a console. I'll wait until I have it in my hands, here's hoping because it does look amazing.
AndrewLB  +   28d ago
Except it's not 1080p standard. There are about a half dozen of the small PS4 library of games that are below that. Worst of all, games have been slightly dumbed down in order for them to maintain playable frame rates @ 1080p.

Most of the dumbing down is subtle. Like lower texture, shadow, and light filtering and the level of detail at distance. If the game is running 1080p on either console, while not looking as good as the PC version of the game (so far no multiplat console game equals the PC version), that is definitive proof both consoles are underpowered.

Sony was so desperate to portray the PS4 as being a 100% 1080p console that they even flat out lied to EVERYONE about the resolution in Killzone Shadowfall. That had to have been so far the biggest bold-faced lie of this generation. Well... that and Ubisoft claiming Watch Dogs wasn't downgraded. lol
porkChop  +   28d ago
1080p is in fact the standard on PS4. Standard doesn't mean every single title is 1080p, it means almost all of them. BF4 and Watch Dogs don't display in 1080p, but pretty much everything else does.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   28d ago
They are exactly as powerful as I expected, but then again I didn't overhype them. If anything Uncharted 4 suprised me.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   28d ago
Xbox One yes, I don't feel the same about my PS4.

Still enjoying my PS3 though.
Your not a nice person
SuperBlunt  +   28d ago
so i just bought an xbox one today because me and my cousin were arguing as to what console was better. The ps4 (my pick) or the xbox one (his pick) first off im returning the thing this weekend because quite frankly its pathetic. It took five hours to get dead rising 3 ready to go (at 60% mind you) the ps4 installs games double the size in less than a minute. And we couldnt even get ten minutes into the game because the area didnt even load up. The ui is shaky, the voice commands are sub par, and you cant even download multiple things at once. That thing is hardly next gen and i really feel bad for those that actually trust microsoft after putting out a shit console like the xbox one. Its my opinion but after today i feel a hell of alot better going with the ps4. Oh my god and dont even get me started about the internet connection. Using fios all we could get was 23 mbs download with a 102ms latency. Don mattrick single handedly annihilated any chance for that console to be viable against the ps4
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98xpresent  +   28d ago

Edit: apparently a couple people actually believe you.
#6.2.1 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report
Torgul  +   28d ago

We should trust you?

I could say the same about psnow.... Latency lag etc.... Even with. 50mbps connection
MrKrispy  +   28d ago
So according to you the ps4 can install 38 gig in less than a minute or are you talking about pre - load times on ps4 which is only a percentage of the game
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AussieBadger  +   28d ago
SuperBlunt take out the bl and add a c. Because your a big lying one.
gamecast  +   28d ago
Had the same problem with install times. Got the titanfall bundle. I picked up dead rising 3 to play while titanfall was downloading. Dead rising took around 5 hours till I could play. Same thing with ryse it took 3 1/2 hours. I'm gonna keep mine for the Xbox exclusives. Sunset overdrive looks really fun
King_of_Nothing  +   28d ago
You're so full of crap. I own both consoles and the Xb1 is nothing like you described. Seriously, get a life.
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KinjoTakemura  +   28d ago
This console cycle has just started. No one has even seen more than 50% of what these machines can do. Infamous second son has only scratched the surface. I think there's a lot more to come. I took these with photo share.
#7 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Why o why  +   28d ago
Same like every gen. . Compare resistance to resistance 3. Compare any launch year game compared to tlou. . Last gen it was the first gears of war that signaled 'next gen' after that I believe sony's games took the title.
AndrewLB  +   28d ago
And look at the level of detail anywhere other than the immediate foreground. It just turns to a complete smear. Look at the road in this photo.


See the road here as well? Notice the abrupt cutoff where the textures turn from decent to complete crap.


Funny how people get so distracted by the bright neon and don't even notice how poor the game looks.

And one last time! Pay attention to the neon, and completely ignore the lack of shadows, horrible detail beyond about 10 feet, or areas like on the right side by the fence that should be all lit up, but they're dark and look completely wrong.

Why o why  +   28d ago
Lol, those shots look mighty fine for a first wave game. My point above still applies. Please direct me to a better looking sandbox game on consoles. I can only assume things, last every gen prior, will improve over time but calling infamous 'poor' is a bit of a stretch bordering on trolling.
KinjoTakemura  +   28d ago

You and I are seeing to completely different things. Perhaps you've convinced yourself that the graphics in Infamous are shitty so you can justify posting this nonsense. Even in a real time photo, the further one looks from the source or center of the photo, the blurrier the photo gets.
#7.2.2 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
tigertron  +   28d ago
It may look as though CURRENT-GEN consoles are underpowered with games struggling to hit 1080p/60fps but things can only improve over time. Just look at the Uncharted 4 trailer...that level of visual fidelity running at 1080p/60fps. Incredible.

Remember back in 2006/7 we had jaggies and screen tearing? well things got better over time and developers got used to the hardware.

Developers are saying how easy the PS4 and XB1 are to develop for, well we should hopefully see improvements sooner than we did on last-gen consoles. Time will tell...
GeraltofRivia  +   28d ago
Cinematic trailers might not be the best way to judge how grpahics will look when a game is released.
herbs   28d ago | Trolling | show
herbs  +   28d ago
My comment marked for trolling for stating facts lol...
lfc_4eva  +   28d ago

That is all.
hiawa23  +   28d ago
The consoles just came out. Jeez, all I expected was better than previous gen, so if your expectations were out of whack either adjust them or switch to the pc. The consoles are what they are and I am fine with that.
Why o why  +   28d ago
Agreed but with pc theres no forza, uncharted, infamous, mario kart etc. Its those exclusive titles amongst other factors that keep console gaming alive and well imo.
hiawa23  +   28d ago
ginsunuva  +   28d ago
Just "better than previous gen" ?
lfc_4eva  +   27d ago
Why adjust expectations? They are what they are? 8 years down the road should have produced a massive shift in performance and capabilities.
And yeah, I'm already hitting pc hard. Get some.
kingdom18  +   28d ago
Yes and maybe not. When I heard that the PS4 had 8GB of ram. I didn't know what that meant really, still not quite sure, as when I thought of RAM I thought of the thing which helps speed up a computer (my first computer, it was 2009, only had about 100mb of RAM or something, I hated it) but now I know this means the GPU, so I looked up how much RAM the PS3 had, when I learned it only had 512mb I thought we would see a staggering difference, like how when I went from a PS2 to a PS3, now at that time I thought it was amazing, but then, I discovered what an HDMI cable was and it was completely different. That's how I feel so far with my PS4, prior to the HDMI cable that is. So yes its quite nice, games will have beautiful graphics, and it made a decent leap, but its not the same experience as when I first used an HDMI cable, so I tell myself, its early, by the end of the generation they'll have squeezed out every little bit of juice they can from the console and we'll be amazed at how great everything looks, and Devs will start getting closer to their year after year. Although, I do hope that this gen doesn't last as long as the last, considering how similar they are to PC's it shouldn't take such a long time to maximize their potential. Who knows, maybe next gen it'll be even cheaper to build affordable consoles that blow these two out of the park.
KakashiHotake  +   28d ago
PS4 is actually as powerful as I thought it would be. PS1 wasn't as powerful as N64 and PS2 wasn't as powerful as Xbox. PS3 was the most powerful of last gen and Sony struggled with it so I kinda figured they would go back to their old ways.

Xbox One is the one that's had me shocked. Riding on the success of the 360 I really thought Microsoft would make a powerhouse this time. It never even crossed my mind that they would sacrifice power for the Kinect.
#12 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
windblowsagain  +   28d ago
Some things were faster.

PS2 actually does some some things faster then PS3.

But overall it's not as powerful.


As for xbox360, rushed to market, lost $$$ on it due to rrod, people kept buying them because of the investment.

M$ could have made a monster of a machine, but they want control of the TV,xbox,TV. So kept Kinect added TV and that Costs.

Instead, they could have dropped Kinect/TV and Stuck a much more power GPU in there. Oh wait.

mmc-007  +   28d ago
lol, nice slot.
imt558  +   28d ago
I'm pretty satisfied for now. PS4 and Xbone will have great games.

Uncharted 4 is one of the reason to believe. I wonder why Xbone fans bashing it : " it's cut-scene..."! Well, similar was said for The Order : 1886 first reveal trailer @PS4 reveal 2013. And now we know what happen later. :) IT'S IN-GAME.

If Corinne Yu said something similar for Halo, it will be legit. But of course, she is not in 343 now.
MasterCornholio  +   28d ago
After seeing Uncharted 4 I dont know what to say. Maybe that 3rd party's should start focusing on next gen systems more.
starchild  +   28d ago
No doubt games like Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 look astounding, but I think you aren't giving enough credit to some of the multiplatform games.

Right now I think Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is right up there with Killzone SF and Infamous SS. And upcoming multiplats like Assassin's Creed Unity and The Witcher 3 look extremely good.
MasterCornholio  +   28d ago
I should have said some 3rd parties but you know what I mean.
GeraltofRivia  +   28d ago
With some games having to run at something like 900p or 960p that is rather pathetic. "Next gen" consoles seem to be as powerful as a low end 5 year old gaming pc. I am still excited to buy a Ps4 eventually. In general I still overall prefer cheap as sh*t game prices, graphics that go beyond 1080p and using almost any controller I want (pc gaming).
KakashiHotake  +   28d ago
I'm in the same boat. I love gaming on PC but I know eventually I'll get a PS4 as well. PC is honestly the best gaming platform of them all. Not long ago I used to be in the crowd that clowned PC gamers because I didn't understand all the benefits. But basically everything that people hope and dream for PS4 and Xbox One to become is already a reality on PC. Backwards compatibility for all console's dating all the way back to the original Atari. Graphics that doubles ( and triples in some higher end PC's ) the performance of PS4 and Xbox One for the same games. Personally I prefer gaming laptops for it's mobility so you can take your entire collection of games with you on the go and don't even need to connect to a Television, and as you said dirt cheap prices on games. I believe if the world got a little more educated on the benefits of PC gaming consoles would slowly fade away, and I'm a long time PlayStation fan saying this.
herbs  +   28d ago
Agreed... Long time console only gamer as well until recently. Got a decent gaming rig hooked up to my 55" and love the flexibility of the PC platform. Playing Dark Souls 2 using mods Super Sampling 4K textures 60fps with all kinds of additional post processing visual effects and using my Wii U Pro controller to play. It's awesome. Also I have managed to figured out (was pain in the ass) how to use my Wii motes for any FPS I want. It's awesome...
#14.1.1 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report
Agent_hitman  +   28d ago
Honestly, by just looking at it's CPU's clockspeed, you can easily say that it's really under-powered even if it has powerful GPUs. Since most of the games these days requires mid range CPU. Because games are still CPU dependent..

Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not criticizing PS4 or X1, it's just that, the simple fact here is, even last generation's CPU is a lot more powerful than the current gen if you compare it side by side... Why can't they just paired their GPUs with some powerful Phenom X2 CPUs with higher clock??..
Torgul  +   28d ago
Off topic: do you know guys if there will be something to use an xbox one pad on the ps4?
No troll here, I am just fine with this pad.
azricf  +   28d ago
I expected 1080p 60fps on competitive multiplayer games at least. I expected 1080p on everything else. PS4 has done well overall. I won't say 60fps on all, because some devs forego higher FPS for better graphics. Same as always.
SaveFerris  +   28d ago
Ditto. The consoles should have been able to display 1080p on all games. Having said that, I do look forward to what the developers will be able to do with the systems over the next few years.
tucky  +   28d ago
After 8 years on previous generation, I was personally expecting something a lot more impressive technically. We nearly see no difference with previous gen
Kennytaur  +   28d ago
Diminishing returns.
Kennytaur  +   28d ago
They're about where I expected them to be, except for when it comes to texture filtering... 8x AF should be minimum, but there's not a single game doing more than about 4x.
theRell  +   28d ago
I wasn't expecting done type of power, just new experiences and games doing more than just showing off graphics or a resolution contest. I'm probably the weird minority.
_LarZen_  +   28d ago
Most gamers have no clue about hardware and prices. So yeah I think most gamers expected more.
pennywhyz  +   28d ago
Way under powered if ya compare it to a PC. But I still enjoy them to a point.
blib  +   28d ago
I know the fanboys will still swear by their machines and brands, but I've heard enough complaints and felt a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this current gen of consoles. Think I'll sit on the fence for at least another year. Might put my money into a nice PC.
JBSleek  +   28d ago
I don't understand how console gamers thought they were going to get 1080p 60fps standard from a $400 PC that is basically a lower midrange PC at best.

And then expect them to last 5 years at least. It's a weird request to me.
Artemidorus  +   28d ago
Would of been better to offer less features from the start and focused on better graphical hardware more future proof stuff.

Could of slowly added the features over it's lifetime of the console to keep the intrest with better looking games.
madjedi  +   28d ago
Nope both of them are good enough for 5 yrs, better off just upgrading when the next gen hits. That way you take advantage of newer and better technology.

Any significant power increase and these systems would have to been scraped and redesigned, i don't know how many people want a repeat of $500+ consoles.
SoulSercher620  +   28d ago
PS4? Absolutely.

XB1? Absolutely not.
welly300  +   28d ago
Mate stop believing sony fan hype hardly any diff between the to consols.
MysticStrummer  +   28d ago
"hardly any diff between the to consols."

I'd say the two consoles are more similar than one group wants to admit and less similar than the other group wants to admit, but objective comparisons of the hardware show a clear difference.

OT - I'm old enough that my expectations weren't as high as some people's, I guess. The power of these new consoles is about what I thought it would be.
#26.1.1 (Edited 28d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
welly300  +   28d ago
Its more ps3s 360s then a gen leap still waitin on next gen. Pc is the gaming machine with the abilty to do what we want but as always it what u can aford.
blakstarz  +   28d ago
Its still too early in their stages to tell right now, but with some of the upcoming games, they are starting to show their strengths.
Mithan  +   28d ago
I think they are gutless to be honest with you. Imagine if the ps4 had come out at $500 and put that extra $100 into the graphics and CPU! Wow! Imagine if MS did the same thing instead of kinect. Wow!

That being said, I'll get both systems for their games eventually, but they are kind of gutless. I don't see them lasting as many years as 360 and ps3, which is fine,
lemoncake  +   28d ago
They are not as powerful as i would have wanted considering they are using mid range tech, its the price for the big three being gready this time around and wanting to make a profit on each console sold instead of just making money from the fees they charge developers per game sold for the first few years.

So not as good as they could have been but they are however a nice boost from the old gen.
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