E3 2014: A look at FIFA 15 with EA Sports

Aaron McHardy, a former footballer and current producer on EA Sports' FIFA 15 video game, chats with News10 during E3 2014 about the upcoming game, its features, and is asked whether or not CONCACAF will finally be included.

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bez871363d ago

you can't really call the guy a footballer, i mean i play football i've had trials at clubs in england, I mean anyone can be a footballer, he was never in a professional team lol any person from england with a slight interest in football can be a footballer if he's classed as one lol

SactoGamer1362d ago

He used to play in the Euro leagues until he shredded his ACL.

Activemessiah1363d ago

"A look at FIFA 15"... looks exactly like FIFA 14.

Evil-Gouki1363d ago

Emotions modeled? Does this mean Luis Suárez will have a "Bite" button xD