The best valued and affordable games during the Steam Sale

Once again Steam is having its annual summer sale which means gamers are going to create a massive backlog and maybe file for bankruptcy. A gamer will never be free of their backlog but one could avoid financial problems if they look for the best deals.

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stanr1396d ago

Ok I'll admit I could have added more to this list but was short on time. Hopefully other gamers could find better deals during the summer sale.

SuperBlur1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Like idk .. Bioshock Infinite !? oh and Elder Scrolls/Skyrim! you cant suggest fallout games without suggesting that franchise too imo :)

no to uplay required games

Saints Row .. hit or miss really.. SR3 was fun just not as good story wise as SR2. SR4 is kind of making fun of those making fun of GTA .. it's getting redundant at this point

LAWSON721396d ago

Saints Row 2 is also a terrible port, which is a shame because I liked it more than 3

DirtyLary1396d ago

So, old games that anyone that wants, already owns.

HighResHero1396d ago

Good list, but I think I'm done with Steam until they change some things. Appreciate the effort of the author though.