Hideo Kojima Visits Platinum Games: Hope for Metal Gear Rising 2?

Today legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima took a trip to Osaka to visit Platinum Games, where he had a meeting with Game Director Hideki Kamiya and President Tatsuya Minami.

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maniacmayhem1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I hope so! Loved that game, in fact I pretty much love anything from Platinum games. They make the best arcade action style games.

THamm1215d ago

Nintendos Metal Gear Rising Wii. U exclusive!

HacSawJimThugin1215d ago

I whole heartily agree with that every thing Platinum touches becomes gaming gold. Can't wait to see Scalebound in action.

ZodTheRipper1215d ago

And I disagree with that :D
I know I'm in the minority but I didn't finish Bayonetta, didn't finish Vanquish and even MGS Rising annoyed me. I'm still hoping for the original concept of MGS Rising but I'm not interested in another hackfest from Platinum. It doesn't deserve the name Metal Gear.

Imalwaysright1215d ago

I would say that they're arguably the best at doing gameplay in the industry right now. What they lack in the storytelling department they more than make up with fun and stellar gameplay mechanics.

ZodTheRipper1215d ago

Yeah it was very fun to play a cyborg ninja that can't even dodge... and the blocking mechanics were horrible to say the least. If there is one developer (other than Nintendo) that knows how to create fun gameplay it's From Software.

Imalwaysright1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Blocking mechnics were awesome. It takes some time and commitment to get used to them but when you do its extremely rewarding. As for not having dodge it was a design choice that I didn't mind and imo wasn't necessary.

As for Nintendo and fromSoftware I agree. There are other devs that are great at doing gameplay and that is why I said "arguably".

One think is for sure though with games like Bayonetta, Vanquish, MGS revengeance and Anarchy Reigns under PG belt they're up there in terms of producing games with great and fun gameplay.

CaptainObvious8781215d ago

Definitely. I don't think there's a Platinum game I haven't enjoyed.

Still trying to beat challenge 6 on Vanquish... so fun though.

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Convas1215d ago


Metal Gear Rising was my game of the 7th Generation when I played it on 360, and it became God-tier when I bought it on Steam.

It will be there day one with my $60 for Metal Gear Rising 2.


RyuX191215d ago

People keep disagree but I don't know why? Anyway, I want the MGR sequel in my freakin VEINS. I love MGR, Please make the sequel soon!

OpieWinston1215d ago

People disagree because of fanboyism and what not.

My only issue with MGR, as that you really had to learn on your own and get used to no "Dodge Button"...Especially when facing Blade Wolf.

Platinum Games has some pretty beast staff, but they do have their hands pretty full atm.

DarkBlood1215d ago

Disagrees are an option it shouldn't be bothering anyone

bmf73641215d ago

@Opie between Bayonetta, Korra, and Scalebound, Platinum has a lot of ground to cover as an independent studio. My only wish is to not spread themselves thin like Crytek.

breakpad1215d ago

i think it is a collaboration for a MGR 2 for Xbone Kojima+Kamiya+MS ...which it will be lame if it is true ..but whatever it is i dont think Kojima will keep it exclusive to xbone

Mikefizzled1215d ago

Not the only one to visit Platinum today. Ken Lobb, Partner creative director at Microsoft Studios, also went.

NovusTerminus1215d ago

We most likely know why he is there, Scalebound.

christocolus1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

The guy is good at what he does and I'll keep playing whatever he makes. I'm a huge fan of platinum brother just bought a wii u so ill definitly be picking up bayonetta2 and scalebound for xbox one whenever its released. Still own the first bayonetta, vanquish, mgs rising&even viewtiful joe. All great games from kamiya.

HacSawJimThugin1215d ago

I would KILL for a Viewtiful Joe HD collection. That game(s) should of been on XBLA ages ago.

PaleMoonDeath1215d ago

As long as it isn't Cross-Gen.

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