Nintendo now selling Super Mario 3D World in a red case?

Rumor has it that Nintendo has started to sell Super Mario 3D World in a red case, much like Mario Kart 8.

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GamingSinceThe80s1428d ago

Stop the presses!SMB3DW now comes in a red case!News story of the century right here.

colonel1791427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Most of the Mario games have been released with red cases, so maybe they wanted to continue the tradition.

What I don't like though, is that they didn't change the color of the banner to red. They changed it to green for Super Luigi U, so it's not that they can't. It's a minor detail, but I don't like the way it looks.

Loadedklip1427d ago

And yet it got you to not only click on the headline ... but to comment as well. I would say ...

Article from 1

Gameingsincethe80s 0

GamingSinceThe80s1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

LoadedKilp,It was a joke,relax fellow gamer bro.I was just pointing out in the grand scheme of thing's this is a very small slow news day story.I didn't call it stupid or irrelevant.Why so serious?lol

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-Foxtrot1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Never understood why Nintendo went with a light blue for their consoles "colour" instead of red.

I always picture red for Nintendo, probably because of their logo.

Blue - Playstation
Green - Xbox
Red - Nintendo

I love when box art have a different colour separating them from the rest although the light blue surrounding the "Wii U" at the top of the box art spoils it

MrSwankSinatra1428d ago

Honestly i think they should re-brand the wii u with the red color.

-Foxtrot1428d ago

Yeah, I don't see why Nintendo didn't do that with the Wii U

Black is so over done, a colourful console such as a red Wii U would of stood out from the rest.

Nintendo should do that with their next console.

vakarian751428d ago

I would rather they made all of their systems purple like the GameCube the purple they used looked so cool.

NukaCola1428d ago

Nintendo should bring back the grey or purple.

3-4-51428d ago

The Red Stands out.

It's going to be for the games that sell a lot or are of higher quality like 3DWorld & Mario Kart 8.

I'm assuming eventually there will be a Smash Brothers Red Box as well.

Helps them stand out.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1428d ago

Just like PS2 back in the day "Greatest Hits"

LAWSON721428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

I believe the red box is to signify a game starring Mario (and co). Games that are apart of the so called greatest hits would have some kind of indication label to go with it. Nintendo actually has a branding for that kind of game called Nintendo selects though I dont think it has been used on Wii U

TXIDarkAvenger1428d ago

The red looks weird since the Wii U border is blue. That's why I prefer the blue cases since it matches.

3-4-51428d ago

Yea true, but it seems like kind of the same thing, but only for Mario games.

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LAWSON721428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

I have always thought
PS as red (i just always recall the ps3 as red)
Nintendo as blue
and of course Xbox as green

thehobbyist1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

PS3 covers were red at one point. It also had the Spiderman font for Playstation.

randomass1711428d ago

I agree. I think a new red Wii U is in order when Smash comes out. Though I wonder how people would have reacted if the default color for Wii U had been red.

ScottyHoss1427d ago

I think a new GameCube is due, we need a powerful traditional gaming console from Nintendo, no more gimmicks, and they should make the cases RED or old school purple with a controller resembling a cube controller. I miss good Nintendo :(

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Geobros1428d ago

Wow!!! That colour fits better...:o

Summons751428d ago

Don't change the color. The light blue looks so nice. Save red for the really special games or the Nintendo Selects again.

TXIDarkAvenger1428d ago

If they do that, Nintendo better change the Wii U border to red.

GamingSinceThe80s1428d ago

Is SMB3DW not a special enough game to earn a red case to you?

Summons751428d ago

Well no but why start changing everything when the light blue is already branded and well known.

Metallox1428d ago

Why do they keep the blue color of the Wii U logo part? It makes an ugly contrast with the red line.

bass4g1428d ago

It's because that's not the original box colour and/or because they make them with blue boxes as well.

randomass1711428d ago

Default Wii U packaging? It really does clash but at least the case itself looks nice.

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