Destiny Remote Play PS4 to PS Vita Controller Layout Revealed

Destiny Remote Play PS4 to PS Vita Controller Layout Revealed

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Wedge191340d ago

Awesome. I'm loving using remote play, and I feel like I will be using it a ton for Destiny.

dbjj120881340d ago

Haven't done a lot of remote play, but good to know the control scheme won't be overly complicated.

acharlez1340d ago

Can't wait to play this. Prob won't use Remote Play tho.

Becuzisaid1340d ago

Remote play is tough on shooters

knifefight1340d ago

The people disagreeing with you have probably never tried it.

But you're absolutely right.

ArchangelMike1340d ago

It depends on the shoter. Shooters that are tailored to it work really well. Killzone MErcenary for example. Bordelands. Destiny played really really well through remote play. Games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty still work well, but they are not ideal for remote play.

Drithe1340d ago

I played remote play with quite a few games on my ps3.

It sucked.

End of line.

ger23961340d ago

This is for the ps4 not ps3.

Skate-AK1340d ago

It's amazing on PS4. PS3 remote play is pure crap compared to PS4.

nevin11340d ago

Remote Play on PS3 is great for Music and Internet and other stuff.

ArchangelMike1340d ago

You can't really remote play on PS3. You can only stream media like music a nd video. Remote play works really wee on the PS4, as any game can be played remotely, it excellent.

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