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PSN Down for Some, Sony Says it's "Experiencing Issues"

PSN Down for Some, Sony Says it's "Experiencing Issues" (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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user7402931  +   435d ago
not me thankfully
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Yi-Long  +   435d ago
Here in Holland, it seems down for many at the moment...
... and the worst part is that due to PSN being down, people also seem to have a problem playing their games 'offline', which isn't possible for some games...

... which is ridiculous.
christian hour  +   435d ago
This is what brought the problem to my attention, couldnt load in to ufc of BF4 past the pre-menu loadign screens, thought it might be an ea issue then had same problem with pixel junk and other little single player titles.

The fix?

Sign out of psn from settings, and you can play your games offline again thankfully (turning internet connection "off" didnt work for some reason).

Hopefully the network issues are fixed soon, thought my console was on the verge of being bricked when none of my games could make it past their initial boot up. Also noticed games I've purchased (I'm on my secondary console) were not being "locked" as they usually are during maintenance, once i signed out of psn, they went locked as expected, anyway just thought I'd inform people of that little fix struggling to get in to their single player content.
Boody-Bandit  +   434d ago
Quick someone call Aiden Pearce.
He will get it back on track.

Never mind. I'm headed down to my man cave right now to play some WD. I will give him a heads up and see what he can do for us.
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tbone567  +   434d ago
PSN has too many issues. That's just one reason why I chose Xbox live over it.
choujij  +   434d ago
Here in Toronto, I was downloading big updates to games last night. Worked great for me.
liquidhalos  +   434d ago
I couldn't play any games yesterday, battlefield wouldn't load the menu screen and none of my digital games worked. I got some license related error.
UltimateMaster  +   434d ago
People downloaded the patch from a third party site they put up the other day that could be it.
If the PS4 don't do automatic update; don't do it.
troylazlow  +   434d ago
Same here in Canada
Dark11  +   435d ago
It seems down for many and me as well

GiggMan  +   435d ago
Yeah it's down for me too on PS4. I was able to play online on PS3 for some reason. I ran a network connection test on PS4 and it also said that my NAT type had failed.

Came online to check if it was just me and it seems it isn't.
Mine is down. I can't even play Injustice which is weird.
wsoutlaw87  +   435d ago
mine was down but after like 5 min its back (CT, USA)
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CyberSentinel  +   435d ago
WhyTF do I need a license check to play a demo?
PS+ games, I understand, but demos and games I BOUGHT ON PSN, need license checks???? This sheet is smelling like xb1 original daily DRM checks.

This discovery is gonna make me think twice about digital games on PSN.
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wsoutlaw87  +   435d ago
then you need to change your ps4 to the "primary". Has someone been game sharing? lol
CyberSentinel  +   435d ago

I didn't know that would resolve that. I don't share my account with anybody, I never "registerd" my main ps4 because of activation drm paranoia.

I have 2 ps4's and if my primary ps4 were to break, I don't want any hassles with trying to register another ps4.

Thanks for the info.
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christian hour  +   434d ago
Yeah that normally doesnt happen when PSN is down CyberSentinel, i was locked out from ALL my games lasy night, even disc based single player ones. They would boot up but never make it past the initial menu loading screen. Seems even though PSN was down we were still connecting to it in some form and somethign was causing the games to glitch out on load up.

I turned internet connection "off" but that didnt work at all, still hit with the same problems. So I signed my profile out of PSN and that fixed everything :D

Was able to play all my disc owned games and my friends digital purcahses (we game share, so my console is his primary and my secondary) for the hour or so before PSN came back up.

I know its a little late giving you that fix now since everything is back to normal but it should give insight in to what exactly happened last night, seems PSN was being strangely glitchy and locking people out of games they wouldnt normally get locked out of during regular mainenance.
CyberSentinel  +   432d ago

Thanks for the sign out tip, I was going nuts trying to figure out what was going on. I still haven't registered my consoles yet, (I want to upgrade both hard drives to 2 TB's) but I will eventually do it if I keep experiencing the same problem again.
I didn't try a disc game because I guess I assumed that would work, and I really wanted to try out the thief demo.

Thanks again for the reply and tips gamers:-)
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   434d ago
Same here, just got off so I can go to bed.

Unfortunate for those who it is down for, likely just a server issue and will be fixed.
Infamazdre  +   434d ago
Me either but I'm on Xbox live
leemo19  +   435d ago
The vita and ps3 is working but the ps4 isn't
mrpsychoticstalker  +   434d ago
Instead of wasting their money on PSN they should invest on the server infrastructure.

XiSasukeUchiha  +   435d ago
Not for me as well, but its unfortunate to people who can't get on good luck.
dyani  +   435d ago
Just got the pop notification while playing my PS4 that said down for maintenance.
305LoneWolf  +   435d ago
Just now i got it as well
MaximusPrime_  +   435d ago
Had issues with sending messages but I didn't go offline or had any effects playing online.
iamnsuperman  +   435d ago
High volume? bit random. Has a big game just come out or something :/
Darkstares  +   435d ago
This has been an ongoing issue with PSN for years whenever there is a heavy load. That's why Sony is charging on the Ps4 and will use that money to invest into making the service better.
gamer1138  +   435d ago
You mean you hope they invest that money in making it better. Just saying. When will we start to see improvement?
k3rn3ll  +   434d ago
Yea thats what they are gonna use all that money on... smh. Sucks it does need it bad. Part of reason I got xbox first this gen and will get ps4 later
Majin-vegeta  +   435d ago
Its summer everyone and their moms are getting online xD
jasonpugh  +   434d ago
It being Summer, I would figure most people would be enjoying outside. Guess I was wrong.
Tetsujin  +   434d ago
What's this outside you speak of?


I live in Missouri and so far the PS3 and 4 have been online the whole time with no issues. It could change I know, however it's running fine here.
listenkids  +   435d ago
Good thing I didn't plan to play Fif..ah nevermind I did.
liquidhalos  +   434d ago
Lol i feel for you, I had mates over for a battlefield session last night. Better luck next time :)
Goro  +   435d ago
Hopefully it's not a repeat of May-June 2011.
i3eyond the Circle  +   435d ago
Ded Sec bro...
Kran  +   435d ago
My PS4 was having a moment earlier. It wouldnt load any online features and couldnt decide whether it was connected or not. I mean it looked "connected" but nothing loaded o.O

Prayed it wasnt my PS4 going down the pooper but thankfully no =]
truefan1  +   435d ago
If this is high volume, Imagine when Destiny launches. It's a good thing sony is putting that psn money to good use.

@Kayant, did you read, it said fixed and good to go for signing into xbl. Also I don't think using the prepaid cards is as big as not being able to play.
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Kayant  +   435d ago
Just so you know Xbox Live is having similar issues so calm yourself before parading around - http://support.xbox.com/en-...

Edit -

" did you read, it said fixed and good to go for signing into xbl." - That doesn't mean those problems were not then before.

Services have issues once in a while yes more so Sony but nothing is prefect.


It's called concern trolling.
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aragon  +   435d ago
why did u bring up xbox? im online right now on live playing pvz gw, just chill man jeez, truefan isnt even being himself yet u bring xbox into it.
Dewitt  +   435d ago
Definitely up on live right now.
DoesUs  +   435d ago
Can't be any worse than the Titanfall! Issues all the time. Respawn always tweeting about it.
sic_chops  +   434d ago
He is a troll looking to start a ruckus. Maybe everybody should just ignore him.
KinjoTakemura  +   434d ago
These are computers, machines, and they run on electricity. To expect them to be up and running 100% of the time is just being silly. Microsoft experiences the same problems.
TheUberAsian  +   435d ago
Anyone else having slow connection / internet?
Wedge19  +   435d ago
We were on such a good run of no issues!
waltyftm  +   435d ago
Spent most of the day on NBA2K14 PS3,updated multiple accounts, never been off, store and download list working fine too, UK.

22;47 pm, turned on signed in UK time.
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SmokingMonkey  +   435d ago
Mines down, in WA and I really wanted to play KZSF intercept, hence why I'm on this site commenting instead of platinuming my 3rd KZ game.

I loves platinums.
waltyftm  +   435d ago
That is unlucky, and Well said, got my 4th from UC3 the other day, i wept.
SmokingMonkey  +   435d ago
I've platinumed all four Uncharted games.

That's right, the fourth came from my Vita!

I am two trophies away from platinuming TLoU, the conversations and the items/artifacts. But I find it hard to go back to my PS3 since the PS4 came out.
Skate-AK  +   434d ago
Me too. I also have all the Uncharted plats. I have 89 plats now. http://psnprofiles.com/skat...
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SuperBlunt  +   435d ago
i just got the monthly network maintenance message
trancefreak  +   435d ago
Most people were unaffected by this outage that had started yesterday. I called Sony and they said some of their servers went down and now they were going to shut down PSN intermittently over the course of several days to repopulate new servers.

Most likely some servers are being rerouted causing slow downloads such as I had last night. Estimated Killzone SF patch of 2.5gb was a 12 hour download. Usually I could have that done in about 15 minutes.
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slazer101  +   435d ago
Hear in Northern Cali. All 3 PS3's log in fine PS4 wouldn't. Got message ( Sony Entertainment network busy) logged off and tried again and good to go. All is good.
snookiegamer  +   435d ago
Got maintenance notice 1hr ago. Some of my PS4 online features are temporamental. Some stuff loads, some does'nt.


As I was typing this I notice my friends list is back, but I can't access the store to purchase 'Blue Estate' & 'Valiant Hearts'

....Oh!, I can now ALL WORKING AGAIN!
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incredibleMULK  +   435d ago
Greatness awaits.
Darkfist  +   435d ago
not for me
Clown_Syndr0me  +   435d ago
Its down for me, a message came up to notify me. Its been down alot lately, and where ive been working alot it feels like everytime I get gaming time the system is down.
Just my luck lol.
Master-H  +   435d ago
working for me (ps3)
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Chicago8506  +   435d ago
Was down for me. I clicked on my friends list & an error msg showed up, pressed (x) to remove the msg and next thing I know m back online.

For those who can't connect, try that, worked for me, may work 4 u aswell.

Game on!
Jls1  +   435d ago
been having trouble playing online on ps3 but its ok just got all gold on Senna event in gt6
Subaruwrx  +   435d ago
Was down. Now it's back up. I'm in the SF Bay Area in California. When it was down, I started up Watch Dogs. The game connected online but it took about a minute to do so. Annoying but not a huge deal.
Rimeskeem  +   435d ago
I think its back up now. It was only for lke an hour or two so its fine
SpinalRemains138  +   435d ago
It got me too.

First I was ranking up my space ninja, doing survival missions, then PSN said "no soup for you".

All the excuse I need to watch some Trailer Park Boys instead :P
Father__Merrin  +   434d ago
my ps3 is downstairs next to my ps4 yet ps4 doesn't have as good connection? in fact it's no where near ps3 speeds why is this?

sick of waiting for browser to load up same with streaming, what gives?
Swiggins  +   434d ago
It could be that your internet is prioritizing the PS3 over the PS4, try turning you PS3 all the way off (switch in back) and see if that doesn't help.
SpinalRemains138  +   434d ago
Yeah that's weird, man. My ps4 is much much faster than ps3. I do use a physical connection on both, but the difference in speed between the old and new is night and day.
Father__Merrin  +   434d ago
when I first got it connection was lightning quick, now it's slow my Internet connection is good, but I read although wifi in ps4 is better at speeds the range isn't as good as ps3 matey that's why!
Bladesfist  +   434d ago
The PS4 has a cheap wifi card in it. Google this issue and you will find a few common themes with it. If your speeds are slow and your router is broadcasting n try switching to b/g. For some reason that downgrade helped my speeds.

The card in the PS4 does not support most new wifi standards.
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