GRID Autosport Review | Hardcore Gamer

It’s a shame that Codemasters doesn’t have more funding at their disposal, because as far as pure gameplay goes, they constantly deliver some of the mechanically strongest racing titles. Last year, Grid 2 burst onto the scene to critical acclaim, but seemed to be forgotten until it was made part of the Instant Game Collection of PlayStation Plus in December. Another highly rated release, F1 2013 seemed to receive little to no marketing push, an ever-changing release date and little retail presence (the Xbox 360 version remains scarce and commands a high price on eBay). If these games were given a larger marketing push and budget to rival Forza or Gran Turismo in overall functionality, it’s amazing to think of the status they could achieve. Thankfully, however, one thing that going after a niche market has cemented is the game’s commitment to gameplay, something that Codemasters is attempting with their quick follow-up to Grid 2.

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