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When the PlayStation 4 launched last year, gamers were introduced to the little indie that could: Housemarque’s Resogun. Behind AAA titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall and third-party juggernauts like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Resogun was a pure blast of arcade energy that took the best parts of classic Defender and improved upon them considerably. It did nothing new, but it was undeniably addictive. Now, seven months later, gamers are treated to the first paid DLC pack, following in the wake of the free update that offered a surprisingly robust ship editor and local co-op. Resogun Heroes attempts to bring some fresh ideas and welcome refinements to the already excellent Resogun formula, but at a full $5, are there enough?

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ValKilmer1549d ago

I think if Housemarque would have included the ship editor in the DLC, this thing would have sold millions.

TheFutureIsBlue1549d ago

? The ship editor is free outside the DLC.

ChronoJoe1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Don't complain that it's free, seriously. I imagine they just wanted to bring the community together a bit.

Free DLC brings people back to the game, people who may then buy the payed DLC, it's a good program really.

ValKilmer1549d ago

I'm not complaining, I'm commending them for taking the obvious hit and offering free content to the community instead.

XtraTrstrL1549d ago

I might buy the dlc just because they gave the editor for free, that and the fact the modes sound cool.

iiwii1545d ago

It's actually pretty decent. I played a few hours of "Survival" with a friend online this weekend. Didn't regret the $5 I spent for the update.

XtraTrstrL1545d ago

@iiwii, Yeah, I just went ahead and bought the Season Pass. Im addicted to Survival. I recently ranked 106 with 177 million points. Luckily, save video feature worked this time.I cant stop playing. I need to give Demolition mode more attention.

firelogic1549d ago

Survival is incredibly addictive. Well worth the $5. I bought the season pass though because Housemarque is amazing.

TheFutureIsBlue1549d ago

I'm going to buy the season pass. It's a no brainer. This is definitely the best PSN game and it was so fun to plat!

Dolf0451549d ago

Is it just me or does it look way better too?

dmonee1549d ago

I downloaded resogun for free with my ps plus subscription. I shelled out the $5, to more or less pay housemarquee more dough for their efforts. To me its still one of the best if not, the best game on PS4 right now. My only gripe is that my flying male organ " Phalice" was pulled after a few hundred likes. Shame on them for banning my space penis!!!!!

iiwii1545d ago

Haha.. I missed that one, but do understand why they would remove it.

Most guys don't complain about getting their "Phalice" pulled

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