GTA V: 10 Changes We Need For The PC Port

If a modded version of its predecessor can be made to look better than the main game of its successor, what can the PC community do for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V?

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MultiConsoleGamer1338d ago

The multiplayer invite spam issue needs to be addressed.

pompombrum1337d ago

Will put this here so it's easier for people to see, instead of having to click next for every damn one, here is the list:

1: It needs to run at 60fps

2: Let players make custom radio stations

3: Give us more safehouses

4: Give us more interiors

5: Make the character transitions less annoying

6: Make customisations deeper with less restrictions

7: Add heists to multiplayer

8: Balance the economy

9: Put in a hard mode for extra challenge

10: Make sure it has mod support

Kivespussi1336d ago

Hate it when they add the points to different pages for more ad revenue. Thanks!

1. I think it's pretty obvious it will be 60fps.

2. Don't know how difficult adding this may be, or if there's any legal reasons why most games that have music won't have this option... But if it doesn't come, I'm sure modders will change that.

3. Maybe DLC, but definitely not going to add more stuff to PC version just for the sake of it.

4. Same as 3.

5. I loved the transition. It was great little detail when they change clothes themselves. But that's just my opinion. Maybe add an option that the game won't change clothes by itself. Yes, changing to Trevor could be problematic since he can be either chased by cops or in the middle of nowhere with no vehicles.

6. The main characters had clothing and hair options that suited just them. I liked it but yeah, the more, the merrier.

7. They're coming "soon"... Whenever that is.

8. I haven't spent much money on SP but online it won't nees to be balanced IF they can get the heists out soon. Money doesn't grow in trees and maybe heists will be something that can finally be that way to gain millions.

9. Yessss! And make free aim the defeault aim. Lot of people don't know that you can change it, which makes free aim lobbies a ghost town nowadays.

10. It'll come probably. The player created stuff has been a big part of console gta v so I believe they want to support it on PC too

HollowedSoul141336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

silly aibreeze fps caps is for consoles....needs to have no fps cap considering my rig can run battlefield 4 on ultra at 144fps.....if a pc game has a fps cap esp at 60 means its obvious console port true pc games have no fps cap. vsync works just fine. also if your rig is to powerful it bottlenecks and runs crappy cause gpus run the best when they're pushed t their limits.

my biggest thing is sli optimization and please no vram leak 3gb should be enough esp with sli.

PainUzumaki1337d ago

I would definitely build me a PC just to play this game bc I know for sure people are gonna have some insane mods and the graphics are gonna be awesome....

P.S. Anyone know a good website that will teach you to build a PC for a beginner?

TH3BR3W1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Youtube linustechtips is a good start but you can look up videos on builds within your price range and then video on assembling a custom gaming pc. That's how I did it when I swore off prebuilt big box brand computers. Now I have a beast PC that I built myself and enjoy very much.

Happy building :)

ScamperCamper1336d ago

First thing I would do is try and figure out what type of system requirements the PC version will need. Nothing official yet, but perhaps you can get an idea here: http://www.grandtheftautofo...

Beyond that, don't aim for maximum. Aim higher than that. I build a new PC a month ago and can tell you that Intel is the processor to get. You don't need the highest rated Core processor for gaming. A big consideration is in good cooling, especially when a game like GTA 5 is on max settings. I personally went with Nvidia for graphics, the Asus card because it has superior cooling. Do you want a noisy rig? I doubt it. The good thing is that cards are cheap and you can get a great one for a decent price. I wouldn't get the #1 model and not even the #2 model. It's about price to performance ratio. You can always replace your card later and those $1000 cards can be bought for half the price a short time later. Why bother paying the $1000?

HollowedSoul141336d ago

dont wear clothes get a anti static bracelet lol,take you're time, have fun lol.

Audiggity1336d ago

That's the same instruction I was given for prom night.

TardcoreGamer1336d ago

I second Linus tech tips. Also Tek Syndicate on youtube is good. The r/buildapc subreddit on is an excellent info resource if you have questions. Building a beast pc is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

Nafon1336d ago

Newegg is where I bought all of my parts and where I learned how to build mine. They have a 3 part video series first explaining the components you need, then showing how to put it together, and finally how to install windows.

If you find certain parts you want, you can check slickdeals(.net) for the best recent prices to be sure you're getting a decent deal. Google is your friend! If you live near a Microcenter (retail store in the US), buy your CPU and Motherboard from them. They have the best everyday prices on CPU/Motherboard combos. People build PCs for fun, but mostly so they can save money and get the parts they want. So again, research prices before you buy.

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TheCommander1337d ago

Some good suggestions such as added safe-houses, businesses and extra interiors, though sadly I doubt that these will materialise. I would love to be proven wrong though...

TH3BR3W1337d ago

K the only two things I have to point out in that list that are not really necessary IMO:

1- rockstar knows the PC community will not care for it without mod support as compared to when it does so I wouldn't worry there are other things that can replace it on the list.

2- More safe houses is so far down on the things this game needs that I have no idea why that was put on the list. I'd say more storage garages for multiple cars far exceeds the need for safe houses.

I'd replace both of those with these:

1- better optimization for both amd and nvidia gfx cards over everything else on that list. At least one developer out there needs to show it can be done for a crossplatform game.

2- More variety of npcs and vehicles on the screen at any one point in time. As well as more of them on the screen at once to bring a little more life to the city at least during the day then of course less at night. Now that your getting the game to higher tier hardware it should be easy enough to do this and to safe guard it for those with a bit weaker hardware add the option to lower and raise the level of npc activity.

All of this is just my opinion but I will be getting it either way as I loved the creativity of the modding community for gtaIV and I can't wait to see where they take us in gtaV.

Game on!

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