Opinion: Clementine is ruining The Walking Dead Season 2

"The first season of The Walking Dead was phenomenal. It provided one of the strongest narratives in video game history, full of memorable characters and emotionally charged moments. All around the world players instantly latched onto the harrowing and heartwarming tale of Lee and Clementine. The bleak world and tough choices made the game stick with you days after you played an episode. The overwhelmingly positive reception put Telltale on the map, moving them from a company that made niche adventure games to one that can handle some of today’s biggest franchises. The Walking Dead was a success in so many ways, meaning an eventual sequel was a given."

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Hellsvacancy1546d ago

She's the reason I haven't bothered to play any of season 2, loved the first season, but I was done with Clem by the end of season 1, I was disappointed when it was announced season 2 would follow her, it put me off completely

This is the first article i've read on the subject, kinda thought I was the the only one who felt this way

johndoe112111546d ago

You cannot judge it unless you play it. Personally, I think this author is full of sh!t. Don't get me wrong, he is entitled to his opinion and I don't have an issue with it but I disagree with almost everything he said.

I have not been disappointing in the least with this season. The characters are being developed fine, I find it thoroughly engaging and as far as i'm concerned it has taken a much darker route by forcing clementine to do, say and witness things a girl her age shouldn't. Unlike season 1, there's no one to shield her or protect her from the horrors this time and she is contributing to some of those horrors.

At the end of episode 3 you have to make a choice. A choice no girl her age should have to make and let me tell you, if you made the choice I did, I can't see how that would not have a serious impact on both the story and clementine's character going forward.

Assuming that the game won't be good because clementine is the main character this season is ridiculous. You are unfairly judging and underestimating the game and I advise that you do not take this author's word for it.

Hellsvacancy1546d ago

I'm not saying I won't ever play it, I more than likely will once it's all available, i'm just not overly excited to play it like I thought it would after finishing season 2

I can't stress how much I enjoyed season 1, not many games/movies etc make me shed a tear or two

Clem having to make tough decisions at such a young age doesn't interest me in the least, she wasn't the reason I liked season 1, in-fact most of the time she annoyed me

I will pay it one day

aawells071545d ago

I personally like season 2 wayyy better than season 1 and loving playing as Clem. It feels like a better game in season 2.

Kingthrash3601545d ago

Let's just say I made the same choice......that choice alone was the best choice result I've seen in the series. If you played season one up to season two that choice alone was the biggest turning point...and I almost shed a tear at the end of season one and the choice they had you make.
Clem is the walking dead series. Watching her grow and wondering how bad ass she will become is just ...well what gaming is about IMO.

johndoe112111545d ago


I found that choice to be seriously disturbing, in a good way. They ended that on a massive climax. Thinking about it now, I think they made an excellent choice making clementine the main character.

Having to do those sort of things with her really makes you feel connected to the character and sympathize with her. It actually brings a sort of shock factor to the series.

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KwietStorm1546d ago

Absolutely no clue what this guy is talking about.

johndoe112111545d ago

I don't think anyone does.

Chapter111546d ago


HeavenlySnipes1545d ago

I think your gripe with the direction they went is the reason some people like this season.

Unlike the first, they don't make the people you're with immediately trustworthy and from the get go they make sure you are very aware that you can't just trust everything/one you meet. So they make both the cast and you awkwardly distant yet close too one another.

You see that their interactions among themselves are more heartfelt but not towards you, because unlike in the first season, the group you are with has been together for a long time and you are new whereas with Lee they were all strangers from the getgo

r3f1cul1545d ago

ive personally enjoyed everything tell tale has done so far, the walking dead and wolf among us are both excellent franchises that i look forward to more of... of course some of the episodes are more lack luster then others but you can hit a home run every time at bat... that being said to continue the baseball references tell tale has a good batting average and is on base with every at bat IMO so far :D

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