NBA 2K15: 10 Player Upgrades That Need To Happen

With the Finals done and dusted, some players are screaming to be yanked up to the virtual big leagues.

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cjbush1335d ago

2k needs to make the career mode more exciting on Xbox 360 and ps3. Instead of making it coins and XP that you earn, they should have money. They should also allow you to date girls like on the console kinda like wwe 13. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIGHT, BUT THERE SHOULD BE CONSEQUENCES!! Ummmmm also make the career mode better or whatever because when you do play next key game they don't really base your states off what you do, well kinda but i score 25 in 3 straight games and my FG is around 12/19 and they have me 3-13 in the next game i simulate.