1080p should be the standard for this generation not 720p, we shouldn't accept low resolution

With the recent comparisons made on 1080p vs 720p. Pure|News is of the opinion that 1080p should be the standard in whatever game that is released on this generation.

It's not a case of one console being weaker than the other one. Both of them are capable of 1080p.

Inside the article there's explanation and comparisons about the resolutions on the recent games.

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MrGunny941637d ago

I've explained in the article highly detailed about the view distance / how you notice it / how many feet away you must be from the TV.

Below 1080p either the developers are bad at optimizing or should reduce the graphics to make it 1080p.

720P is last gen.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago

I'll play sub-1080p games no problem, and i do, but i gotta admit, i do get a little disappointed every time a game gets announced that isn't 1080p. 1080p just looks so damn nice on my TV, so crisp and clear.

900p isn't so bad, but any lower than that is just horrible, imo.

gamer11381637d ago

I stopped reading when you said devs should sacrifice gfx for resolution. That is the most moronic thing I have ever heard of! I would rather have a game with the most stunning graphics that are almost life like, at a lower resolution than downgraded gfx to hit 1080p. Or better performance. Ridiculous article.

GodGinrai1637d ago

Sub 1080P resolutions are going to be a regular occurance later on this gen. I would suggest the writer get used to it. No amount of shouting on the rooftops for "1080P everything" is going to change that.

AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago

@Gunny "Below 1080p either the developers are bad at optimizing or should reduce the graphics to make it 1080p."

So you rather devs downgrade the actual graphic engines in order to achieve 1080p?

I have to respectfully disagree.

Take a game like The Amazing Spider Man 2. Both running at 1080p but the graphics look like a PS2 game. So your saying TAS2 looks great because its 1080p?

Allow me to challenge you.

I want you to point out the massive differences here between the two ress.

1080p is better, but by how much realistically?

sonarus1637d ago

I disagree with reducing graphics to hit 1080p benchmark. I agree 720p is last gen but i want the best graphics my machine can give me. Since 1080p isn't a measure of graphical fidelity, it is nothing but tv resolution.

A crap looking game in the highest resolution is just crap. A lame playing game with high resolution is also just lame.

Ultimately the best games learn to balance graphics, gameplay, frame rate and resolution to provide the best experience

raWfodog1637d ago

I disagree with the notion that 1080p = current gen and 720p = last gen. Many people don't realize that the "next-gen" or "current-gen" labels only refer to the hardware generation that is currently available. It does not mean we are magically in the future where everything is hover boards and laser guns.

Sure, games look really nice in 1080p but resolution is not the end-all be-all of gaming. There are many games that shine in 720P and, conversely, there are many 1080P games that play like crap. It's all about what the developers can deliver.

To me, this generation of consoles deliver when it comes to game content and the console's capabilities. We see these consoles capable of so many more functions than "last-gen" was. And be patient, because as the developers become more skilled with developing for these consoles, we will begin to see more and more games looking better and better.

DLConspiracy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

No offense but just about every armchair Dev is well versed in this subject. When was the last 720p game even? This is nothing more than a click bait article and you know it. This type of opinion piece has been run into the ground.

Fishy Fingers1637d ago

"Reduce the graphics and make it 1080p"


aquamala1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

"720P is last gen."

720p is not standard last gen at all, so many games are not even 720p, COD, Battlefield, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Saints Row 4, Diablo 3, NFS Rivals, Far Cry 3/BD, and these are games from 2013.

we have games in the beginning of last gen that are sub-720p, and at the end of the gen we still do.

Dee_911637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

well guess what
1080p aint the standard right now so shut up and deal with it. you sound like an idiot telling someone how to do their job when you have no real knowledge beyond wikipedia on the subject.And even more of an idiot for telling me what I should enjoy.
Your lives must be horrible noticing those slight frame drops and screen tears .I'm okay living in blissful graphics ignorance thank you.

over exaggeration because you can't argue his opinion much?

Nerdmaster1637d ago

"I would rather have a game with the most stunning graphics that are almost life like, at a lower resolution than downgraded gfx to hit 1080p"

So let's ask developers to make games in 480p. The graphics would be even more "almost life like" because of the power left from calculating and drawing less pixels.

bigbic1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I will play games at lower resolution, I don't even care that much generally. But take infamous for example, it looked amazing and would look so even without 1080p. Large groups of enemies. ridiculous number of polygons for character. amazing draw distance and volumetric fog. Thousands upon thousands of particle effects at one time.

But boy, does that 1080p sure bring out those crisp graphics. Up scaling from a lower res would not do it justice imo.

johndoe112111637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


Where the heck did you get that from? The best games learn to balance graphics, gameplay, frame rate and resolution?? That is hogwash. You don't need to balance anything.

The best games are the games that have a very high fun factor. However, utilizing the power of the system to push as much graphics, resolution and frame rate will in no doubt contribute to a more engrossing and enjoyable experience.

Example, hotline miami is a game with graphics that look like absolute sh!t yet, that game is immensely popular. where was the balancing with gameplay, graphics and resolution in that game?

Some games need to have good graphics to enjoy, example the last of us. Would that game be just as fun with hotline miami graphics? Hell no. You could say that it was balanced perfectly on the ps3 right? But now they've gone and upgraded the graphics, resolution and framerate and now because of the upgrade you could play that game again and get a whole new experience (especially because of that 60fps).

That balancing theory only came about this gen when everyone was trying to justify the lower res and framerates on the xbox one. That theory makes no sense and it has never been relevant in any of the previous gens.

What the hell does that statement even mean? Balancing gameplay, res, and framerates?? That's why pc elitists will always boast and brag because they don't balance squat on their gaming pc's on multiplatform games, they max the hell out of everything and their games look and play fantastic.

Army_of_Darkness1637d ago

If we don't accept anything less than 1080p this gen, wouldn't that make the xbone ummm...... you know ;-)

Pain1637d ago

/la~sigh... First world problems.

and so life goes on..


I think that 900p+ is fine. I game on a 42" Vizio LED and sit 5-6' away so it might not be as big of a deal if say, you had a 55" TV where you would notice it more. The thing is, most multiplats on PS4 and XB1 has almost identical graphical effects like Textures, Lighting (mostly), shadows, particle effects, etc. With XB1 usually with no AO or less AA. I personally think that devs should stop trying to match graphic effects on PS4 with the X1, and just downgrade the visuals a little to get it at 1080p native.

mikeslemonade1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

720p is enough. But the point is X1 isn't as good as the PS4. That's the whole point. When you are the more expensive console but your games' specs are worst.

I have a 1080p 120hz tv and don't mind if they make a stunning looking game at 720p native. Because if you watch a blu-ray movie on 720p it's stunning too. You can achieve photo realism on 720p.

However as I said earlier the X1 deserves all the bashing because it cost more but is weaker.

USA0071637d ago

I see two sides to this argument-

1. If you play on a large TV the resolution difference is very noticeable. And having 1080p for better clarity and viewing would probably better than extra graphic effects and the like.

2. If you game on a monitor like I do, and the resolution difference is barely noticeable, so downgrading res and getting better graphics in other aspects would make sense

How to fix this? Maybe devs should allow some graphic options to be changed in game to suit the user more.

starchild1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Of course both consoles are capable of 1080p--so were the PS3 and Xbox 360 for that matter--but it's always a trade-off.

What you are saying is that having more pixels on screen is ALWAYS the better trade-off, and I just don't agree.

Sometimes other graphical or non-graphical elements are going to have a bigger impact on the game's visuals or overall experience than having a higher native display resolution.

Developers should always decide what is more important for their games. Putting developers in a resolution straitjacket is only going to be to the detriment of our games.

Yetter1637d ago

Graphic quality/art style trumps resolution every single time.

Dolf0451637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'd take a hit on p's if the game world was bigger, or they were doing something with the game that compensated for the visual downgrade. It is the main thing driving the "wow" factor this gen though. 720 standard is a serious no go


No reason not to have both. Would resolution not fall under graphic quality?

darthv721637d ago

The ladder of quality goes something like this.

From the bottom to the top...

low res, low detail
low res, medium detail
low res, high detail
medium res, low detail
medium res, medium detail
medium res, high detail
high res, low detail
high res, medium detail
high res, high detail

if you look at that rather simplified list, it pretty much sums up every console generation so far. We are in the 8th gen so the 8th on the list is about right.

Plus it also sums up that there will potentially be a 9th gen but uncertain about a 10th. Things could radically change by that time (10+ years from now)

Mikethejew1637d ago Show
snipes1011637d ago

I will just never understand how people put such a heavy emhpasis on graphics. Hell, I still go back and play the original Deus Ex sometimes and still have a blast because it's fun to PLAY. I don't play games to just stare at them.

High fidelity is great, but I'll take good gameplay over that any time.

Kiwi661637d ago

I think it depends on the type of game if 1080 is suitable or not as some games look rubbish and nothing will fix that

UltraNova1637d ago

I can already see the arguments and bitching for next next gen (9th gen) where people will argue whether 4K less detail is better than 2k high detail... or something like that..the REZ/fpr/gfx fidelity is getting annoying to say the least...

Why MS ? why didnt you spent $30 more on the goddamn GPU and we have to deal with this shit for 5 more years??

AndrewLB1637d ago

People here don't seem to realize that graphics are already being downgraded in order to hit 1080p. The only proof needed is the fact that these "next-gen" consoles aren't running games at the same level of detail as the PC version. Clearly, graphics were dumbed down to achieve a playable frame rate @ 1080p.

Tetsujin1636d ago

Outside motion sickness I could care less if it runs 1080p or not; doesn't make a bad game better, just more pretty. All these articles lately about "graphics" and "1080p" makes me wonder sometimes...

I guess the new thing for journalism in 2014 is who can make the biggest joke piece, make it sound half serious, and see how many people argue it.

Gekko361636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

The author of this article needs a slap.

I was brought up with the notion that you get what you are given and be grateful for what you get!.

Only a spoilt brat would have the Gaul to tell a developer how to do his job.

If you don't like what a developer produces, don't buy it... or better still develop your OWN sodding game.

OT: I have middling eye sight and to be honest I can't tell the difference and I have a good telly too. Maybe I just don't care.

I think it's the youth of today who think they are born with the right to demand anything from anyone... usually an attitude like that in public gets you a smack in the mouth.

Or is it only me that thinks that manners are important?

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NextLevel1637d ago

The only people who think resolution doesn't matter are people who's favorite console has problems displaying in 1080p.

Darkstares1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

None of the consoles have 100% of the games at 1080p either and the only people who think frame rates don't matter are those who prefer consoles over PC's.

DLConspiracy1637d ago

What about gamers who own both? You troll way too much.

rdgneoz31637d ago

@Darkstares With PCs, you can hit any res or frame rate depending on how much money you're willing to spend. With consoles, they have to optimize for / work with what they're given. As for frame rate, the main types of games it's needed in are FPS, twitch fighter games, and high speed racers.

With graphics, they might not have 100% of the games at 1080p, but one system clearly has an advantage over the other (especially when it was $100 cheaper) and upcoming games are showing a lot of 1080p. If 900p is acceptable, show me the 900p TVs.

Darkstares1637d ago

Nobody is denying the PS4 is more capable of the XB1. That isn't the argument because even the PS4 does not have every game at 1080p and you cannot put all the blame on the devs for not hitting that mark. Even Killzone Shadowfall is not true 1080p for its multiplayer.

Knack also suffers from frame rate issues. Would the game run better at a lower resolution?

Spotie1637d ago

Resolution certainly matters, but it's not the most important thing.

That said, the group saying it doesn't matter are largely owners of a particular console that has been frequently coming up short.

I don't think there should be a set resolution, per se, but nor should there be excuses, either.

No_Limit1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Mariahelfutura..aka NextLevel, even with a new identify, you still have the same habits.. That is trolling Xbox 24/7. Smh so sad.

TekoIie1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


So basically everyone who only plays on consoles? Nice try at trolling.

hiawa231637d ago

Most of us own both consoles and don't care. Just make good games is all I care about. The consoles are what they are

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trickman8881637d ago

Naturally. 1080P 60FPS should be standard for all games. none of this 900p or 792p BS

starchild1637d ago

So you want most games to barely look better than last gen games. And you want things like AI, physics, number of NPCs, scale, and dynamic gameplay to take a backseat to resolution and framerate.

trickman8881637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Spoken like a true console peasant. No, 1080P 60FPS(little to no drops) is not "barely" looking better. It Is much much better, and if you think the difference is barely noticable, then you might need to get your eyes checked.

And um, no resolution and FPS barely takes anything away from the actual gameplay. I have a PC, PS3,PS4,etc. With PC, I have the option of 1080P, and a better FPS count. Compare it to say, a PS4 or PS3 version that may runs at 30FPS at sub 1080P or even sub 720p

Why wouldn't I take the best version? 60FPS IS apart of gameplay. It is not a "backseat". Me playing at 60FPS is factually better than playing at 30FPS. Resolution just makes it look much better and i'd rather 1080p than 900 or 792p.

Nice try, but your comment isn't convincing anyone. This is pretty much you

"lol 1080p fps barely looks better. how dare you want the definitive version of games! obviously, if you have 1080P 60FPS, it'll take away from the AI, NPC's and gameplay"


memots1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

My take and I've been saying this a lot,

For console :
1080p is very important #1 in my book as I have a 60inch Tv.
High detailed texture and effects is #2 ,
Frame per second is #3 in my ladder,

That's why I love pc gaming you can have it all or you can tweak to your liking to hit the perfect trifecta.

MSBAUSTX1637d ago

I would rather have 900p and 30 FPS if it meant not sacrificing shading and other details, smart AI,and number of NPCs and larger worlds. Good example of xbox doing it right is Dead Rising 3. There are a crap ton of zobies running around on my screen at one time. That is because they sacrificed some frame rate and resolution to give me a seemless gaming experience with higher quality on detail thab last generation. You want 1080p and 60 fps along with what i listed? You have to drop over $1000 on a gaming PC. No way around it

trickman8881637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Your idea of smart AI is Deadrising 3? LMAO

$1000 building a PC(Note, you don't have to pay 1000 to get all this, common misconception from console peasants) gives me the access to the same smart AI, shaders, numerous graphic options, superior multiplatform videogames, mods, 1080P, better FPS, and not even counting the multi media features(PS4 still DOESNT HAVE MP3's) and the library of PS2, PS1, Wii,GC, and more.

60FPS is important.1080P is important. Looks and performance are important Neither of these take anything from videogames. Here is another hint

This gen's consoles aren't that powerful.

AndrewLB1637d ago

I agree. These consoles just don't have the power to run full detail, lighting, shadows, etc @ 1080p. If they were powerful enough, they'd look the same as the PC version.

Speaking of mods... Here is what Watch Dogs looks like once settings from the E3 trailer get reactivated.

I'm amazed that Ubisoft would come out and claim there was no downgrade.

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Magicite1637d ago

Im playing PS3 on 1920x1200 monitor, looks great still, yet I would prefer native full hd.

1637d ago Replies(2)
Mr Tretton1637d ago

You're gonna get what you're gonna get, from console hardware. It's done. The systems are set in stone. Devs are working with fixed hardware. Like last gen, the resolutions only got worse with time. You want standards in graphics, go PC. Don't care about graphics to a T, as long as it's better than last gen, then play consoles. It's pretty simple.

assdan1637d ago

and There aren't any on the ps4...

Christopher1637d ago

Umm... I know of like... two games that are 720p this generation...

Most games are at least 900p, aren't they? Meaning that with time, they will all be 1080p without much trouble.

Title seems to be a huge exaggeration to say that 720p is the standard this generation when it's not at all true.

Mr Tretton1637d ago

"Meaning that with time, they will all be 1080p without much trouble."

Do you remember last gen? Resolutions get worse bro, not better.

Christopher1637d ago

***Do you remember last gen? Resolutions get worse bro, not better.***

And yet we hear more and more about the upcoming fall 2014 and 2015 games hitting 1080p.

Mr Tretton1637d ago

"Meaning that with time, they will all be 1080p without much trouble."

"All" I don't think so. It's like predicting all games last gen would be 720p. Heck, they were saying all games would be 1080p LAST gen. You add more graphic effects on, you have to drop things like rez, AA, and framerate to do so. Whatever, you'll hopefully learn this after the second lesson this later gen will provide.

frostypants1636d ago

Not this crap again...this horse is dead.

randomass1711636d ago

I feel that fidelity on high frame rates are more important, but better resolutions are always a plus for games.

BattleN1636d ago

When we finally see Gears of War 4 we won't even complain about resolution becouse the game will look unbelievable even if it's running at lower spec's

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Hellsvacancy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The XB1 and PS4 have not even been out for a year yet, give developers a little more time, better tools to work with and it will the standard eventually

MrGunny941637d ago

Yes, without a doubt. But we have establish a line here just in case.

The same goes for those people saying playing at 20 - 25 frames per second is fine.

It's not fine IT IS NOT fine!

Fishy Fingers1637d ago

Frame rate directly effects gameplay. Fidelity is a juggling act of countless factors, resolution being just one. Game developers know what they're doing, you as the author of the "article" clearly do not.

porkChop1637d ago

It's already the standard on PS4 though, so better tools and experience will only make things even better.

HappyWithOneBubble1637d ago

Yeah agree. Just like last gen games didn't really get better til like the 2nd year. MGS4 definitely made the PS3 shine and more games got better after that. So games will get better for next gen. Give them time.

user74029311637d ago

lovin assassins creed bf in 1080p

XiSasukeUchiha1637d ago

To our overlords give us 1080p