EA Sports UFC: 10 Fighters We Need In DLC

WC writes: "Here are the 10 fighters we would like to see EA Sports make available via DLC."

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1336d ago
uncharted561336d ago

Brock Lesnar would be nice. Ken Shamrock and some other older ones would be nice

HRoach6161336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Joe Rogen hands down. Have you actually seen that guy? He's built as hell. And he could def hold his own. Fuck yeah. He could commentate his own fights!!

Other then that how about Lesner, or the Shamrocks.

If you wanna go the other way similar to Rogen, Jean Claud Van Dam
Chuck Norris. Actually trained by Bruce Lee so that could fit well.
Jet Lee
Jackie Chan
Jason Stathom

As long as they actually fought in real life I'd be happy.


This is a terrible list. The writer knows nothing about MMA, as he has mostly chosen retired fighters and even one who has never been employed by the UFC. He also doesnt mention Diego Sanchez or the current UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw. Wow..... Just wow.

ScottyHoss1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Bruce Lee wasn't employed by the UFC :P I think Rogan would be cool, retired fighters could even be a DLC,non UFC fighters could too (some pride fighters in there), and a fantasy DLC with Chuck Norris, the whole action movie works, and you got enough to make a seasons pass actually worth 25 dollars if each had maybe 7-10 fighters in them. There's lots of one's who could be in there.

Edit: 20 dollars for 3 packs, 25 if they had martial artists from a generation or more ago. Possibly a "father" of each fighter type?

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