Splatoon and the Case of Gameplay vs. Gunplay

Brian Anthony Thornton of Gamezebo writes: Before this year’s E3 event, if you had told me that one of the most promising “shooter” announcements of 2014 would come from Nintendo, I would have suggested that you consult a psychiatrist. GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark are but distant memories, and Samus Aran’s last solo outing was closer to a Bayonetta than it was to a Metroid Prime. Nintendo proper was seemingly uninterested in an in-house attempt at tackling the genre, with the general assumption being that the modern shooter’s gritty aesthetic and focus on gunplay didn’t mesh well with their all ages fare.

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itsyaboy141634d ago

Oh it looks pretty kool still not into shooters tho

tigner1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I like shoot'm ups...and only have the U....(had a PS4 preordered, but kid and car problems caused it to be needed to be sold).....

.i've got a (just turned) 4 month old girl at no more COD for me for awhile (personal choice, but I don't see how those with kids can play require too much time)...

when i saw this this for first time, my heart skipped a beat...i can play a shoot'm up and not worry about graphic violence....Splatoon is already a preorder!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1634d ago

I think it's an incredible idea that really gives a new level of team-based strategy to the normal concepts of a shooter.
Having to shoot the map to claim territory instead of constantly aiming for the opposite team means you've got to pay attention to your map, chart courses that will get your team deeper into unclaimed territory, and work together more than if you were just aiming for kills.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1634d ago

I have been hoping that Nintendo do this since waaaaay back.
I am so happy that this is the case.

I have nothing against Dark, bloody shooters... I have played tons (less graphical than today however) but it got repetitive.

I very glad that new ideas are being introduced and new ways of thinking are being applied to the FPS genre.

I hope the FPS will continue to cease to depend on:
Where you are fighting (Space-City-Desert)
What you are Fighting(Zombies-Nazis-Terrori st-Criminals)

And got TO

-(This is one reason I want to play Devil's Third's Multiplayer.)

I do argue however that not Every FPS should be Realistic or Gritty.
A TRUE Genre should be able to have entrees for everyone.

Plus, it would build a future audience and help keep the media at bay.